Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What kind of beast - killer whale?

killer whale

They are always seen from afar. Black 1.5m dorsal fin, "Spit", something like a small sail. A glossy black back and white belly are separated by a clear boundary. They defiantly beautiful. Probably because they do not have anyone to fear. They have no rivals. This is the most deadly sea killers. This - orcas.

The ancient Romans called orcas orcs - demons. Nickname formed the basis of the Latin scientific name - «Orcinus Orca". And yet they are called sea wolves and killer whales, «killer whale». This shows that the orca is terrifying to people, people are afraid of them, and quite in vain. Such an attitude biased, because not recorded a single case of an unprovoked attack of killer whales on people. Even if a random person accidentally falls into the pool with a killer whale. We know surprisingly little about them. What are they, killer whales?

Killer whales - not fish. This is a sea creature, the largest of the dolphins. Their beautiful flowing body reaches ten-lengths. However, only in males, females are slightly smaller - no more than eight meters. On the other dolphins killer whales are distinguished not only size but also their chief ornament - a huge dorsal fin. Speaking above the water surface and a half, and even two meters, it looks like a scythe, cutting the ocean waves. During this fin and killer whales got their Russian name.
killer whale
They are well armed. Teeths, they have less than sharks, and even less than that of terrestrial animals, but what is teeth! Up to fifteen centimeters long! Teeths thick and strong, little projecting from the gums. Rarely are located at the mouth of the joining of the upper jaw teeth fall exactly into the space between the bottom teeth. This allows better tear prey into pieces.

Killer whales - excellent swimmers. Honestly, they are - champions among marine animals (fish do not count). Special measurements have shown that orcas can reach speeds of up to 55.5 kilometers per hour. They are good dive and remain submerged for long periods, go to surface not more than five minutes on the surface to make a dozen short breaths.

Their patrimony - virtually the entire World Ocean. Killer whales can be seen far in the open sea and the coast. Sometimes they go into the bay and ascend the rivers. Visit and the Mediterranean Sea, are just off the coast of the Black Sea does not appear. They have nothing to eat, unless visitors. But, what never can tell, maybe look there and wait.

Killer whales - animals with a developed social structure. The basis of their society - the family. And at the head of the family reigns ... No, not male and female. Queen Suite - it is the offspring of different sexes. Families are small, but several families in distantly related, are in a single flock of up to fifty individuals.

Like all dolphins, orcas are actively exchanged between sound signals. Each family their own special "dialect" in which killer whales communicate with each other, and which is incomprehensible to other families, but there are common to all flocks signals. Thanks to them orcas communicate, when several families are united in superstayu for joint hunting or weddings. It is noteworthy that except for people just dolphins, which include killer whales, are able to invent new words and pass them by inheritance.

Language orcas are very diverse. You can count more than forty major signals, the combination of which allows a good understanding of each other. The timbre of their voices like a human. Aquatic environment carries sounds better than air, so the interaction of killer whales sometimes occurs at a distance of several miles apart. And orca love music.

Like dolphins, orcas use sonic and ultrasonic signals to sonar, skillfully Determining the value of objects, their speed and distance to them.

Killer whales are tender and caring parents. In the late summer or early fall, they conceive children, and nurture them 16-17 months. "Babies" are born up to two and a half meters, and for the year grow another meter. Before you let kids in free swimming, they educate and train for two to three years. But even then they usually do not leave the family.

Live orcas as much and people. Age killer whale grandmothers reaches the age of ninety, grandparents live on less, up to sixty.

Sergei Denisevich

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to choose an aquarium and its interior?

Home Aquarium - a vessel (or the only all-glass, with glass walls), intended for maintenance and breeding of aquatic animals and plants, as well as to monitor their lives.

Aquarium can be any vessel, made of glass or plexiglass. By design they are divided into frame and frameless. Frame made from metal and glass corner. Frameless made of plexiglass.

Can be used as an aquarium and all-glass vessels. Depending on the tank, aquariums are divided into small (up to 25 liters), average (25-190 liters) and large (up to 250 liters) . Aquariums capacity exceeding 250 liters used in indoor environment is not recommended.

When you install the aquarium should be considered light and easy maintenance. In a room with windows facing north, the aquarium is recommended to install a wall perpendicular to the window, at a distance from him no more than 2 hours in a room overlooking the south, the aquarium should be placed near the wall, perpendicular to or opposite the window.

In the summer to avoid overheating of the aquarium out of direct sunlight should be applied artificial shading, especially when it is installed in a room with windows facing south. For blackout, you can use floating highgrowing plants. If that is not enough, you should use mesh or thick curtains of the matter.

For small Aquariums desirable to apply lateral artificial lighting, aquarium depth of more than 30 cm - top and side. The most common fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps ordinary power of 15, 25, 40, 60 Tues

The optimal water temperature for most types of aquarium fish and plants in the winter ranges from 18-24 ° C, and in summer - 24-30 ° C. For heating water used two types of electric heaters - salt and spiral, as well as conventional incandescent bulbs.

For oxygen saturation is used compressors of various types. The water in the tank change with a rubber hose with a glass tip, they also remove pollution. Cleaning internal walls produced using a safety razor blade inserted into a special device. Filamentous algae is convenient to remove from the bottom of the aquarium in small rake used also for loosening the soil.

Aquarium Plants are needed. They saturate the water with oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide, playing the role of a filter, contributing to the purification of water. They are divided into light-loving and shade. Plants can be planted either directly into the ground or in a small hill with the ground. The best soil for the aquarium is a river sand with particle sizes from 1,5 to 2 mm or gravel ranging in size from 3 to 4 mm. You can use the expanded clay and fine. Any fine sand unsuitable.

Before being placed in the aquarium soil should be thoroughly washed and boiled for 15 minutes with continuous agitation. For fish and plants that need soft water, the soil should be free of calcium and magnesium by washing it sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. When planting in the soil must first dig a hole in it, to straighten the roots of plants and sprinkle them with sand.

When planting in a pot to pay attention to the fact that in his day was a hole. Size and shape of pots should be compiled based on the nature of the root system, method of reproduction of plants and the size of the aquarium.

Owners of aquariums can recommend the following plants:
- Vallisneria - one of the common aquarium plants, reproduces by underground shoots;
- Kabombu - is growing as a bush, producing shoots from the base of the root, like the sunlight;
- Cryptocoryne - do not like transplants, thermophilic;
- Ludwiga - growing bush with lots of lateral shoots at the base of the beam small fluffy brown roots;
- Peristolistnik - it grows well as in natural and artificial light, is a perfect refuge for fry viviparous and excellent material for ikromechuschih spawning fish;
- Ricci - floating plants adapted to abundant coverage of the upper;
- Duckweed - easy to breed, covering the entire water surface of the aquarium;
- Water lettuce - one of the largest and most beautiful plants floating on the water surface, in natural light and warm water and reproduces very quickly.

Already got an aquarium? The first step to buying fish is done! I want you to choose the fish to his heart and soul!

Natalia Vasserman

Monday, September 28, 2009

What do dogs think?

Do you, dear readers, that thinking is the prototype of the animals of the human mind? True, a hundred years ago, scientists, physiologists ever doubted it, but now we know that these kinds of rational activity, as a deduction (diversion), induction (guidance), the analysis of unfamiliar objects, and fusion (the mental connection) there are in the higher animals, differing only degree of development. The man has a very complex structure of the nervous system and this provides the superiority of his behavior. But is this behavior humanely?

During the evolution of men inured to a different animal, and among them, took an important place dog, taught her various wisdoms: to help the hunt, guard the house, carry small belongings, to feed the cattle. And the dog has become over time a true friend of man ...

On the dog's devotion, intuition, sacrifice and dedication of the constancy of writing long tales, stories, legends.

In dogs, excellent hearing, highly developed sense of smell, excellent memory, excellent response and a special ability to learn, so you can use them in our age as a guide the blind, as rescuers in the mountains, as assistant geologists, gasman, as artists in the circus arts, like bloodhounds in criminal investigation - they are taught to look for criminals, drugs, weapons, explosives, they help in the treatment of nervous diseases in children and adults.

