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How do cats love each other?

2 cats
On the cat is often referred to as a symbol of infidelity, the cats - as sex maniacs. But in reality, the spectrum of romantic relationships in the cat's environment is very wide - from the violent manifestations to romantic love .

Experts say that sexual relations among these cute pets look like. Most of the time does the process of courtship, while the sexual act itself is very short and in most cases is unsuccessful.

Once the cat goes to «free» territory, it immediately begins to attract many males in odor and appeals. After a short conventional threats cats and rivals are at a distance from the female. Giving her a choice.

Cat continues to provoke, but beware of anyone who dares at this point to show impatience and to her - she immediately resorted to my claws and teeth. Other cats, this behavior does not keep still, and one after the other they are trying to get closer to the cat, which always gives them resistance.

In the most advantageous position is the most restrained (cunning?) Cat. Each new fight with another contender, he uses to silently creep up as close as possible to the object of his attention. In order not to irritate the cat, he freezes in a pose of utter indifference whenever the female stops on it own look. Finally, he turns and publishes a number of questioning quiet «meow». If the answer to this cat does not receive a contemptuous hiss, a party can be considered won.

And if the cat calmly waiting, lying on his feet and throwing the tail to the side, the happy chosen one understands such a mark as an invitation to an act of love. The latter begins with the fact that the cat lacks the teeth of his girlfriend's neck and tries to keep it tighter. Love act, as a rule, very short and sometimes ends ... scuffle. The cat suddenly begins to rumble evil, flips on his back and digging claws in the face with the chosen one, who had no choice, as soon as possible the lam.

Biologists for a long time not been able to unravel the cause of such behavior. Now it is known. The fact that the cat's penis is covered with sharp spiny outgrowths. They, like barbed arrows have easily penetrate inside cats, but to straighten out and cause severe pain when you try to «out». This causes a sharp pain and irritation of cats, but at the same time ... the process of ovulation. Ovulation occurs at each mating, and a cat in a litter of kittens may be from different fathers.

Gestation lasts from 58 to 64 days, within 20 days, the cat is exclusively their babies, then she is betrayed again love affairs, in announcing the kind of screaming. Typically, one such cry enough to run over to him all the cats in the neighborhood.

To the extent that, as time passes, the cats are less interested in the cat, which is becoming increasingly difficult to find a partner. Roles completely changed. Now she is not deterred suitors, and tries in every way to attract them: screaming, purring and the smell. Finally a time and last love. Cats become a plaintive cries hoarse and no one else attract.

It is true that cats spend much of their time on the amorous adventures. In general, they are unhappy and not nimble in love, has afforded them much suffering. Perhaps the tenderness they show to the people, those caresses, which they gladly accept from their masters, they compensate for their suffering. These findings now after the major observations came the French scientists.


Friday, August 28, 2009

How to buy «moustached-Spangled» and not to be mistaken with a choice?

Today in the clubs and nurseries can meet a lot of variety of cat breeds. In addition to the merits, each has its drawbacks, which often become apparent only after the purchase, and deliver a lot of trouble to the owner. Those who still doubt in choosing their future pet rocks, and from the boards - all around the head, these recommendations will fall by the way ...

All breeds are good - choose on taste:

1. «Persian» - holders of a calm disposition. Aggressive behavior is not typical for this breed. They are not afraid of children and they become best friends. Persian kittens are lazy, but curious. Sociable nature allows them to live peacefully, not only with all the people in the household, but also with pets. Cats are playful for many years. The only negative - the Persians require daily grooming (care of wool) to preserve its beauty.

2. «Exotic» - a short-haired version of the Persians. Holders of funny cheeky faces and short plush fur coat. For those who like the Persians, but has no time for daily care, exotic - is a real find. Their coat requires minimal care and never will resemble a tangled yarn or boots. Because of the simple grooming Exotics are sometimes affectionately referred to as «the Persians for the lazy». Exotic breed allows all colors recognized by the Persians. But unlike his long-haired relatives are more lively and merry.

3. «British» impress his eyes stout body: they have short strong legs, thick tail, but surprisingly soft voice. Very much like to talk with the owner, so bored with the British simply not possible. The coat is short and very dense, that does not bring discomfort and the additional worry master. Rather, chocolate and black color calms the nervous system, and the silver and blue British differ remarkably gentle disposition. In short, this kitten will give you comfort, warmth and almost canine devotion.

4. Scottish fold. The biggest plus of this breed (in addition to funny ears) - it unpretentiousness. «Scottish» well adapted as a spacious apartment with children running around, and to a tiny room. It is easy to carry travel, but are tied to the owner in earnest. Kittens of this breed are of two types: with drooping ears and normal. Get this lop-eared kitten is difficult, so they stand, respectively.

5. Siamese cats are among the most thoroughbred of shorthair. By its nature, reminiscent of dogs, warranted the full attention and do not like loneliness. Nature «Siam» can be considered characteristic of the breed. They are very clever and intelligent, but very unforgiving.

What should I look for when buying?

1. Do not look for purebred kitten ads, where they offer a large number of various ages and breeds. All deficiencies and shortcomings will inevitably be felt, if not immediately, then after a certain time after purchase. Choosing a kitten on the street, or the central market in transition, it is possible to stumble on the offspring of so-called «Cat's pipeline» - the nursery, where the pairing is not controlled by either animals or their health, their failures are ejected, successful shall be issued for the thoroughbred. It is possible that among these there healthy kittens. But is there any sense of risk? But a solid club will guarantee that you will get a thoroughbred animal, and will not give extra money.

2. Of great importance is the price of the animal. Thoroughbred kitten with a good pedigree can not cost half as much Regulations, an amount that depends, for example, the reputation of the club, livestock and the demand for the breed.

3. The seller must necessarily know the full moniker, and date of birth, pet, and his parents (even if sold without a pedigree), to recommend a scheme of feeding a kitten, to insist on the vaccination of animals and advise the veterinarian.

4. If the kitten wild - do not think that it can «cherish». If he paid little time (as usually happens when overcrowding in the «cat pipeline»), with such a pet will not be easy.

5. In early weaning from the mother and siblings in nature the kitten is not fully formed, threatening disturbances in behavior.

6. If the kitten goes to the toilet in the wrong place, or by the pot, it is likely to retrain him to be very difficult.

7. Buying a kitten a certain class, you must think, for what purpose are you doing this: «show-quality» - for exhibitions, «breed» - for breeding cats or «pet» - Home (lower quality).

And still, no matter how beloved you are not a kitten, remember that it can become a parasite transmitted from animals to humans, observe rules of hygiene. Most importantly - do not forget that the greatest danger is to children. We can not allow the kitten licking the child's face.

Let «baleen-striped» bring you a minimum of hassle! Have a good choice of pet!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to care for feathered?


Decorative birds feast for the eyes, sang joyful songs, always ready to talk with the owner, and most importantly - they do not want to walk. Not surprisingly, this is why our feathered friends is so popular. But, like any pets, they need care and maintenance. Let us recall the basic rules you need to know anyone who is planning to acquire a bird or have already done it.

1. When selecting the birds should pay attention to the neighbors in the cell: they must be healthy and frisky. If someone from the bird sits, hunched over, it is possible that the disease is near. You should also carefully look at the birds beak and feet. They should not be fungal growths and exfoliation. If the bird is too lax - there is reason to think.

2. Basis power feathered - is a grain feed. It should be in abundance. Typically, a mixture of different kinds of millet, oats, wheat, canary seed, sunflower, corn. In the mixture add nuts (walnuts, forest, hazelnuts, almonds, pine). In addition, parrots like fresh cheese, gladly eat white loaf, especially soaked in milk or tea.

Also, birds do not eat away chunks of carrots, pumpkin and raw potatoes. Flowers (marigold, dandelion, wild rose, marigold, etc.) help to keep the color of feathers. Do not give up bird and the green: fit leaves of lettuce, dandelion and cabbage. But feathered loved sweets should be given very limited, using them as an encouragement for learning.

The sand and egg shells are mineral feed, maintain the health of a pet and help digestion. And do not forget about drinking water, which should be at room temperature. It is poured into a glass dish of small size (height 3-4 cm) and placed on the bottom of the cell.

3. The proper maintenance and care depends on the activity of singing, reproduction and longevity of birds. Therefore, as the home for a pet is better to choose a metal cage, which the owner will be easier to clean. Sometimes buying cage of glass, in which the bird is easily visible from all sides.

For the most convenient form of rectangular cells. They can put one on another so that, if the content of several birds, they will not be annoyed. Size of cells must be such that the bird could move freely, and sufficient to ensure that it could install a couple of perches in one tier. Size of the house come in useful are: length 30 cm, width - 20 cm, Height - from 27-29 cm distance between the twigs - no more than 1,2-1,4 see the door is in the cage should be located on the side and the bottom should be double and retractable, so it was easier to clean the cage and hold it disinfected.

4. Feeders are open and closed (with a roof that did not get litter), ordinary and automatic. Automatic feeders are thick glass flask, which turned the mouth downward. In the flask is poured food, and as needed from the tube receives new grains. Automatic feeders are most convenient when you have some time to leave and leave your pet in one: a bird will get enough food. But conventional feeders that are placed at the bottom, often lead to unsanitary food.

5. Drinkers are also open and closed. In the first type of water troughs, water rapidly becomes contaminated and unacceptable for drinking. The most optimum choice - automatic drinking bowl, with a small nose, which hardly hurt bird's beak. The water in it for a long time remains fresh. Meanwhile, the usual trough (cup) should be placed away from perches to prevent water contaminated by faeces.

6. Bathing cleanses the skin and strengthens the feathers.Drinking machine attach to the outer side of the door so that in itself no water has entered the cell. Wash it should be daily. Despite the fact that many birds love to bathe, however, the process they need to teach from an early age: from the jigging of the females - after 30 days of age.

7. And please note that:
- People who suffer from allergies, not recommended Turns birds. While harvesting the cells in the air rises dust, which can cause skin rashes, runny nose, headache, and even higher temperatures.

- Feeding pets «mouth-to-beak» dangerous for health!

- Adult birds recover from various illnesses, even after recovery for a long time may be bacteria in the body, so it's better to buy young animals - chicks up to 3 months.

Observing these uncomplicated rules, you can find a reliable feathered friend, who will delight you with its high-sounding trills! Good luck!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to raise an elite puppy ?

Many of us love dogs and this is understandable, because a dog - man's best friend. This friend and assistant, but, moreover, and guard your house.

In the world there is a great variety of breeds of dogs. This decorative poodles, spaniel, chow-chow, etc. In addition, there are service dogs. This includes such breeds as the shepherd of different species, Doberman pinscher, Rottweiler, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, etc.

Exactly on the office rocks and I want to talk about today. Many plants such dogs, believing that they will be secure lives and property owner, but not everyone understands that this dog is like a weapon, with which it is important to manage correctly. If you decide that the invariably want to start a puppy is a breed, then I'll try to give you on this some recommendations.

First of all, it is necessary to examine all the data is about the breed you are interested, as official breeds have different qualities, which may include a distrust of others, watchdog instinct (and then you will have problems if your home is often different people) , a protective instinct (and greet people at the dog you will not hand).

The hardest thing with the dogs, which (by virtue of belonging to a breed, rather than education) tend to make to destroy every living thing smaller than themselves for growth or status. It is very important that the following rule: if you do not have sufficient experience in the education of these dogs in your home should not be little children! In addition, you should not plan for children in the near future. Unfortunately, our country is widely believed that even the most ferocious dog would not touch the baby, since it was formed in the days when dogs classified as dangerous to us are not imported. But the statistics of accidents in recent years refutes this misconception.

Before you buy a puppy, I recommend you to learn more about his parents. Did his old aggressive species as the maternal and paternal lines. Better, of course, very involved in the search for peaceful animals, and to choose a puppy is from such parents.

So, let's go further. You have found the parents calm their future puppy, and now is the moment when you bring this charming treasure home. The puppy is so beautiful that you give him devote all his time, you are constantly playing with it, take it with you to sleep, forgive him everything pranks. Your heart swells with love for this charming creature. And it will be your biggest mistake!

Of course, love the dog must, but do not allow the puppy all, however much you did not like him, the dog must be very strictly to educate. It is important not to allow the puppy to feel the rightful owner of the house, to show that he is stronger than you. This will lead to disaster. The dog must respect his master, his love and fear, to realize that the host is much stronger than her. From early childhood, the dog should be taught safely apply to your appearance at a time when she eats, and the dog must allow you at any moment to take her from the jaws of any item and food (but a favorite bone, you still have it solemnly Welcome not pick up, as well as provide a place where she can feel on a personal territory).

Dogs must necessarily drive in a special dog school, where experienced cynologist teach her any commands, but also give you advice on how best to train a puppy. You will be able to participate with the dog in shows, where your pet will receive medals for their achievements.

Also want to say a bit about feeding dogs. Remember, no sweets to give to dogs can not, they are very harmful to dogs! Although every dog and loves sweets, but do not indulge her, as if she were not requested. During training the dogs are usually encouraged to treat. It is better if it would be pieces of cheese. Once the dog has fulfilled your team, you will be encouraged piece of cheese. After some time the dog begins to run commands, no longer in need of encouragement.

Strictly forbidden to feed the dog food from your table. For the dog must have a special rack on a stand at a height of canine body to properly shaped posture.

Breeders and veterinarians recommend feeding a dog a special dog food and meat. The dog should not overfeed, you need to comply with the recommended frequency of feeding - for adult dogs is 2 times a day, while the pure water from the dog must be kept.

And now a little bit about safety. While walking your dog have to be fastened to a leash, in addition, many recommended to wear a muzzle the dog, especially if you have to go on a crowded street. Once again, that some kinds of official breeds can be unpredictable! Unmuzzled dog can grab any passers-by or another dog. A separate them very hard. In addition, some species have «stranglehold».

Do not assume that if the house your dog tender and kind to family members, it means that it will be good to all. You can not know in advance. Do not forget that there are people panic fear of dogs and frightening their children. Educate them is to begin with, to release his dog for a walk where it frightened the men, and children in general can get traumatized if the dog thinks of them play.

Here are some recommendations that I hope will help you train your pet in a faithful and loyal friend, a reliable guard, and not dangerous to others and yourself.


How to contain hamsters at home?