It seems miraculous ability to accompany a blind dog - do not chase cats, bypass all the obstacles, warning him: to stay in front of the threshold, no hitting on the post, not to fall into a ditch, climb and descend the stairs. These dogs are very cautious, patient and sensitive caring nurse. And it turned out that many breeds of dogs, even purebred mongrel, can be a guide. It turned out that a sense of responsibility and focus are not confined to man, but his faithful four-footed friend.
The dog can not talk, but look into her eyes, and you guess the dog's thoughts on their expression - they are clear, as have five children. She barks when she was irritated by the sharp smells, loud noises, sounds different when very hungry. The dog is happy, if you praise her, scratching, but suffers from human cruelty, from undeserved kicking, contempt and indifference. She is very devoted to his master - is ready to run after him on the edge of the world, save the land and in water, to protect against an attack, if someone suddenly dares to wipe ...

There are dogs one property, very moral, pronounced - SENSE OF THANKS . This feeling overwhelms her, if the owner applies to it well, understand the thoughts and desires. Then the waiting man doggie delight, expressing love and endless joy of communication. Another feature that is typical for dogs - affection - makes them sometimes in seeking travelers willing globe obbezhat to find another sidekick. You can give countless examples Unselfishness dogs, their sacrifice, for the sake of human life when they are ready to give her, the dog.

For a long time scientists could not understand how the brain generates thought, but the experiments on dogs led them to scientific discoveries. Study of the reflexes of the brain and the discovery of conditioned reflexes closer to understanding the human mind. Once the French philosopher, physicist, mathematician and physiologist René Descartes (1596 - 1650 gg.) Gave a presentation on the reflex, considering simple automatic reflex action as a (reflected), and described the alleged nervous mechanism.

Founder of the Russian school of physiology of Ivan Mikhailovich Sechenov (1829 - 1905 gg.) Refined the study of Descartes, finding that not only simple, automatic actions, but also the highest spiritual experiences are reflex in nature. Another Russian scientist, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849 - 1936 gg.), A Nobel laureate in 1904, has conducted experiments on dogs, and the analysis of their sentry reflex found that a significant part in the adaptation of the animals are conditioned reflexes, which are formed on the basis of unconditioned (innate ).

Pavlov initially opposed the assimilation of the human psyche of animals and even fined its employees, when they said: "The dog thought," "The dog wanted, but at the end of the experiments agreed that the conditioned reflex is not only a physiological phenomenon, but also psychological.

Is it reasonable to animals? Do they? Yes, they think, but only about things, they are well known.

Charles Darwin, for example, observe the behavior of his dog and noticed that it was troubling, he noticed another dog in the distance. With the approach of a strange dog behavior dog Darwin dramatically changed when she learned in her neighbor's dog. Thinking it? The main forms of thinking - proposition, the concept and conclusion.

Analyzing the behavior of different kinds of dogs, we can conclude that, depending on the level of development, animals are able to judgments and conclusions, that is, they think. However, the behavior of animals should only fact generalizations, concepts are only human. The animal world has come a long way of development from simple forms to complex, and some species of animals have features associated with characteristic attributes of man.

From time immemorial people have carried thanks to their four-legged friends, singing in the epic, worshiping them and placing monuments. In our space age, saturated with information, live next to us loyal four-legged creatures that radiate warmth and love interest to people, and up to you, dear parents, what you bring up his pets: humane, responsive, or cruel and heartless.

Take care of yourself, appreciate the dogs, do not hurt the most devoted and disinterested friends of man, and teach children to respect animals.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How animals are heated in winter?

We - warm-blooded creatures and our bodies comes from the heat. When we get together several times the amount of heat increases, which sometimes leads us into a state of discomfort (for example, in the subway). People do not like the closeness to nature of psychosocial reasons - most of us do not want others invading personal space. But for some living creatures bask in each of the other - an urgent need.

When the birds get in large flocks, they not only provide a protection from predators, but also each other warm on cold nights. Emperor Penguin is perhaps the most characteristic example of how to pack provides heat. Penguins live and breed in the cold climate of the Antarctic, their bodies adapted to low temperatures, and the record here - the Emperor penguin. Under his skin is a thick layer of fat on the skin - a layer of fluff, which is not breathable, followed by a layer of waterproof feathers, which aim to protect the body from falling on him ice water. This means that the penguin is no problem at, say, minus 10 degrees Celsius. But in the depths of the Antarctic thermometer falls to minus 70. Birds survive in such cold weather, faltering in the pack. Those who are outside, freezing more than others, so every now and then they dive into the circle to keep warm, and then return to their seats - up until one comes their turn to switch to other birds.

In the Arctic winter temperature drops to minus 35 degrees Celsius. But it is not worried about the polar bear, which spends most of his life on the giant floating ice.

White Bear withstand these extreme conditions thanks to its fur. The top layer of fur consists of long, oily, hollow hairs, which hold the body of this 600-pound mammal on the surface of water during its regular dives into the icy waters of the ocean. Fur Bear also has a water repellent, so the bear can shake and once again become dry, as it makes the dog. It will also aim to protect from moisture bottom layer of fur. Dense soft retains heat and helps in the buoyancy of the animal. Another of the "tricks" of polar bears - to allow the snow to fall asleep himself while sleeping or hunting, that protects the animal from cold winds.

The biggest enemy of the polar bear (with the exception of man, hunted him for skins and meat) - is hot. During the cold season, the main source of food for polar bears, seals, forced to climb out of the sea water on the ice surface through the hole so the bear lies motionless for hours about her and patiently watches. But in the summer, when the ice area decreases, the polar bear becomes vulnerable. Because of the dependence of polar bears from global warming, cold weather puts the life of the animal especially the risk. In the Arctic, climate change is already fixed in the direction of warming, sea ice cover is less time than before, and Polar Bear have longer without food. Condition of his body is deteriorating as a result suffers animal reproduction. The polar bear has virtually disappeared everywhere in the southernmost habitats of its habitat.

subcutaneous fat

Mammals that spend most of their time in water, such as whales, seals and dolphins, have a layer of fat, which helps them keep warm. For those of mammals, who in pursuit of prey have to dive, one fur for protection against the cold is not enough because the water pressure "blows" of fur pockets of air. Meanwhile, the water temperature in the Arctic Ocean and Antarctic seas may be minus 4 degrees Celsius.

Layer of fat protects against cold blood vessels, and keeps reserves of nutrients. Also, the layer of fat helps the animals during swimming. The colder the water temperature in the region where the animal lives, the thicker layer of his fat.

Escaping from the cold

Another way to overcome the cold - is running away from him, and best of all it makes the birds. The migration of birds is one of the wonders of nature. These small creatures fly hundreds or even thousands of kilometers, heading for warmer climates.

Birds migrate not only to the south, but also in the Nordic countries. Thus, two species of thrushes from Scandinavia arrive in the UK to spend the winter.

Migrate to the south, not only birds but other animals: gray whale arrives from the Arctic seas in the tropics move south in search of food hoofed animals such as reindeer in the Arctic and antelope, wildebeest in Africa. Migrate even butterflies: Monarch, a large orange and black butterfly from North America, makes flights each fall, sometimes huge groups of millions of butterflies, from the U.S. to Mexico.


Hibernation - is an effective way to survive for many warm-blooded animals in regions with cold climates. Hibernating fall and warm-blooded animals - hedgehogs, bats, bears, and cold-blooded - newts, turtles, butterflies.

Unfortunately, the human organism is not adapted to the state of suspended animation, which is necessary for hibernation and for which slows the heartbeat, metabolism, respiration and other processes.

Human experience

In the human body has a number of ways to resist the cold. Usually naked man begins to freeze in a little water at a temperature of below plus 25 degrees Celsius. When the water temperature decreases, blood vessels dilate, increasing the pressure and the skin is covered with goose bumps - a useless attempt to keep the warm air near the skin. Due to the contraction of muscles a person begins to shiver, and the body begins to produce five times more heat than usual. In order to keep heat in the vital organs is the outflow of blood in them from the less important for the functioning of the body parts of the body such as hands, feet and nose.

People-"walruses" accustom themselves to the cold water temperature through constant training and consumption of high calorific food.

Only here the current abnormally warm winter to train with them, probably does not work.

Source: Jonathan Brown, Michael McCarthy

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What we know about the nightingale?

Many of you, if not all, heard at night, beautiful singing of a nightingale. Many have heard, but not many could see this bird close. However, the bird as a bird! And do something it is not so special, and like a sparrow, except that voice!

Usually looks like a nightingale nondescript, gray bird with a tremendous black eyes. Its color is almost unchanged: in the different seasons of the nightingale looks the same, whether the mating season or the autumn. Natural colored plumage of females and males are almost the same. Adult nightingale can reach sizes of up to fifteen to twenty centimeters in length, weighing about thirty grams and a wingspan of up to thirty centimeters. There were several kinds, however, today it is about the most ordinary nightingale.

Distributed nightingale almost the entire territory of Russia, preferring temperate latitudes in the West and up to Siberia. Favorite places in the life of a nightingale can be called the dense, often thorny, shrubs, field swamps, thickets in river valleys. Nightingale can readily settle in a city park, but still choose the best place hidden from prying eyes. That is why, perhaps, it is not often get to meet and a good look.

I was lucky: during one of the campaigns the young nightingale sitting on a branch and saw me. I, in turn, was able to approach him at a distance slightly more than three feet and take some pictures. Thus the nightingale is not scared nor my camouflage, not silver camera, or even flash, so rashly not disabled me. I pose for three minutes, the bird calmly, as if nothing had happened, went on his nightingale cases, probably for dinner!

It feeds on the larvae of the nightingale, caterpillars, various worms and beetles, which in excess produces, long puttered in last year's leaves or thick grass. Towards autumn the nightingale passes to a variety of berries, all the rest preferring usually elderberry.

Nightingale builds its nest mainly on the ground or very close to it. He does it almost immediately to return to the cabin. Mating period and the construction of nests occur in a time when dissolved birch leaf, and blossom so that the nightingale can get drunk from it dew. At this time, the nightingale sings a lot, thus attracting females. The singing of a nightingale can often listen to the sunset and all night until dawn, at least - during the day. The most active period coincides with the beginning of singing mating period and until the incubation chicks.

At the end of the breeding season in female woodcocks nest lays an average of five eggs gray-green color. Hatched female account for up to two weeks time, and at the end of June at the light appears young. During the summer the nightingale Turns offspring only once and by the end of August, small packs of two to three families, they go to spend the winter in the south, to be more precise, in south-eastern Africa. Fly mostly at night, overcoming great distances, even by human standards.

The following year the nightingales return. It is noticed that the old nightingales often settle in the same field. According to ornithologists who conducted the banding, this can be repeated up to nine times in a row!

Nightingale can get accustomed to captivity, lives in a cage to five years. I will even sing, but on condition that the content and the power it will be correct, and good care and permanent. But not better, if this modest singer and devotee of all the lovers will live and sing in the wild?

Vladimir Mao

Friday, September 25, 2009

How to understand a cat?

Of course, the cat can do without man. It depends on him much less than the dog. But it can not lower the dogs love you, if you are going to love her. We never know what cats feel, but by studying their behavior, it can accurately predict and even explain.

Generally, animals are very emotional. Cats suffer from loneliness, boredom, fear or stress. The latter is expressed in different ways: from the endless licking up the administration needs in the wrong place. Many behavior problems are caused by this very fine sensitivity, and to solve them, we must learn to look at the world through eyes of a cat.

Eyes . Wide eyes in the animal - it is fear, at least - a strong surprise. Should not be taken as a violation of your right to be the main round eyes cats. She was terrified, it is better to leave her alone.
But the narrow strip of pupils speak of hidden aggression. Nagliai cat is better to turn back, fix the legs to deny the ability to move and look in the eyes, until it allot look.
"Dead Man's Bluff" cat - evidence of calm and peacefulness. If ears laid back, it means the cat is something you begging. The game of "peepers" in the cat - a serious test of leadership: who first allot think he has lost. If, having met with you eyes, your cat is blinking or looking away to the side, so he had no claim to the title of the most important thing.

Tail cats, like the eyes, is a mirror of the soul. Tail "pipe" means a demonstration of self-confidence and pride. Limp tip of tail (tail hook ") means excitement, anticipation treats or games. Slow waving of the tail indicate irritation, and twitching tail tense - a warning.

Personal grooming - constant licking shows that the cat is stressed. Some animals are so affected by the prevailing climate of nervous about that rubbed himself with his tongue and paws to healing wounds. There must necessarily show veterinarians. Less zealous cats can offer the cat mint. It is sold in pet stores in the form of dry grass that can be easily expanded into a toy your cat. Just do not let cats valerian if you do not want your friend was an alcoholic.

back wheel in cats pandiculation happens during sleep or after lunch. But if the ridge in her hair, ears laid back and she hits the tail, it speaks of anger or irritation: she had not decided to attack or escape. Before the attack the cat even more ears pressed to his head and his mustache is going down.

Dragging paw forward, cats ask that they pay attention: played, fed. Stroking human by hand, especially in the face and head - a sign of affection and tenderness. Exactly the same expression of love - massage master's feet.

Cote, who began learn human habits , very happy with life and their masters. He is happy with you.

evening and night waking quite normal for our nocturnal hunters: this time they have the peak of activity, they need to spend energy. It is better to play energetically with the cat before bedtime, then she may not bother you at night. It is important to the evening "race" to clean the cat tray. Intestine of cats works better at night, and in such a dirty toilet clear not go.

Cats responsive and grateful animals. Cat will love you if you really want: just need to love yourself is a quadruped miracle.

Tatiana Shuvaeva

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to care for an elderly cat?

old cat
Your cat has lived with you for many years, and you are accustomed to trust each other. Do not leave it now. Old cat needs more attention to its needs, more love and care.

Now with improved quality of food and medicine achievements cats, like people, are living longer. However, aging cats proceeds differently. Cat, who lives only houses that are well fed and timely vaccinations, obviously, will live longer than outdoor cats, cats who live at home and out into the streets, and stray cats.
Home a cat can live 18 years or more. Lifetime street cats are usually limited to six years, although some of them die much sooner, and others - after 20 years.

You may notice your cat warning signs of old age, if she does not jump, as usual, at their favorite places, more sleep, and when waking up, moving slowly and with some stiffness.
However, cats are not so prone to arthritis and pain in his back, like dogs, and for a long time retain mobility.
Although initially it is not very noticeable, because a cat lives in a certain mode, it begins to gradually lose his sight and hearing. Now you have to hold his hand in front of her muzzle, before taking her in his arms, and calling her by name, up to her.
She may appear incontinence, diarrhea or constipation. Sometimes it is associated with kidney disease or diabetes, and in other cases, simply due to the aging process. With regard to urinary incontinence and diarrhea, in these cases need to show a cat veterinarian to determine the cause and purpose of the treatment. If she had problems with constipation, the vet, will recommend supplements, such as a stool softener, and adding to her diet of more oil. But do not increase the amount of oil in her diet, without consulting in advance with your veterinarian as to the type and quantity. Many common types of oil would deprive the body of your cat's natural supply of essential vitamins.
If your cat's bad breath, it is also necessary to show the vet. Maybe it's just inflammation of the gums, or we need to remove a bad tooth or something more serious. Do not worry, if the case of a diseased tooth. Many cats continue to eat their regular food, and even chew dry food, generally without teeth. Their strong gums cope well in this.
At a street cat may have skin diseases, so you must inspect it to make it a pure wool.
Pay attention to the weight of the cat. As we age, excess weight would impede her breathing, and even interfere with walking. If your aging cat began to gain weight, make it suitable for a diet.
Could give the false impression that the cat is very thin, because she clearly favor vertebrae. This is quite natural and does not mean that the cat is too thin. In fact, the cat as they age should receive less food, but if she loves to eat, to give her food with lower fat content.
Each day, gently comb aging cat, even if she has short hair. Combing it, walk around with your fingers lightly over her body, to see if she had any tumors.
Aging cat to keep warm. If you live in cold climates, you can put on her poponku.
Take care of their pets, because most of the life of older cats have lived! Good luck and health to you and your pets!

Preparation material: Dmitry Kolpakov

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What is it, the hamster cage?

Hamsters age, unfortunately, not long. With proper nutrition and quality he is able to live about two years, where there is no comparison with fifteen years of cats or dogs. Since the time allotted to life, the hamster still small, his every day should not pass in vain. Not the least role in this is the place where he lives. You can read a lot of literature, which describes what the cell needs a particular type of hamsters, and you can afford to "make" its own animal. But first, the cell should still buy it. What you should pay attention, which is insignificant ... about it - below.

The first thing to note is ...