Contents hamster in the house depends on what species he belongs. In the last article we talked about what are the breed of hamsters, and we hope that you are already targeting in their titles. Djungarian hamster, like hamsters Roborovskiy can live in cages designed for mice, or other, but with frequent bars, or in a large terrarium, which created the conditions close to natural. On the floor dwellings Djungarian hamster is put a layer of hay (replacement - sawdust). At the bottom of the terrarium in which to settle hamsters Roborovskiy, put the sand into a layer of two to three inches, put a few stones, hay, moss and small twigs.

Home for the Near hamster or golden hamster, can become any cell: metal, wood, plastic or laminate. Its minimum dimensions: length - 30, width - 25, height - 18 centimeters. But better to keep the animal in a more spacious cage: 90h40h40 centimeters. The fact is that golden hamsters are prone to obesity. As a result, they have violated the metabolism, decreases the body's resistance to disease. And in a spacious cage you can put a little ladder to climb the animal could have made it to the top of the platform or on the second floor of his house and go down. You can install and "squirrel" wheel, in which the animal will be happy to run, overcoming a day within a few hundred meters.

In the golden hamster cage, like all the other hamsters, must be house-bedroom. At the bottom of the cage put hay or small wood chips, sawdust. Change the litter must be at least twice a week.

Because hamsters are awake at night and sleep during the day, feed them should be closer to the evening, once a day. The golden hamster should eat about 15 grams of seeds (oats, wheat, rice, peas, sunflower seeds, hemp, pumpkin), and at least 10-15 grams of vegetables (carrot, beet, cabbage), about 5 grams of white or gray bread.

White bread and give the Djungarian hamster, hamsters and Roborovskiy. And besides him - the seeds of wild plants, which harvest in the summer, millet, canary seed, sunflower seeds, oat flakes. Summer - beetles, grasshoppers.

For a variety of hamsters obligatory fresh greens: lettuce, spinach, dandelion leaves, beets, peas, clover, alfalfa, young grass grasses. Good eating animals berries and fruits, fresh and dried. After a day or two hamsters should be given milk, dried Gammarus (freshwater crustaceans that feed the fish), cooked meat, chopped egg. In addition, salt (0.2 grams - adult golden hamsters, 0,1 - young) and fish oil (0.1 and 0.05 grams - adults and young, respectively). In hamsters with different types of housing should be based on a piece of chalk. In drinkers should always be fresh water.

Oats, wheat and peas (whole grains) to pour water at room temperature and leave for a day at the bank. Then the grain is washed and clean the refrigerator. In the form of pickled animals eat these foods readily. Hemp seeds, sunflower seeds and bread should be given once or twice a week: that did not develop obesity. Peas can be fed more often. Pieces of dried bread is not removed from the cage: their animals bite and grind their teeth.

Winter in a shallow box sprouted oats. When it reaches a height of 8-10 cm, it drags along with the roots, wash and give the hamsters. It is useful to give an animal and pieces of young aspen or willow branches, no thicker than 1 centimeter in the cortex which contains the trace element cobalt. You can put in a cage young twigs of apple, rowan, hazel.

Stocks in the storerooms of hamsters must periodically inspect, spoiling throw the rest back into place. The animals feel better in captivity, when their natural habits are not violated.

Female woodcocks golden hamsters become adults when they turn 30 days. However Turns cubs them better in the months age. At this time, female woodcocks, and helped by a male: in his house, he feels more confident. Since the first introduction may begin with a fight for the hamsters to watch. Fight sometimes ends in death of one of the animals. To be completely sure that the female woodcocks will not attack the males, their cells must first reconcile or to block the male's cage wire mesh. If female woodcocks will sniff the male through a sieve or mesh cage, clinging to him, the obstacle is removed. A few days after the onset of pregnancy female woodcocks ceases to fend for themselves male. Seeing this, it immediately returns to its own cage.

Pregnancy of golden hamsters usually lasts 16-18 days, sometimes - 20-22 days. First time female woodcocks gives birth to 4 or 5 pups but then it could be 8-10 and even 16 pups. Feed them milk it from 21 to 25 days.

With a pregnant female woodcocks to be treated solely with caution as possible to avoid sharp fluctuations in temperature in the room, background noise. Born calves hands can not touch.

During pregnancy and after the female woodcocks should have to give milk, meat or gammarus. In her cage constantly be spongy bone.

Djungarian hamster, male and female woodcocks, not separated. If female woodcocks is left alone, it grows much less litter.

To successfully bred hamsters Roborovskiy, they need an abundance of food of animal origin. In addition, animals should be disturbed as little as possible. Cubs separated from their parents when they become independent, or after the birth of their younger brothers and sisters.

Before than to keep a hamster, you think carefully, and if you need it, and you will be able to look after him? Good luck in all endeavors.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do you need to get rid of rats?

For some people, mere mention of those of our neighbors are trembling and a feeling of disgust. Besides the fact that living next door to a man rodents spoil the furniture or the reserved products, they still are the carriers of dangerous diseases. However, overcoming revulsion and fear, let's look at these animals objectively.

Rodents- also God's creatures. This is - first. Faithfully staring into the eyes of a dog and living in his cellar rat alike want to exist, and the same shall enjoy the protection of rights. Secondly, one can hardly say that to die of the plague less pleasant than, say, AIDS, distributed exclusively in human beings.

And what are the methods of dealing with rats! Here inquisitors envy: traps, glue, studded with needle cylinders, water tanks, an arsenal of various poisons! .. Where there dog catcher with their primitive loops and his rifle! Incidentally, all these actions are in vain - rodents continue to thrive both in nature and in our neighborhood.

Even infectious diseases agree that equipped with the latest science and technology Antiplague office is almost unable to eradicate the natural foci of plague. Situation is even worse with more widespread disease- tularemia, leptospirosis, and hemorrhagic fevers.

Several studies in recent years shows that the sheer extermination of rodents in populated areas when occurring in the nature of the epidemic among these animals not only failed to protect the population, but even on the contrary, enhances the likelihood of human infection (recall the recent «avian flu»!). The reason is simple. «Indigenous peoples» goblins rats and mice will not allow from the external environment of migratory wild rodents that carry with them pathogens.

There is reason to believe that Europe got rid of the plague is not due to medicine, but because they came to us gray rats that are resistant to the disease, the homes of Europeans pushed blacks serve as sources of infection. So it is safer for humans to come to terms with the proximity of one rat of the family with the already familiar to him «home» microbes than destroying «neighbor», expose themselves to danger to catch the disease «outsiders».

As for intelligence, the laboratory experiments provide compelling evidence: rat, especially domesticated wild animals, not inferior in this respect, dogs, and sometimes even surpass some of the lower monkeys! We know how quickly they learn to avoid traps and poisons.

Of course, avoid the uncontrolled multiplication of the «Friends» should not be: «sit on the neck», left without supplies. It is appropriate to recall the widely advertised drugs such as «countersex». In addition, if the sacrifice for the sake of feeding the crumbs of two or three «resident», it is possible to prevent their reproduction and make your home more solid fortress with several degrees of protection.

At this point, and indeed «mouse does not slip», rather stranger will not work! Apparently, it is possible to use for this purpose handheld rodents, especially the Norway rat (they have a stronger immunity to various infections). We should not just forget about the well-known observance of hygienic rules, because the presence of rodents in the house can lead to skidding of some contagion from the garbage pail on the dining table. Note that this remark is also true for cats and dogs (so what's worse than a rat?).