It should be convenient for you. Set meal, clean up on little things or just take the hamster in his hands. All these and many other procedures performed through the door. Look, whether it is convenient to open / close, it will be difficult for her to open an animal, push hands and try to get to all (!) Over the cell. Please note, if you deliver it any inconvenience, or maybe you scratched her hand - if they inconvenience, there is, then do not buy a cage.

Second - this sex. There is a suggestion that he should be a tray, that is actually obtained the floor grate. Never! To go on such planking hamster rather inconvenient (personal observation), and especially not frolic. If you are afraid that they will be there to write something for nothing. Hamster can be educated to the full "toilet" (he, incidentally, should pass freely through the door).

House is usually supplied in the kit. Its more than enough. In any case, these houses can be easily and securely attach to the cell, which can not be said about the "pretentious". Why only with the hamster does not, often turns and dragged somewhere. Fun.

Bowls / drinkers . Two small bowls and often come in the kit. They are completely lacking. You can also purchase trough, which is mounted on the outside and act as necessary: wanted - drank, did not want to - she is waiting.

Floors. As practice shows, can be checked and 1.5 floor: floor and a small platform. No-rise can not forget that hamsters and all the "wild animals", and a kind of elevation changes they need. And at the same time, they are not rats, so active tiers of cells are not running. (The author's cell has two floors, and at the top of a hamster running around just because there is food. Solely because of her.)

Wheel , so that they replace the open spaces of fields (the hamster can run up to 40 km per night, not all breeds, though). It must be large to rotate freely and comfortably secured in a cage. It is best to check directly with the purchase of the cell. However, the price of the wheels does not bite, so you can make a couple mistakes and they will not be fatal for the budget (the wheel is about 20-350 rubles, whereas cells from 500-600 p. Up to several thousand).

Well, finally on the cell itself. In stores now, they sold a great many, so you should not invent the wheel. Teeths in hamsters sharp, they are able to bite a tree, much less cardboard, and metal rods are decent grind. Therefore, their thickness should be from the category of "finger break", which usually are not watching the markets.

And this advice from the author: put yourself in the hamster. This is very helpful..

The article does not address these types of "cells" as the three-liter cans and similar structures. The author rightly considers these cells complete misery and cruel mockery of the animals. Access of air to go there - no, there is no space, no amenities to create. In general, it is not our choice.
Designated purchases for your future pet.

Evgeny Baskakov

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to choose a kitten's name?

Probably no man (except for those with allergies), which would never have had a pet, and what the problem was to choose a name for your pet!
Most people, probably without thinking twice, called her kittens with guns, barsikami, Mooska, not investing in a nickname special meaning and imagination. The names of thoroughbred animals also differ little from unpedigreed, mostly long, consisting of several parts of the names and even titles to Royal.
And if we approach this issue creatively? The list of possible names immediately increases, for example, you can call your kitten so, as they call asteroids, such as: Aphrodite, Arizona, Barney, Bec-Borsenberger, then your kitten will probably be as fast and straightforward. However, it is desirable to also check the dictionary, what does the name of your choice, not simply to name the scientist or the continent, but something heroic, for example.
Alternatively, combine the two names, such as it did during the revolution and get something like "Bulet (bullet), composed of aliases, and Brawler Jack - this method is appropriate when owners can not agree. The disadvantage of this method - bad compatibility of some nicknames, Julie and Zita, for example.
Scientific methods of selection nicknames - nickname is determined by the nature and selected in accordance with the sign of the zodiac. Does the nickname for a kitten or not, one hundred percent is not known, and yet nobody will say that the kitten was born a few weeks ago and opened his eyes, yet completely spineless, so you ought to think, to give a nickname, not peering into the kitten or develop the existing positive features of using nicknames. If you call a cat a quiet fury, would she be moving? Or bully Nitoy? In such cases, your pet will become neurotic and not attuned to his nickname. I think better for a quiet kitten to choose something similar to such nicknames - Baron, Bambi, hub. And for boisterous bullies - Varyag, Richard.
Choosing nickname on the sign of the zodiac, perhaps the most difficult, but it allows you to pick a name, the most appropriate and compatible with yours. Although of course this is not always what you want, for example, your kitten is perfectly applies to you, but can not coexist with the other members of your family. What remains to pay for the astrologers or rely on their intuition.
And in the end a few more tips: choosing a name, remember that you pronounce it, and then to not pronounce the syllables, choose a nickname simply, all genius is simple, if not sure of the field, let's take a name that is easy to use as the male sex and the female, not the best solution to all pet in a row to give the names of the actors, the heroes of movies, games - only in extreme cases, does not fit any of the options, use the directory aliases.
So, if you gave a kitten, and you do not know what to call him, do not hurry, take a look at it, might not be too wise, and called Ryzhikov coals, Zaikov, even the name brings joy and a kitten and you.

Sergey Titov

Monday, September 21, 2009

Which pet is fashionable today ?

fashionable dog
Of course, the family can not buy money. But my brother can. If this is "our brother less": 4 legs or hooves, floating in the tub or floating near the ceiling, or covered with a fluffy green scales. And the same pet will lift your mood and decorating a house.

Mini piggi

Miniature pigs - mini-piggi - came into vogue a few years ago, but has become especially popular after it appeared a little pig in the house of George Clooney. The smaller pigs, so they are more valuable: there are mini-piggi for two, three, five thousand. Green. If so, then the suspect place you can slip an expensive, but very ordinary pig, just worn out - a little later the owner of the little Piglet's become a 200-kilogram sow. In fact, mini-pig weighs 15-20 pounds, unless, of course, it does not raskormit: appetite of the animal lifted, and refuse to favorite delicacy sometimes just not feasible!
Very clever, affectionate and funny, they can easily learn various commands. They love to talk, sit on your pens and under favorable circumstances, can live up to thirty years.

Most malehonkie in the world today, dogs are very popular. The ancient Indians who lived in modern-day Mexico, they were considered a sacred animal (due to the fact that their skull is a small hole through which they claim can communicate with the cosmos. The Indians were wise people, so to challenge the sanctity of dogs, we will not). Today, thanks to PR Paris Hilton, babies at the peak of fashion.
Chihuahua, which weighs only 1-1,5 kg, needs no regular physical exercise on the street - they can easily master the usual cat WC. In general, this goggle-eyed, big-eared kid - very funny, clever and touching animal.

Chinchilla - this is not the most expensive in the world fur, and a charming house pet, like rabbit with the funny long tail and absurd dimensions usischami. Anyone who has ever looked into the huge beady eyes chinchilla, stroked a soft pile, or treated her to a piece of apple, never ever buy anything made of fur of the gentle, sweet creatures.
Chinchillas - gentle and funny sweet tooth, who devote all the time bringing myself up. Buy a baby can be about 5-10 thousand rubles. Worth less than the coat, and cherishes its existence.

Iguana entered the fashion world 10 years ago, but to us this hobby has come late, because today is incredible exotic - especially in this Siberian city.
By itself, a young iguana is mere penny, but all the necessary attributes are not cheap. To keep such a pet need a large terrarium (the animal can vymahat up to two meters!), Heating lamps, fresh green in the middle of winter and so on and so on ... Besides, what's going on in the dragon's soul - is unknown. However, the obvious: the lizard is not as indifferent as it seems. Iguana can be bored if you're on vacation, and even refuses to eat. These exotic lizards like to sit on his lap and almost all are not averse to sleep with the landlord under a single blanket.

Decorative rabbit
Comprise many breeds of dwarf rabbits. All in its own way charming, but perhaps the most touching - fold. If the rodents with optimistic protruding ears look incredibly happy life, then the long droopy ears of these rabbits make their appearance is tragic - and wants to take the hand so sorry.
Although dwarf rabbits are very small (they weigh from 1 to 2 pounds), they are very smart. They like the attention and affection, but the violence offended and sad are slaughtered in their house. Left unattended, this pet will understand instantly with all the wires, flowers in pots and "wrong" sticking to the upholstery of furniture.

Maine Coon
This cat breed is considered to be indigenous, samozarodivsheysya in the forests of Maine. According to another version, a descendant of cats of Marie Antoinette, the French queen who saved from the impending revolution, went overseas.
Maine Coons - most big cats from all living in our homes: pedigreed cat can weigh about fifteen pounds. They look pretty bleak, with their cold-eyed and dangerous tassels on the ears. In fact, these seals are even charming, affectionate, kind and playful. Whole world has long appreciated the dignity of Maine Coons, but here they only come into vogue. Now you can become the master of such exotic, saying goodbye to an amount approximately equal to one thousand U.S. dollars.

Xenia Uglanova

Sunday, September 20, 2009

How to explain the dog who's boss?

puppy and girl
A little puppy in the house - how lovely! So you want to fondle, pamper! Punished for something - such crumbs? Impossible!

But six months later turns into a big puppy dog, a spoiled and disobedient. And if some species are always ready to break into a cake to please his master (collies, poodles), and never attack a stranger, unless the raids, but many others are simply dangerous.

It is very important from the very beginning to show a dog who was boss, and always confirm it. This does not mean that the dog must be kept in the corridor on a leash, constantly shouting at her and beat (unfortunately, sometimes even beating it may be necessary).

Dog - the social animal in the wild they live in flocks in which observed a strict hierarchy. The leader will never allow impunity to any member of his flock to put on a paw. The leader is in any place where wants, he first begins to eat its prey. The remaining dogs obey not only the leader, but also to other dogs, standing on a higher level of hierarchy gregarious. The lower rung occupied by the dog, the less she has to choose the comfortable, warm town. (Remember: "Your place is near the slop bucket"?).

Moreover, the dogs always find out who's who has more rights. This is especially true males. The fight in the dog pack - a common thing, but they are more ritual, competitive nature. The weaker dog give in to turn towards the opponent side and fills the neck, demonstrating the failure of the resistance. Only when faced two equally powerful and ambitious males, it could end in the death of dog.

Females also have a role in the pack, but this place is largely dependent on the position of males, feeding her inclination. That's why females do not need to waste power on such tight competition. But if for some reason, females become stuck, then they will fight to the death.

Why am I telling you all this? The fact is that only with our own, human point of view, the dog lives with humans. Dogs also think we are strange two-legged dogs. Well, this breed! And all the laws of the dog pack is automatically transferred to the family in which they live. This means that the male, who lives in the house will always find out if he did not become stronger than the owner or his children. In females a bit easier. They have not challenged the dominant position of its owner. On the other hand may try to rule all the other members of the family. And explain to the dog, what place in the "pack" it takes, we will have to dog laws.

Calm down, this is not necessary to fight and bite. There are other ways. For example, do not feed the dog first. If you have been giving her dog a bowl, and then seated themselves at the table, she would take a primary: it was she eats first, and then you have already. Before giving the dog food, eat themselves to her eyes even a crust of bread, a cup of coffee drink. The dog should see that you eat first, then you are more important. For the same reason, first put food to children, cats, smaller dogs.

Do not let the dog own you. This has not only dirty or torn clothing. The dog would feel at least equal to you, and certainly not a subordinate.

And one small detail. Many do not mind if the dog is lying on the couch, in bed. I and most like a dog on the sofa: it looks wonderful! And that's what happens: the dog is where it wishes, including, and the landlady's bed, and the landlord never rests on her rug! Do not dare to, probably because the dog is more important? So, the dog did not think so, the owner should at least sometimes, at least 2 minutes to sit on the rug, the dog that she felt: in this pack leader is not it.

Natalia Alatyrtseva

Saturday, September 19, 2009

How and when to feed the pigs?

feed pigs
Everyone who has a sow, dreams of getting from it a little more robust pigs. But normally developed, properly fed pigs produce healthy offspring. In the body, depleted, as well as fat females, allocated less eggs. Yes they are defective, so hardly evolved in utero embryos often die. In connection with this litter is scanty and, moreover, is not aligned on live weight, which makes it very difficult growing pigs. That is why the gestating sow can not be kept half-starved and can not overfeed, especially concentrates, as it leads to obesity. Be sure to include in the diet of pigs juicy (silage, root crops) and green forage, hay chaff.
daily gain, pregnant mares should not exceed 700

Many breeders concerned with the issue - when to start lure pigs and whether you want? To lure. Early feeding (preferably diversified) accelerates the development of the digestive organs of babies in the stomach before beginning to stand out, hydrochloric acid, which has detrimental effect on pathogens. In these pigs, as a rule, there are no disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, they eat better food after weaning, they learn better and more put on weight. example, if you begin to feed up to 8-10-day-old, they B60-day weigh 16-18 kg and more if feeding were given a 20-day - 15-16 kg, and a 30-day - weigh only 13 -14 kg.

Need piglets in nutrients and water is satisfied by breast milk only during the first days of life. So even on the third day in office for the kids to put dishes of water (preferably cast-iron skillet with high bumpers). To prevent anemia (anemia) preparing a solution of 2.5 g iron sulfate, 1 g of copper sulfate and 0.5 g of cobalt chloride per 1 liter of boiled water and fed to pig a tablespoon of this solution. Even with 4-5-th day taught to eat roasted grains of barley, corn and other concentrates. Separately laid out ready-made sod, red clay, charcoal, chalk.
With a week-old offer to try the reverse.

By the end of the first decade of pig can drink it at 100 g, by the end of the month - 300-400 g, and the second month of life - to 1 liter per day. Since that time taught and steamed concentrate feed, which provide in the form of loose gruel flavored with the opportunity to draw. At the 10 th day can be fed grass meal, which garnered the summer, and the 12-th day - crushed greens with padding concentrates or without them. Usually pigs consume in two months of age. By that date, they must be to get stronger. They need a highly concentrated mixture in steamed form, whey or other waste milk production - by 0,5-3,8 kg each per day.

During these two months per pig fed a mixture of 17-19 kg of concentrates, skimmed - 20-25, lush and green fodder 4-6-8, grass flour (or fine chaff) - 2-2,5 kg. Especially useful red carrots. To have kids added the appetite, add sugar to their food, non-food grease and other fragrant substances.

How much food to give each time? So much so that the pigs ate it for an hour and a half, no more. If food remains, giving a one-time decrease. Otherwise, remnants can contaminate and deteriorate after eating them, pigs are sick. Sosunov fed up to 30 days of age 4 times a day (6, 10, 14 and 18 h), and from 30 to 60 days - 3 times (7, 12 and 17 h). When feeding is well established in the first decade of life piglets can increase their mass in 2 - 2,5 times, with weaning at the age of two months - at 12-15, and for the year - in a 135-140 times. When two farrowing during the year (10-12 pigs in each) from one sow can get 1,5-2 tons of meat.

Alexey Ovchinnikov

Friday, September 18, 2009

How to satisfy your cat gourmet needs ?

cat eat
Domestic cat for thousands of years lived next to a man and served him.
Initially, its presence was due to necessity - a cat catching rodents than himself fed, and a proprietary property protected.
Now that the cat was just a darling and a member of the family, already a man caring for her and cares about its food.

And eat the modern pampered house cat should be on schedule: the age of 3 months - 6 times a day from 3 to 6 months - 4-5 times a day, ranging from 6 months - up to 3 times a day. After 8 months a cat becomes an adult and should eat twice a day: about eight or nine in the morning and six or seven o'clock in the evening. Feed the cats can be as dry food (not necessarily lower premium), and "natural" products.

Milk diet.

"And I'll buy a cow. From cows use great - it gives milk, "- said, sipping milk from a three-liter jar, cat Matroskin in our favorite cartoon" Vacation in Buttermilk. But, as practice shows, and veterinarians say, the cats from whole cow's milk is not good, but often only harm: organisms of many adult cats (both, incidentally, and adults) and poorly digested milk sugar (lactose), which causes stomach upset.

Much more useful than kittens and cats to give goat's milk (even honey), sour cream, yogurt and cottage cheese - about 10-15 g per 1 kg of cat's weight.

In addition to dairy products in the cat's diet needed fresh drinking water, fish, meat, eggs, fats and oils, as well as vegetables and cereals. Well, first things first ...

Koshak - not a fisherman.

As everyone knows, cats have been, are and will always be predators. However, the fish, which we used to feed the cats in their natural habitat can not catch everything, even the most sophisticated cat hunters. Therefore, any fish, both marine and river, as raw and cooked, should be introduced into the diet of no more than 1-2 times a week. The fish is cleansed of scales, remove large bones and cut into small pieces. The river fish are giving only boiled, and the sea - in the cheese (this should not be given cod and pollack). Right to fish "submit" cat rye bread or crackers.

«hunting trophy».