Interestingly, a similar strategy has taken root and in the protection of plants, which is not effectively complete extermination of the pest, and control its reproduction on low level. Thus, do not ruin the natural biocenoses.

The low number of rodents contributes to the gradual localization and, subsequently, elimination of natural focal infections. But the men themselves are free to choose whom they preferred to have a «as a pet» - dog, cat, rat, snake or crocodile - who is closer to the heart. If only we did not interfere with other satellites, but we would not forget that «in the answer for those who tamed».

How to escape from the tiny jellyfish?


Speaking of jelly-fish, we usually mean large, so-called Scyphozoa. They are about 200 species. But much more, up to 3000 species of small hydroid jelly-fish.

One of them - the famous gonionema or spider. The maximum size of its dome-umbrella - 40 mm - well, as a notice in the water! Distinctive sign of it - a brown-red cross, shining through the dome. Gonionema likes to dwell in the thickets of seaweed, and is not very fond of those who worries there.

Little krestovichok terrorizes Primorye. Each year, complaining of a jellyfish in a burn hospital treated hundreds of people. Especially memorable residents of Primorye in 1970, when only one day from touching gonioneme injured 1,360 people, of whom 116 were hospitalized.

Burn gonionemy, despite the different bikes, not fatal, but is accompanied by a terrible pain in the joints, suffocation, nausea, thirst, numbness of hands and feet. Yad gonionemy effect on the psyche, causing an excessive excitement or anguish. This usually lasts 3-4 days, but can be felt by the month. Repeated burns krestovichkom even more grievous.

In January and April 2002 off the coast of Australia, killing two tourists. The reason - the small, the size of the acorn Irukandji jellyfish. Last year they suffered from more than 200 people, fortunately, not fatally so. The poison of jellyfish leads to a sharp increase in blood pressure and heart rhythm abnormalities. No antidote.

In August 2002, two tourists have fallen victim to deadly poisonous jellyfish off the island Phagan near Thailand. 25-year-old Australian turned to doctors complaining of pain in the legs, jellyfish cause burns and breathing difficulties. Alas, doctors could not help him.

The second victim was a tourist from Morocco. After that put authorities on the coast of posters warning about the dangers of sea bathing. You can imagine how this has affected the profits resorts.

Hironeks, or sea wasp - the jellyfish, which in Australia speak with awe. And no wonder. Only in 1880 it was the cause of death of 66 persons. It is believed that it is much more dangerous man-eating sharks. Over the past 25 years, off the coast of Queensland (Australia) from the burns that jellyfish killed 60 people, while from shark attacks - only 13.

This small translucent jellyfish with a cube-shaped cap is almost invisible in water. It travels at a walking pace and a meeting with her very difficult to avoid. The sting causes excruciating pain and paralysis of breathing, and if a person does not die within a few minutes of asphyxiation or drowning, you have suffered for many long hours.

Sea wasps are found in tropical waters worldwide, but most often appear off the coast of Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines when the southern hemisphere summer. They love the quiet bays with sandy beaches.

There are troublemakers and smaller. Beaches in Florida storm myriad «sea lice» - the so-called thimble jellyfish larvae. They value with poppy seed. Once in the gap between the body and a bathing suit, they start to sting people. Not dead, but quite unpleasant. Itching in the most inconvenient places. The only salvation - to swim naked, that with pleasure and make local nudists.

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What is the difference between healthy and sick dog?


Healthy dog- is a funny animal with shiny shiny coat, clean and clear eyes, with a slightly damp and cold nose. However, the latest indication is not always reliable.

A healthy dog responds to the call of the owner, eager to perform commands. In a healthy dog's appetite is good, bowels emptied regularly, urination is normal. Oral mucosa, the age of clean, pale-pink color. Breathing steady, correct.

Sick dog is markedly different from healthy. Any disease causing in her body, a more or less serious violations. Patient dog behaves differently than healthy. She is depressed, a lot of lies, trying to hide in a dark place, the call rises reluctantly. In some dog diseases, by contrast, does not want to go, long standing, and only very weak, took a forced posture.

Diseased dog or indifferent to others, or abnormally excited, too agile, can be aggressive to people close to her.

Measuring body temperature

To measure the body temperature thermometer inserted into the anus, hold for 3 minutes. Normal body temperature for dogs is 37,5 - 39,0 degrees. Many dogs under 6 months of normal temperature is 39.5 degrees.

Determination of respiration

The respiratory rate can be set, counting the number of inhalations or exhalations within one minute, with the use of multiple receiving: the motion of the thorax and abdomen dogs, by the movement of the wings of the nose, through the apposition of the palms of hands to the chest, which makes it possible to catch the respiratory motion.

Normally, the number of breaths in healthy dogs varies widely: from 14 to 25-30 in one minute. This broad range of respiration rate depends on several factors. For example, the puppies are breathing more adult dogs, as they have more active metabolism. In bitches breath more often than males. Pregnant or nursing dogs breathe more pregnant. At the rate of respiration may also affect the breed of dog, her emotional state. On breathing markedly affects the growth of the dog. Dogs small breeds breathe much more frequently large: Miniature Pinscher, Japanese Chin breathe 20-25 times per minute, and Erdely - 10-14 times. This is quite understandable. In dogs, small decorative rocks are more active metabolic process and the result is a great loss of heat.

Counting heart tremors and heart rate

Cardiac impulse is easy to feel, putting his hand to his chest dogs the left, slightly below the shoulder. In dogs, small breeds cardiac impulse may be to probe and the right side of the chest.

The pulse can be calculated on the inner surface of the thigh, putting his fingers to the femoral artery. In dogs, small breeds femoral artery is felt under the fingers in a subtle pulsating strings at large breeds - in a pinch.

The number of pulse beats in one minute in dogs varies from 70 to 120. It has its reasons. In young dogs, a rapid pulse, than in adults. In males the pulse less than females. In stifling heat, heat, muscle stress, emotional disorders pulse rate. In diseases accompanied by fever, breathing and pulse and more frequent.

Good luck to you and your pets! Take care of them, it's part of your healthy and happy friendly family!

Source: AE Baranov. Health your dog.
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How to fix cat behavior?

What to do if the kitten ignores the tray with a filler, making his business affairs, where they feel an urge? What if I came home, you find fallen from the window sill flowers, torn to shreds documents or fallen cornice? In general, the cat «feeled like a queen» as it should.

Let's not talk about raising a cat and owner. If your pet jumping on the ceiling, curtains and sofas, and you do not see there's nothing unusual, then, there's nothing unusual there. So you have a full understanding of your cat.

This article is for those who want to reach an understanding with your pet. So you want to add, and live in peace and harmony. To die in one day I will not prescribe.

So, you come home and see that your favorite cat sitting on the table and chew the leaves of sweet delight, and in no way guilty florets. You yell at her, and then fall flat paper. Cat gets scared and runs away. She feels guilty. But only for the fact that the head of the family - you are strong, intelligent leader - shouted at and hit her. The next day you discover picked leaves from the flower on the windowsill. You express your back to it in an incomprehensible human language, as you are dissatisfied by it. On the third day you can see that the cat does not meet with you at the door. He's afraid of you. You scold yourself for being just can not cope with the cat. But progress is evident. You could teach a cat to be afraid of your appearance.