It is clear that domestic cats, even the most hungry and angry, unable to choke a cow, lamb or rabbit. But do not forget that our lovely purring - distant relatives of large and very powerful wild cat, and buffalo that a lunch is not a problem. Therefore, we include in the diet of beef (cut into small pieces and scalded with boiling water), lamb (young and low-fat), rabbit (cooked and boneless), chicken or turkey (cooked, too, and without bones). In the cat 4-5 kg per day it should take 50-100 g of any meat. Mince, the more shops "origin", it is better not to give - minced meat quickly passes through the intestines and poorly digested.

But the various byproducts of cats are very fond of: liver give no more than once a week (raw liver to the intestine acts as a laxative, boiled - fixes), kidneys, vitamin-rich, before cooking soak at least an hour and then boiled, heart and tripe give Murka only boiled. Cartilaginous bone broiler chickens will not allow to form tartar, a chicken or quail eggs, always fresh, raw or boiled, make your pet hair shiny and elastic.

Cat vegetarianism.

If your cat sometimes becomes herbivorous - eating fruits and vegetables - it's just great! Giving can be all that is eaten, but necessarily in a damp (not salt or freshly salted) and grated form: carrots, cabbage (especially useful for cauliflower), apples, cucumbers, any greenery. Very useful germinated grain oats, barley, wheat, containing vitamins of groups B and C.

Giving can nettles (best young shoots), previously scalded her with boiling water, the leaves of wild raspberries (decoction of leaves of wild raspberries - by half a teaspoon per day is strongly recommended to give pregnant cats). Specially germinated "cat" grass helps to cleanse the stomach of any loose hair. The day is recommended to feed the cats different herbs about 5 g per 1 kg of weight.

Why not.

Cats are contraindicated: chocolate, candy, coffee, alcohol, meats, pates, cans, designed for people, marinated products, confectionery, jam, salty and spicy food.

Galina Troyan

Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to contain an exotic animal at home? Salamander. Breeding

Create conditions in which the salamander would feel comfortable, easy. And if to add here more and peaceable disposition, and beautiful appearance lizards, all this makes it a desirable inhabitant of the household living quarters.

Young fiery salamanders

Young fiery salamanders

To keep a pair of adult salamanders need terrarium horizontal type , designed under the corner of moist forests. With good care and favorable "psychological" climate inside your house lizards heal clover and even begin to think "about the offspring.

Sexually mature, these amphibians reach the age of 2-4 years with a body length of about 12-14 cm In nature, mating salamanders occurs after wintering . Therefore, in captivity amphibians also need to create an artificial "winter". To do this within one month to do the temperature and light diapause cooled to 12-14 degrees Celsius (according to some sources - up to 5 º C).

Pink Syngonium for decorating terrariums
Pink Syngonium for decorating terrariums

During the winter break, which can occur in the same terrarium, home to salamanders, it need to do more hiding places for sheltering . During this period the animals are not fed. Out of hibernation is in April-May, and shortly after awakening the animals begin to mate.

Females do not lay eggs, like most amphibians, and bears almost finished larvae, releasing them into the water . Term gestation larvae - 9-10 months. Usually born 25-30 (sometimes up to 40) of larvae 2,5-3,5 cm in length with well-developed limbs, gills, fin folds and the tail rudder. Interestingly, at birth lizard plunges into the water only to the back of the torso.
Company Berkley.
Company Berkley.
Larvae for the full development should be placed in a separate aquarium with access to land and feed live food - daphnia, cyclops, koretroy etc. As the parent pool, and young aquarium should be equipped with filters, thermometers and aerator (spray). And as a "family home" and young aquarium should lay, as both young and adult animals are sometimes able to get out to the junction of glasses.

After 3-5 months of 5-centimeter calves salamanders crawl out on shore, where he began active exploration of adult life. Past all completed their metamorphosis and larval development of young salamanders (length 6-7 cm) can be planted in a terrarium for rearing and feeding, as adults, small insects. But at first everything else can be a time to give them "baby food" - laid out on the moss bloodworm or koretru.


bloodworm and koretra put up for sale on the market

The fact that after working with these animals (after the hold them in your hands or fed) must be sure to wash your hands with soap, I have already written, but it is worth to mention it again. Particularly upfront about the kids! And in any case not rub the "dirty" his hands eyes, do not get down to the person, avoid falling into the secret glands salamanders on mucous membranes, abrasions and other skin damage. By the way, interesting is the fact that the poison of salamanders (this is the secret, generating glands located on the head, behind the eyes), contains a substance, found nowhere else in nature do not occur.

For salamanders it beyond the protection from enemies and still performs the function of strong microbicide, preventing the development of skin infections. For a man venom is not dangerous, but for dogs - dangerous! But as I have said in previous article. If you observe all precautions, then observe the habits of this interesting, original and generally friendly animals - a pleasure.

And if you, our dear readers, decide to start at home this amphibian, I wish you only have lots of fun and full mutual understanding with your pet!

Marina Dutta

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to contain an exotic animal at home? Varan


For medium-sized lizards, which can contain in the home, include monitor lizard - tag ordinary (not to be confused with the Argentine tag as high as 1,4 m in length), body length which is 0,9-1,2 m and weigh up to 5 kg . Main color - brownish-black with a bluish tint, because of which this lizard is also called "blue tag". 9.10 On the back of the transverse bands, consisting of yellowish spots. On the back of the head and tail can also be arranged like spots and stripes.

Varan - tag
Varan tag

This is a ground monitor lizard, eating small mammals, birds and eggs, as well as lizards, amphibians, insects, some kinds of fruits and flowers. Ruining egg caiman crocodile, can attack poultry, crept into the hen houses, where eating eggs and chicks. Despite the fact that it is quite big and powerful animal, by nature timid and shy, he, and the risks he would prefer not to communicate, and "boldly rushes heels."

Often, the bathroom becomes a terrarium pintado (steppe), monitor lizard, because it is easy to tolerate slavery. In size it reaches 80-110 cm in length. Body length with a tail - up to 2 m. oviparous. The number of eggs in a batch of 15 to 30 pieces. Incubation period 120-180 days, depending on temperature.
Externally it is a very beautiful view, both in its color, and the structure of the body.

Cape monitor lizard

The diet of this type can be quite varied: from small vertebrates (mice, frogs, chickens) to insects and worms - zoofobusov, earthworms, crickets, cockroaches, as well as eggs, slices of meat and fish.
The main thing - do not overfeed Cape monitor lizard, because they are greedy and prone in captivity, without sufficient exercise and to obesity.

In order for the animals of both species were not aggressive, they should be more likely to communicate, take them to the hands, stroking.
Females are less aggressive than males. Ideally, when the "varanenok" gets to you in the fact that neither is childhood. Then, with Mlada clutches, he feels quite comfortable, natural and assigns itself to a full-fledged members of the family, and therefore will be absolutely tame and manageable. Of course, this does not mean that one should not observe any caution in dealing with animals.

Varan egg

Varan egg
Either way, you should always remember that before you still not a pet, from generation to grow up next to a man, but a wild creature, seized from the native habitat.

Feeding the giant lizards to produce better every day, but you can once in two days.
The water in the drinkers to change on a daily basis, and the trough thoroughly washed under running water. You can add to the trough mineral water (Borjomi).
However, foods must be given various mineral supplements - calcium preparations, crushed egg shells. Every month you can add your pet's food concentrated mineral feed and vitamins.

The minimum size for a monitor lizard terrarium should be 120 × 60 × 50 cm, with the horizontal type. When content needs to take terrarium heater, which can be carried out using termoshnura, termokovrika or using heating lamps.

The duration of daylight hours and work day heated in activity of the animal - 12 hours. Irradiation of UV lamps with UVB 7-8% - during daylight hours. These lamps can perform as a function of lighting and exposure.
Background day temperature 25-28 ° C, night 18-20 ° C. It is possible to irradiate appliances such as UV from 1 to 2 minutes a week - on top, a distance of not less than 50 cm - 1 time per month. Irradiation erythemic lamps and appliances such as UV animal should be in the dry.

In the warm corner of the day should be at least 30-32 ° C, and directly under the heater temperature can be as high and up to 40 ° C, and up to 23-25 ° C at night. Under the point of heating to install a shelf, a snag or a big stone, so that your pet can bask in the pleasure, sitting on them.
As the soil in the terrarium, you can use gravel, sand, pebbles. Once a day terrarium should be sprayed with warm water. It is desirable to contain the giant lizards alone.

When the content of lizards need to know that in winter these animals hibernate, entering into a state of torpor. Therefore, the temperature during the winter should be at 18-20 ° C, not below 15 ° C. Maintain humidity by spraying to the ground in the corner of the terrarium is not more than once a week.