Cats can easily learn the association. Your behavior and her actions, she can not bind. But she has bound this parish and the fact that you shouted at her. She understands that you need to be afraid.

Therefore important to reward and punishment were related to the act. To a cat could tie them together.

One of the ways - disgust. For example, the cat has a habit of chewing or sucking on wool products, and even parts of the body of the owner (perhaps its early excommunicated from the mother). Suggest to her disgust. You can give it to smell something spicy and fragrant, and then spray the items to which it feeds the passion. And you can spray different types of spirits.

The same can be done when a cat marks territory. If it is aiming in the same field, then rinse them, remove them with the whole cat odor and spray deodorant. You can also use sounds and gestures. The owner will decide what is acceptable for his cat, as long as it was used intelligently and without unnecessary cruelty.

There is another way - deterrence. Intimidation, which is directed directly from you - direct. If the cat when you conceived climbed onto the ledge on the curtains, you yourself can do to stop. Mar? Scream? Grab the scruff of the neck and throw on the wall? Some owners are sometimes stunned by the audacity of their pets and lose control. Not worth it. To do so, as does a cat to get up to mischief kitten heel - beating his paw on the nose.

However, one of the most effective ways of deterrence - an indirect intimidation. The fact that the cat can not associate the act of intimidation with a man. For example, if your cat love to run on precious beds, you should always be at hand spray. As soon as you see it walking on carrots - shoot it with water. Cat scared, but if it persists, it will understand that as soon as she set foot on the beds, from somewhere in the dark there is a jet of cold wet water, brrrr!

Using methods of negative and positive fastening can be achieved excellent results. Successfully cope with many problems. The main thing - love your pet. Understand the psychology of cats. Do not humanize her, do not ascribe human qualities and traits. Then understand what a cat thinks. She thinks differently than men. Then, many problems can be avoided in the bud. Happiness and good luck to you and your pets!

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All about snails

Just word of caution: not any snail could be asked to show their horns. It may happen that in response to you trickle of caustic liquid. Some snails should not touch at all: they are covered with toxic slime. There are among them and who are able to bite, prick or scratch. In short, the cochlea, a snail strife.

By the way, "horn" snail - are the eyes that can distinguish not only the degree of intensity of illumination, but also objects to a distance of 1 cm, and a pair of head tentacles relevant organs of touch. Snails also have a well-developed chemical sense, or sense of smell. Authority of the feelings are not only the end caps of tentacles, but the whole front of the body skin.

Snails are gastropods. On the ventral side of her leg is located. Most often it is used to crawl and then supplied sole. In a magazine I saw an interesting photo: a snail crawling across a razor blade. To demonstrate this focus has helped her mucus that protects the soles of soft snails feet from cuts.

The mechanism by which snails crawl, interested engineers. They hope that they will be able to construct a similar principle to all-terrain vehicle all-terrain. This machine will overcome and crevices and steep cliffs. It will not stop, no roads.

Known almost ninety thousand different species of snails. Find them in the cities and deserts. In the Sahara, for example, snails caught in places where the temperature in the shade of 45 degrees. There is a snail, living in the water of hot springs. At the same time, they are well tolerated and cold.

Experienced gardener, choosing for themselves on the garden of cabbage, cut one on which see the snail. He knows that this gourmand unerringly finds the best loaf.

In ancient Rome, roast grape snail is considered a delicacy. This is evidenced by the famous naturalist Pliny in his book "Life of Animals". And in our times has not translated connoisseurs of this dish. In different countries there are special farms, which breed grape snails. They are going to export. And in our country is increasing army of fans tender meat snail. The fact that the vitamins it contains 20 times more than in a creamy meat or egg.

Snails serve as food not only to man. Not the last place they occupy in the menu of fish. With the opening of the Caspian sturgeon, for example, found that the contents of their stomachs by 80 per cent consists of mollusks, mainly from the snails.

In ancient times, from the glands of marine snails and extracted substance from which either purple, used for dyeing, as well as in painting and cosmetics. In one gram of purple went ten thousand clams.

On some Pacific islands of rare species of snail shells still play the role of money. They walked on the production of buttons, jewelry. These snails has long been used by natives of islands of Oceania as a tool for drilling holes in wood products, and even stone. 20-30 hours required cochlea, which is well named oyster drill, to bite a hole in the shell oysters, mussels or any other shells.

An interesting application found snails Strophocheilus popelarianus in factories where manufactured cigarettes. The height of the snail shell reaches 14cm. On its strength can be judged from the fact that they are used as a smoothing iron in tobacco leaves.

Representatives of the genus Trochus, living in the Indian and Pacific oceans are of extraordinary beauty pearl shells, which are used in a button industry. A shell of a smaller form trohid Trochus adriaticus - used only for jewelry.

I have a few years ago, a scientist, an expert on snails - malokolog donated a pair of giant snails - two species: Achatina iredalei, Achatina immaculata, - the size of a quail's egg. Then the snails grew. Now the height of their shells up to 8 cm But this is not the limit. Habitat of these snails - tropical and southern Africa.

This viviparous snails. Nesting is over the age of 6-12 months, depending on the species. Despite the fact that these animals are hermaphrodites, egg deposition precedes copulation individuals. Eggs - small white peas - they lay the eggs in a special soil. Egg laying in the 200-250 pieces of them after 5-7 days of the entry of young animals, which immediately begin an independent life. The growth rate is largely dependent on temperature and the availability of calcium. Snails grow throughout life, which lasts 5-10 years.

They are omnivorous in the sense of plant foods. Use it with great relish vegetables, fruit, bread, cereal, plants. They eat a lot and very fast growing.

In nature, adults act as scavengers, eating decaying plant residues, animal wastes. However, the young snails very harmful to cultivated plants by eating the buds of bananas, various fruits, tubers.

Recently I learned that in our country, enterprising people have taken to breed snail not only for the "corner of the living", but to delight gourmet restaurant. Well, to each his own. My snail is know that they are safe. I am for freedom and life sort of miracle of nature! Join!


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How animals see?

For people who normally see everything in three dimensions. We find it hard to imagine that someone could see the world differently. To feel it, Mikhail Filonov offers to do the following experiment: Close one eye and try to fill with water cup. In all likelihood, you will not soon be able to do so, especially if the circle will be located at some distance from the eye. How can this be explained?

Using one eye, you almost lose the ability to see the world as used to. You can not determine exactly how far, how deep are the observed objects. You see everything in one plane. So most animals.

It is easy to understand, sees an animal in three dimensions or not: just look at how are his eyes. If they are parallel on both sides of the head, like a horse, pigeon, or a lizard, the animal does not see in three dimensions. Conversely, if the eyes are located on the front side of the head, as in monkeys and cats, you can be sure that the animal sees clearly.

In fact, both eyes see objects at slightly different angle. Juxtaposition of two paintings, which differ little from one another, gives a vision in three dimensions, is called «binocular» or «stereoscopic». In animals whose eyes are located on opposite sides of the head, two pictures do not accumulate, and they do not see clearly. Both ways by which animals can see, have both advantages and disadvantages.

For example, a
horse's eyes are exactly parallel to the sides of the head, so she does not see clearly. Yet it can, without turning my head, consider what happens on the side and even behind: the visual field, it is huge. Vision is adapted to its way of life - the absorption of grass does not require evaluation of distances with great accuracy.

Cat's eyes are in front, his binocular vision. He - a hunter and a vision of peace for him is important: it is possible to accurately determine the distance from which to make a jump during the hunt. In nature, herbivores, much more than carnivores. That is why the number of animals that see in three dimensions is small. The most sharp-sighted, watchful of all animals - birds of prey.

In fact, their eyes are located on both sides of the head, but they are convex and protruding. So the birds can see everything that happens in front and side, and with such accuracy, which can only dream of. For example, a falcon, even when it is high in the sky, could see a field mouse on the ground and rush to her with lightning speed.

Wondering whether the animals color? The study's author believes that some of them do not distinguish. Others, such as a bee, distinguish colors, which we totally unfamiliar. The dog recognizes the bad color. Even if it is taught to distinguish between, say, a yellow ball, it continues to confuse it with some gray. Rabbit, cat, raccoon, bull too bad recognize colors. People say that infuriates the bull red, but this simply can not be.

Mammals distinguishing colors, very little. In this regard include moor bear and apes. But if the subject is painted in very bright tone, you can be sure that any animal will allocate it from the others. And indeed, because not for nothing that nature has given many fish, insects, amphibians and other animals, bright color.

Good enough to differentiate between colors lizards and turtles, as their ocular device contains droplets of yellow fat, which play the role of filtering points. The fat that improves contrast and reduces glare green, which affects the animals that live among the grass.

Of course, the vital information in the above facts there. But apart from the fact that they are simply curious, perhaps, someone that will help better understand the worldview of their pet.


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How to educate and well-behaved puppy?

His relations with the external environment, including the most complex, the dog sets primarily by smell. It exceeds the human sense of smell in 11500 times. The whole world around to it mostly the world of smells.

Solo smell each person consists of the smell of his sweat, sebum with its keratinized skin layer (epidermis). When a person goes, he leaves behind in the soil, vegetation, sex, etc. olfactory trace, consisting of minute particles of odorous substances. The largest number of remains of their shoes. The less time that has elapsed since the provisions of olfactory trail, the more it remains olfactory particles and the easier and safer can dog it worked out.

Sense of smell plays a huge role in communicating between the dogs themselves, as well as with other animals. Note the behavior of the dog for a walk. She always sniffs and smells like reading. With the smell, it detects whether the track (animal species), its remoteness, the floor passed to her dogs, their condition, including the presence of females in estrus. This is facilitated by the instinct to leave the route should be concentrated sources of its odor. For example, males leave at the poles, tree trunks, and other corners of buildings, towering above the ground places a small portion of urine. Odoriferous marks left on its way to females in oestrus.

Great possibilities inherent in the olfactory system of dogs, commonly used in dog training and use of dogs. For example, the dog is able to capture the unique smell of man, the last 7.8 hours or more ago, to differentiate it from many other odors, including odors from other people and to explore olfactory trail for 10-15 kilometers and more.

Well-developed tactile organs in dogs. The dog is well perceived effects of heat and cold, is responsive to the slightest touch to her trainer, and others, acting on a dog leash (tension, flashing), pressing his hand on certain parts of the body, stroking her, and so on, is making the dog the commands .

Important role performed receptors located in the internal organs (interretseptors). They are sent to the central nervous system signals the lack of a body of nutrients and water, resulting in the dog feels the hunger and thirst, an overflow of the bladder and rectum, allowing the animal seeking food and water, in a timely manner shall be exempt from urine and feces. Interretseptors immediately signaled to the central nervous system of the disease of an organ, resulting in a dog in a timely manner reduces the intensity of work or completely abandons her. This prevents the dog from excessive load, contributing to its recovery.

As already mentioned, the body of the animal permanently affect of external and internal environment of the various stimuli that are perceived located in the skin, muscles and all internal organs receptors (ultimate ramifications of nerves), are transmitted through nerves to the relevant sections of the cerebral cortex of the brain, where they are analyzed . Not essential for the body are inhibited, and the significant of the central nervous system are sent along the nerves to the appropriate authorities respond to the excitation pulses are required to respond (action).
For example, you push on the dog's paw. She immediately its otdernet. In this case, the stimulation of pressure on the paw was taken receptors located on it, passed along the nerves in the central nervous system (CNS) in response to which the nerves had been sent to the team (reciprocal impulse excitation), and the dog pulled back paw. Such a reaction carried out with the participation of the central nervous system, called a reflex, and the path that carries the pulse of stimulation from the body (receptor) to the central nervous system and vice versa, is called the reflex arc. Thus, the reflex arc consists of the receptor, which has borrowed the primary stimulus, the centripetal (afferent) nerve (neuron), part of the CNS, centrifugal (efferent) nerve (neuron) and the body absorb and use the command from the CNS. There is also a neuron, in which a body in the central nervous system information is passed on command.

Such reflections as the lifting of the paw when pressure or injections, or constriction of the pupil from the effects of light, etc., congenital, hereditary, and do not require prior training. These are examples of simple unconditioned reflexes. But there are complex unconditioned reflexes, consisting of many simple, so-called instincts. The peculiarity of them is that after the stimulus under the influence will manifest itself to any simple unconditioned reflex, followed by automatically begins to manifest a number of others, resulting in the animal performs multiple sequential steps, although this is no one taught him. For example, after the birth of puppies female shows a range of behavioral actions for the care and preservation of their offspring, the so-called parental instinct.

Unconditional innate reflexes, including the complex (instincts), provide a rational, responsible behavior, only the interests of the puppy only in the first 3 weeks of his life, and then their is not enough. In order to live normally in the increasingly complex external environment, the puppy must acquire a number of other, often very difficult for him skills that he achieved in a systematic education.

Source: W. H. Zubko. Education puppy
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Why inhumane equestrian sport?

Since when do animals have to play sports? What does all this mean? This phrase?

Here is another combination - the stud farm, as it is for you? Normal? Do not simply read and ponder, reflect!

Strange creatures these people. Yes, perhaps, a story about horses must start with the fact that people are strange and awesome lip creation.

Usually after about horses and other animals begin the story this way: they are beautiful, sensitive, and so forth.?

Yes. Certainly, animals amaze, delight the most people, much like a child all. Still, the mere admiration - it is, you know, one-sided, such as incomplete, defective, there are often completely breaking away from the true reality.

Something draws us from childhood to these amazing creatures, such a strong light love. Everyone, as a child, felt compassion for the brothers, smaller, and anyone experiencing so far. We are pleased with the picture with the jolly pigs and good cows with fantastic eyes.

However, if people show movies, which shows the true life of these animals, many people do not inspect the end or beginning to associate with all this darkness of those films shoots and shows.

Stand idly by, just try to forget about an event, burying his mind under piles of stereotypes and cliches, afraid to change something, seem "not so" in society. Price of such conformity with the society - the billions of exploited animals are killed, and people too.

In fact, in order to, say, do not eat meat, just the notion that the killing - it is bad. However, for most people, this simple and healthy argument enough.