After the animal out of his stupor content to support it in the same manner as before: it's exposure, and feeding, but within two or three weeks should be added to food products containing vitamin E.

Most of the giant lizards, especially the larger species - predators, but bred in captivity with "childhood", they become very tame, accustomed to humans and not aggressive.
Special steadiness and calm disposition, different water monitor lizard. The only thing he needs - it is food and water in an aquarium. Water monitor lizards quite unpretentious in food. Can eat and fresh meat, and a little lie down with the flavor. Because in the wild lizards frequently eat carrion.

... Always and everywhere - the eternal glory of the water!

Their stomach and the enzyme system well suited for this. They even prefer fresh meat, carrion, and therefore in nature act as orderlies, picking up the corpses of dead animals, as well as everything that is stale.

Because of this mouth and teeth, they accumulate putrefactive microflora and ptomaine - for this reason, the bite of monitor lizard in the wild rather dangerous, and they do not want to provoke and tease, because of the monitor lizard bite can develop even sepsis - blood poisoning.

But, of course, in the home is unlikely anyone will offer moldy stuff your pet, which he gladly would have ate in the wild, however, your varashka and do not be upset, because fresh meat they love nothing less than carrion. They like to live and prey - rats and mice. And then interesting to see how beautifully they hunt, how fast their reaction!

With proper education, comfortable maintenance and regular communication aquatic lizards - very nice animals! Starting with the fact that they are simply lovely muzzles, and meek "facial expression", despite their large size. Sometimes it seems that they are smiling!

Water monitor lizard
Water monitor lizard
They are gullible and pliant, and when you give them the freedom to walk in a large room or a summer in the yard in the sun, it is a pleasure to watch as these heavy, and seemingly clumsy animals stamp, swaying on his legs slightly bowed, as deftly as if and nice catch them on the fly pieces of fresh meat or chicken legs, which they are a powerful digestive system to digest and no coughs, straight from the bones.

Do not forget to always give the name of your pet, and then you really feel a full member of your family! Good luck!
Marina Dutta

Friday, September 11, 2009

How to tame a parrot and teach him to talk and sing?

Any parrot, sitting in a separate cage, may be manual, and without fear to sit on your shoulder or hand of man. To tame bird, you need to have patience and perseverance, because sometimes come across a wild specimen.

Initially, the cage with a wild parrot placed at a height of human growth on any bedside table or cabinet, and at the approach to him call him by name, while trying not to make sudden movements.

As soon as the parrot will get used to the new place, which is usually not earlier than one week, it gradually began to teach you. First of all, you need to ensure that he is accustomed to have food in your presence. To do this, when the parrot down to the trough and begins to eat food, you need to carefully and slowly approached him. First bird at your approach will dramatically throw up the cell, but every day is getting closer to the bay itself, and then cease to react to your approach. After this it is necessary to teach her to take food from hands. To this end, you take the most favorite food in your fingers and gradually, without sudden movements, slips between the bars of his cell, affectionately calling parrot named.
The first stage of dog training is the most difficult, and sometimes have to travel this procedure for several days, until the bird be typed courage and take a treat from your hand. The next time she takes the proposed feed more boldly, but they caught him, usually rebounds at the opposite end of the perch.

When the parrot will boldly take a treat from your hand, it must be educated to sit on the arm. For this approach to the cage, slowly open the door, sticks his hand inside the cell, which has a tasty morsel, quietly and gently repeating it. Parrot, attracted by the delicious food, after much hesitation is usually the first time sitting on his hand and takes with palm food. Goodies for these birds may be a piece of wheat bread soaked in milk, sweet tea or coffee.

When a parrot without fear will take food with his hands and sit on it, begin the final stage of training. First, try to make it on his hand from the cage. If you succeed, then the bird was hand-made and it can teach fly to your call and sit on the shoulder or arm. Parrot released from cells into the room and, calling him by name, show the delicacy. During dressing and in the future should only feed him in a cage or in-hand, otherwise he would not return back, and it should do all the manual birds. Training is best done when the parrot is hungry, satiated, he is less willing to treat.

Talking parrot is not just kicking, and correctly apply the word. For example, when he is hungry, then said: «Give porridge», unless, of course, that it is properly trained.

Can learn to pronounce words, both large and small specimens, both females and males, but not all birds, even of the same species have the same ability to learn. There is no general, who is more gifted learning disabilities - male or female. According to observations, well-speaking parrots frequently found among females.

In training, as well as during dressing should be treated with the birds as possible kinder to become even more of their confidence. Start learning better when the bird to get used to you already, and will sit on the arm. Hand parrot easier to perceive human speech.

Before the lesson parrot is placed in a separate room to avoid being distracted by other birds. During training whistling verses of the songs from training to correctly pronounce and well-whistle motif, and always the same, exactly and clearly. Education should be at certain hours of the day, mostly in the mornings and before serving delicacies. Training whistles one single motive of the song and tries to get a good parrot play it. When a bird learns to speak the right verse, go to the next, and gradually achieve good performance. At the end of the lesson give the parrot a treat and put the cage on a permanent seat.

Education «talk» to start with the simplest of words. Every day, especially in the morning before feeding, it is necessary to utter a loud, clear and steady voice any one word. The first words that teach the parrot must have vowels «a» or «for», of the consonants is primarily a, n, p, that experience shows that parrots better perceive female voices than male. Words that teach a bird to be told to place. For example, when the parrot give food, they say: «I want to eat», entering, to say: «Hello», leaving, - «Goodbye». All words birds' ability to assimilate quickly and pronounces them correctly. With a talking parrot must constantly deal with them to develop their abilities. No need to use them in expressions that do not want them to hear.

Keep in mind that parrots teach any type of training be very gradually, so that you can get used to, and the bird can adapt! Good luck, keep your feathered friends! Good luck!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

What is «living accessory class luxe», or Why give birth to little dogs?

tiny dog

There is a fashion in the literal sense at all, including those for pets. But it took a time when it was fashionable to keep the house a crocodile, a shark or a fighting dog. Modern fashionistas choose aesthetic minimalism - it's time to dwarf ornamental dogs.

What is the image of a girl of high society? Perfect hair, high-quality makeup, fashionable clothes and, of course, stylish accessories, koimi now are not only brooches, bracelets and bags. The image of a modern, dignified girl is unthinkable without the little dog in his hands. Now the pet has become one that neither is on, accessory, and not only female but also male.

Many seem blasphemous Turns dog solely to create the desired image - still a living creature. But the pets to the world since ancient times there is a kind of «the division of labor»: any breed were derived specifically for hunting, some - for fighting with their own kind, but some - for decoration and, admittedly, this is not the worst «work». Decorative dog catching a wounded duck, not kept sheep, she could not tow a sled or save the drowning. But she is very fit perfectly in the luxurious interior of the house; lap dog was a symbol of its masters belonging to the higher class.

But now the notion of «lap dog» and the phrase «to keep at home» hopelessly out of date - an animal no longer locked in four walls, they keep him for himself - on his hands, the bag-carrying, and even cut shirt. With him went into the light, flaunt it, and this requires that the dog had the appropriate «fashionable» type, and it takes a lot of effort and resources.

The very purchase of a small decorative dog usually does not come cheap - from 500 to $ 5000. But this is only the beginning - a strong genetic memory of the animal, whose ancestors had once adorned the palaces are for royalty. As a luxury item, the dog itself should be surrounded by luxury and first class care. Like myself, the owners spoil their pets shopping and beauty salons. And if a dog suddenly fall into a concern of increased public attention, then help her professional dog psychologist. Incidentally, this is not just a whim of the rich and famous - the dog must not only look good, but to behave properly. In order not to disgrace myself in high society, an animal, like a child, it is necessary to educate, because all dogs of different nature, and each characteristic breed certain traits of behavior. Speaking of rocks ...

Decorative dog - a great many, but by far the most popular and trendy are the following breeds:

Chinese Crested (the Chinese Hairless Dog, Chinese hohlatka) - the name saying: the hair on this dog is present only in a tuft on his head. Of all the pet dogs is, perhaps, one of the largest - the height at withers of 30 cm, but the weight of it - no more than 5,5 kg. Like a poodle shaved heads. Very lively, active dog, energy, brims over - running, not only can break or split subject, who was caught on the road, but the injury itself, but the scratches on her hairless skin fraught with very serious consequences. Nevertheless, the singer Irina Ponarovskaya lives as much four dogs of this breed; Chinese hohlatka also lives with Alsou.

Belgium, Brussels Griffon, Small Brabant - also not a small dog (about 28 cm tall, up to 5 kg in weight), said the boxer, but with long hair and long mustache and bou-rodoy. This is a balanced and sufficiently intelligent dog, which, inter alia, catch mice. The difference between the griffins - in color: for the Belgian Griffon preferred black and black and tan, as the Brussels Griffon - mostly red color. Small Brabant can be both black and red, from Griffin it has a short coat and lack of beard. A recent winner of the Brussels griffon was Kelly Osbourne, whose family is known for his love of miniature dogs.

Russian (Moscow) Toy Terrier launched in the middle of last century in Russia, his weight at a height of 20-28 cm did not exceed 3 kg. In general, from the English Toy Terrier it differs only lengthened hair on the ears, but otherwise - is as graceful and gentle dog. Russian Toy Terrier can be both smooth and long coat. Of the more famous owner of the dogs of this breed is Sergey Lazarev.

One of the most common (and expensive) dog among the wealthy - Yorkshire terrier, and she's one of the smallest - up to 3 kg with a height of about 20 cm This is certainly a beautiful and graceful dog, very capricious, and therefore virtually impossible learning. Still, many associate such behavior with the aristocratic Yorks. Yorkshire terriers with A. Delon, J. Belmondo, M. Schumacher, J. Trump, Maya Plisetskaya, Vladimir Mashkov, N. Koroleva and others

Finally, the smallest dog in the world - Chi-hua-hua (Chihuahua) (its weight can not exceed 500 grams.) - A nice, compact, attentive, but by virtue of its size, it is too timid, so even a little stress for it can be fatal. But such troubles, apparently not intimidated by a huge number of celebrities who have chosen as a pet is a dog of this breed - among them P. Hilton, B. Spears, C. Osborne, Madonna, George Lopez, E. Brody, etc. So Chi-hua-hua can rightly be considered the most fashionable breeds of ornamental dogs.

The tiny dog - certainly a great way to attract attention and create the right impression. And yet, it is not just a beautiful attribute of a beautiful life. Even such a small dog - this is, above all, a dog - a cheerful, affectionate and surprisingly faithful. This is a true friend, reliable partner and a wonderful therapist. But we must not forget that this very small creature, who believes his master loves him wholeheartedly and completely depends on him.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why cat has whiskers?

cats whiskers
Many believe that mustache function as the probe, through which the cat learns that there is enough broad passage, in which it intends to enter - but in reality everything is much more complicated and surprising.

Besides the obvious function of touch-sensitive «probes», cat's whiskers do more, and the role of detectors of the direction of flow of air. When the cat moves in the darkness, she must maneuver in such a way that does not relate to potential objects in its path. Every solid object, which is suitable animal, slightly changes the direction of air flow and cause a barely perceptible air turbulence, and the cat's whiskers are so highly sensitive that allow «read» this information and, thus, to detect objects, not even touching it .

Mustaches especially need the cat, or rather even vital, when it hunts in the dark. This can be judged on the following observations: cat, whiskers which are in perfect condition, can be equally successful hunt in the dark and under illumination. A cat with damaged whiskers can be hunted only in the lighted space, in the darkness she could make a mistake and did not exactly cause a «fatal» bite at the right point on the body of the victim. This means that in the dark when the cat can not absolutely accurately navigate using vision, antennae function as a high-precision «Focusing System». This cat has a remarkable ability to reconcile within a fraction of a second position of the unfortunate victims and to cause the exact bite in the neck.

The tips of his mustache «read» detailed information about the form of the victim's body - something like a blind man reads Braille - and immediately process it, the cat is making unmistakable action.

The pictures of cats carrying the teeth in just extracted the mouse shows that the whiskers predator almost entwine rodent's body, continuing to «read» and transmit information about the slightest movement can occur if the victim is even alive. Since the cat is primarily nocturnal hunters, the mustache is vital to her survival.

Anatomically cat's mustache is a considerably enlarged and strengthened hair, but thicker than normal hairs more than twice. Whiskers grow from the upper lip cats, as regular hair, but, unlike them, leaving the tissue is three times deeper and have an extensive network of nerves to transmit information about the slightest vibrations of air. Antennae located on the face of a cat with four horizontal rows of twelve pieces from both sides of the nose - thus, they are usually only twenty-four. They may be sent forward, when a cat anything of interest, or back when she tries to protect itself or simply avoid contact with the object. The top row of whiskers can move independently from the bottom two formed thicker hairs.

Technically the antennae could be categorized as vibriss located in some other places on the body of a cat - on the cheeks, chin, above the eyes, as it may seem strange at the rear of the front paws. All of them are highly sensitive motion detectors, but the most important for cats, and, therefore, particularly those long whiskers, which are the hallmark of an animal - of course, mustaches. And we fully understand what is meant when referred to the concept of «cat's whiskers».

Good luck to you, my dear readers!


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Monday, September 7, 2009

How to choose a dog «like yourself»?

dog eat with master
Irregular working hours, lack of free time, a passion for a long time to sleep, unwillingness to care about someone other than themselves and so on - all my shortcomings are many times reduces the range of choices ... dogs, which, despite the long suffering and doubt, I still decided to make them. It turns out to determine the breed that you like superficially, this is the easiest thing to do. Difficult to choose a dog «like himself».

Animals, especially dogs, all different, they, like people, have their own characters and their demands. Choosing a dog, the main correct to compare their capabilities, needs and nature of opportunities, needs and nature of your future pet. Let us examine now some personal factors and try to different people to choose the perfect dog.

If you ...

The man who has little free time and, as a rule, is rarely at home, you need a dog that does not get bored alone in the absence of the owner and not turn a house in the «chaos». There are dogs that are bored and start to get nervous because it raises the whole house «upside down». In this case, not bad to start a pet - amateur pampered, tumble, in general, does not require a lot of movement. For example, scientists believe bassethaunda very lazy dogs.

The man, whose weight of free time, then you need a dog that can become a perfect companion in every walks and travels through the streets. He never gets tired, not lazy and probably will not freeze in cold winter day on the street. The choice here is large enough, because at least 50% of breeds of dogs are lovers move.

If you still ...

A person who physically can not cope with large and strong dog, and you would like the dog was easy to get to obey you, then the most suitable species can be a whippet, Yorkshire or dwarf poodle.

Family man. You have several children and lovely wife (husband), then most likely you'll want a dog that does not take offense at the 3-year-old girl, loving squeezed and tugged her by the tail and ears. The best fit for this large, calm dog, a good choice would be a dog of some breed of hunting with a good disposition. Due to its size it will be able to withstand the onslaught of children, but at the same time, by virtue of their wisdom, would condescendingly refer to the small children's pranks. The diver may be the best option, because everyone knows that he is a kind soul, who would not hurt a fly (although it all depends of course on education). Breeds of hunting dogs in general is quite suitable for families with children, because, having received a good education, they grow a very loyal, patient and restrained.

A man who seeks to follow the fashion, then you will approach a decorative dog. Yorkshire Terrier, perhaps, the most popular breed is decorative dogs in the world. Another favorite of fashionistas - Chihuahua, but would not advise Turns the dog, if you want all to be masters of the situation, because it is fairly self-willed and always tries to have his own. Spitz, spaniel, Pekingese - all of these breeds are now fashionable to hit.

Man alone and defenseless. You need a true friend and a good defender, but at the same time, you would not like that dog suit standing jealousy to frequently visit your guests. Then you are fully fit dwarf poodle as a friend and comrade, and Great Dane - as a defender.

An elderly man and has no physical ability to care for large and strong dog.Ideally, in this case would be a small or medium-sized dog, for example, or a small terrier breed of hunting dog, and dwarf poodle. A good option would Bichon-Fries, chihuahua, shih-tzu, dachshund, Tibetan terrier, Maltese, or a West Highland White Terrier. They are not very cheerful, and would not require frequent walks. In addition, manage, much easier than for example, strong-willed Shepherd, requiring the same strong and strong-willed owner.

If you find yourself among the types of people I have mentioned, I hope that I have at least a little bit easier for you to choose from. Because the right decision when selecting breed puppy that suits your character and lifestyle, in fact, very, very difficult.