But let's say that most people (and this is not so) completely indifferent to the sufferings of others. But to me they should be treated well! The normal human reaction to the body is expressed in some disgust. Even if a person and is indifferent to the bloody scene, the already stinking decaying carcass no appetite for it cause it should not. But this does not stop people from destroying his body, and many believe that the denial of the flesh will bring them to the body of an imminent death.

The same thing happens with riding. Run - badly, with this few would argue. However, this phenomenon is so ingrained that to prove the "love" in the horse rider inhumanity of their classes, it is necessary to do this very long and hard, and there are few who are able to give up their fun. Moreover, the people before the end of his days will be confident in their own goodness. This demonstrates clearly the power of the herd reflex, the automatic life on false notions.

The worst thing in this story - a deep human self-deception. In the case of meat (milk, eggs) people simply do not encounter it with its production and easily comes up with different Disclaimers, "good" state this very promotes, or people in general does not think about how it got to him.

From horseback riding somewhat differently, if at the amateur level, yet can not think about their actions, the further rider requires absolutely amazing imagination. Yes, yes it is a fantasy, the ability to ignore reality, to walk with eyes closed, to live in perpetual deception.

How it all begin? People tend to madly love horses, come to the stables. Return to results just love for these animals, they think and talk only about the horses, fanatically buying all products with horse symbolism.

What happens next? A person adhering to a community, getting up in someone's system, always in danger of losing their true opinion. Some children in the stable said that "to beat the animals badly, and immediately surrounding accuse him of weakness, lack of character. Beating the horses - for the majority of equestrian athletes - is to show strength, its dignity. Being in such a society, the child takes it as his truth.

In the 80-ies of the 20 th century began to take shape "benign" methods of work with the horse. It all started, though not with the ideas of nonviolence, but some enterprising cowboys learned that the ability to establish contact with the horse and secure communication with her - not a bad product, plus there was simply a practical necessity in the best obedience of the horse.

Thus, in America, a young coach Pat Parelli coined the term Natural Horsmenship. In Russia, this concept has begun to appear only five years ago

Began to appear, and other similar techniques, such as the join-up ", coined by Monty Roberts. True, this man works in the field of sports and racetrack testing, making the method of destruction of the horse a little more efficient.

However, Parelli and others often cooperate and assist the athletes. Of all the "soft" methods of work with horses, only the "Haute Ecole" Ecole completely denies any connection to the sports industry, use of iron and so on.

Strictly for the horses in Russia, the ice was broken in 2004, with access to the screens "Horse Encyclopaedia" AG Nevzorov, in one series which is very detailed and well explained the situation with horseback riding. However, the wave of non-equestrian sport was some time after the second screening has reduced movie "Horse Encyclopaedia".

Unlike foreigners, working mainly in the sports industry and tourism, Nevzorov had a very clear line, outlined that, with horseback riding can be no compromise. Thus, he surprised even the West, where his film was screened as well and had some success. True, some looked at the chapter on "Sports" through his fingers and more interested in knowing what elements of the Higher School of performing his horse.

Thus began appearing people organizing in their stables, a sort of shelter for horses. This is not just in big cities.

Now people engaged in the restoration of the horses after the sport is very important. Animals gain peace and quiet your horse happy. Children learn to be friends, but not rape.

But even now there are people who like to study, instead of saving an animal from the slaughterhouse, buy their foals elite species for more effective learning.
Many plan to work in the circus. In the West, with "free" horses has long been arranged horse show ... Is it good horses to ride in the country, to speak in public, do they need all sorts of tricks and frills?

Training a horse to "soft" methods based on building relationships horse to man as the leader, leader of a mini-herd. As far as natural as it will affect the psyche of the horse? The future will show. But I think that the only reason to contain the animal, it's from something to save him.

Otherwise, get a policy, such as "my favorite slave", which is not nothing good will. Of course, I would like to believe in the understanding between man and horse, but past experience suggests guard.

I would like to note another trend. Ways animal protection and "free" horses for some reason always at odds. This is probably due to the fact that the last one to torment his "love", has always needed some kind of extreme. In war, hunting, now - just in the forest, a hike, or riding.

And the animal world for some refused to equestrian sport is still divided on the horses and "other". But they try, do not torment their horses - and that's fine (though ever met, and those who do not mind a ride with a bridle on someone else's horse). That is, people who had lost half his life on the skills of oppression and violence against the horse, a waiver of such studies seems truly heroic.

The good news is that many times already in Moscow and St. Petersburg in front of large equestrian centers have large billboards with Agit-posters, reveal the essence of equestrian sport. This, of course, the rate highly organized and the power of motion.

I hope that people who read the article, make the right judgments, and will better relate to our younger brothers.
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What to do if the cat ignores the cat's toilet?

About happiness, you finally brought a kitten! But is a month or two and the joy of communicating with this miracle marred puddles or piles at the front door or under a table in the kitchen or in the middle of the room, or under the bathroom door. Familiar with the situation? Let us understand what to do.

When you have just brought a kitten in the house

Know that a cat feel better, if they have two toilets: for "at-large" and "in small.

Sometimes a kitten "behave decently" while he lived with his mother, and you become a "go" anywhere. Perhaps he does not like the filler in the toilet. Find out what filler used former owners.

If a kitten starts to scratch their paws the floor, immediately transplant it into the tray, and do so for as long as he does not get used to its toilet. Let it'll have a baby for some time, but we want to live in purity.

When the kitten first correctly Use the toilet, be sure to praise and caress him, but do not distract from the process!

If the cat goes to the toilet in the wrong place

Anecdote in the subject:
There are two friends. One other complains
- Cat shit right in the middle of the room, what to do?
- And you just poked its nose, this well, and then throw out the window.
A couple of weeks met.
- Well, how's your cat?
- Now it shits in the middle of the room, knock there face and with a wild cry is emitted in the window.

Typically, if the cat goes to the toilet, where he should not, this often means that it is a way you trying to say something, attracting the attention, or she has a serious mental breakdown (for example, you often go somewhere for a long time leaving and leave her alone, but your pet is afraid of loneliness). In this case, it makes sense to refer to a veterinarian, who may recommend for cats any herbal sedative, for example.

Try to give the cat more attention and have to explain to her that it upsets you. Maybe with time it take effect.

Fight the problem with the tricks. If the cat was chosen for some specific place, put there its trough, and gradually, day after day, pushes him to the place that you intended for the toilet.

Maybe the cat does not like the location of a toilet or toilet moved from their original location. Pick for her foxhole, that she could retire there.

Perhaps, the tray was too small for a cat, buy more.

If the sand tray, torn pieces of paper, then try to go to a special filler for cat litter. Suddenly, your cat will appreciate it. Buy a quite a bit for the sample. Must be a bit of filler dip in a puddle, a cat could understand what was expected of her. If she liked - all wonderful, this is a very convenient thing.

Or perhaps the cat did not like filler. In this case, change the filler, the choice is large enough.

Cats find their toilet by smell, so thoroughly wash the place where the unauthorized event, and as prophylaxis place where the strips of paper soaked in iodine, many cats do not like the smell. Wash your cat's tray without the use of funds, the smell of the batter.

A cat may leave marks for the cat. In this case, good wash and treat this place, then grate the orange peel. Some people recommend rubbing the floor in the house of raw fish, then wash so that the smell remained. Ostensibly, the cat will still feel it and will not go to the bathroom where the smell of food. Well, this is extreme, because a pet store to buy drugs and to discourage a cat from a favorite place, and to designate the "proper" toilets.

If the cat marks territory

Your cat does not go out into the street and the house feels like the master of the territory and always leaves its mark smelling. Need to change his opinion and to show who was boss!

Explain to him that he must go to the toilet in his tray. In fact, cats are very well aware of our words. But you can resort to a show of force on the cat's mood. Once you saw that the cat has done his dirty deed, and take him by the scruff, and pressed to the floor, touch at him until he learns that he is scared. Immediately thereafter, take it to the tray. Wash and treat the marked place. Do this constantly, until the cat is not out of the habit.

With cat-a teenager you could do it, though, growing up, he would have to periodically check who is more important. But remember, you are such actions will destroy his psyche. After conquering the territory and to aim - in his nature. Adult cat you are not persuaded. Or he goes, or it will end up a nervous breakdown, which, as you will recall, is also fraught with poor sanitation.

From time to castrated cat problems no more than a cat, if you acceptable animal abuse for his own convenience. But such violence - a one-time, and you will proceed with them will live peacefully.

Very true saying::
The dog thinks - the owner feeds me, loves, cares for me: it means he is God.
Cat thinks - the owner feeds me, loves, cares: it means that I am God.

You do not become God for your cat, just be for her friend.

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Do you need a dog?

Once on the street you see ... Or you were visiting friends and saw. Or co-worker brought a picture and you will see. In general, it does not matter where and under what circumstances this happened. And no matter what kind of dog you saw. But it is important that you have visited the idea: "And not for me to start the same?" Or: "But not for me to start another?". In short - "And if I did not start a dog?"

And you begin to think that it will change your life after the dog. And it turns out that the disadvantages of living with a dog much larger than advantages.

The dog takes a lot of free time ...

You could spend on themselves. We have to get up early to dress quickly and run out into the street in all weathers - the dog wants to write, regardless of the weather. And then wash your feet, regardless of the presence or absence of hot water, and for that drag to the bathroom and push there resisting the dog - many of them do not like to wash your feet, and then catch the dog in the apartment, spraying water in different directions, if she had run away from you. And this should be done quietly, because other pets are still asleep.

And when caught and dried - to cook the dog breakfast. If she is fed dry food - it is not difficult to pour and all, but if "real food? But leaving for work, you must remove all things into inaccessible places - many dogs have a tendency, remaining alone and pining for his master, gnawing his belongings ...

Some raiding an apartment, and returned, you can not even swear. First, it is made out of longing for you, but can you blame for love? And secondly, it was so long ago that the dog has forgotten and does not associate the punishment with such a trifle as a mutilated door or taken from the walls, wallpaper, and connects only with the owner - thus, the penalty is pointless and bad for you! Came - rejoiced to that given chaos and quick walk! And walk a lot and qualitatively - the dog, then the whole day was a home ... And the fact that you still do not eat, do not drink and did not go to the toilet - this is your problem!

Walked a couple of hours - again, regardless of the weather - repeated the trick with washing and wiping pads, removed mess ... Now you can begin to prepare dinner. Do not own (you got to do with!) And not the family - a dog! Because her treatment and violation of her treatment will cost you much more than yourself . At evening - deal with the hair: long-haired - to scratch, sleek - clean rubber gloves, wire-haired - trimmingovat, hairless dogs - smeared with creams ... However, all this can not do, if you prefer to clean the apartment from the wool. And then you can go to sleep. With a dog ...

You still have not changed your mind? Then ...

The dog takes a lot of money

Fodder, ammo, toys, vitamins, deworming, vaccines - all this is much more expensive than similar products for people. And then - service trainer, grummera, a veterinarian. And if you got a copy of the exhibition ... During the exhibition you pay, and if very lucky, and your dog will win - get a nice rozetochku, and if not - a handshake expert and a piece of paper with the description. True, at major international exhibitions give any valuable prizes, but they give no means all, and participation, training and travel will cost you in such an amount that is easier to buy these prizes in the store.

And if you fall, your dog should have offspring ... Then the money fly like birds of passage! Do not expect to get rich by selling puppies ... You first find who to sell them! In order to make money on the dogs, you must be very serious professionals, not only in dog breeding, but also in business. Or have such a furious luck, which rarely happens! And if the dog is sick ... There are not even talk about what - God forbid no trousers did not stay.

You still want a dog? Then ...

The dog - a source of endless mud and endless disease

With paws of dogs raining mud, with the mouth - saliva, and whole body hair. Even the dogs under a certain age are wont to write, and cocoa in the apartment, and some retain this "charming" habit of a lifetime. In addition, the dog - in most cases - do not eat very carefully, and after eating, even gently, wipes nose on you and your furniture. Even the dogs periodically raises all sorts of rubbish on the street, why the dog turns a characteristic smell of that stuff, and vomiting dog then be sure you have a home. I'm not convinced? Then ...

The dog has the ability to globally spoil your relationships with other people ...

And with all! Parents who are unhappy with what you are paying less attention than before the dog. With neighbors - not enough that the dog barks when you are at home, protecting you, and howls when you're not, pining for you. So she still shits on the local area and frightens small children and elderly people their horrific appearance. And if you still want to create a serious dog ... A frivolous dogs are no ... With someone you love can not be explained that the meeting you suddenly interrupted, and will do it every time on such trivial reasons as "pisi-doubtful. And if your dog it is and dislikes ... However, you can create favorite-kennel and combine visits with dog walks. But why do you this crazy? With friends who stop coming to you, as fur, dirt and slobbery head, gazing fondly from his knees, when one eats ... And visit them yourself you can not, as a dog and so the whole day at home alone, but if you take it with you, you dirty-hair-saliva in the apartments of friends are encouraged to have even less than in your apartment.

You still have not changed your mind? Moreover, you think that all this - very subtle detail on the background of adoring dog eyes? Then you really need a dog and wonder how you lived without it until now! One of the classics say: "If you can not write - do not write!", So: "If you can without the dog - do not get!" Well, if you can not ... " Congratulations - you are one of us!

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What «talk» cat ears?

Cats, unlike people, use your ears not only receive information, but also for its transmission. Ears may change their position depending on the location of the sound source and with a peculiar facial expressions reflect the emotional state of the animal.

A cat uses five basic provisions of the ear that correspond fairly certain emotions: calm, anxiety, excitement, defense and aggression.
The state of rest corresponds to a position of the animal's ears, at which the auditory openings are directed forward and slightly to the side in such a way as if the cat quietly listening to what is interested it sounds. When the cat heard the alien sound, instantly goes from a calm, relaxed state in the voltage mode of hearing, her ears to change position, displaying a sense of anxiety.

If the sound is interested in the cat ears completely straightened and oriented so that the auditory canal was clearly directed toward the sound source. Ears maintain their position all the time while the cat stares her in the concerned area. If after the first sound of a cat hears something interesting from another source, for example, side, ears slightly shift direction focusing, while head position and direction of view will not change.

Condition excitement, conflict, anger or anxiety issue twitching ears. In some species of wild cats are jerks more clearly visible because of long tassels on the tips of the ears, but the domestic cat usually has no such decoration, and these signals are harder to notice. For some breeds of domestic cat are characterized by small tufts on the tips of the ears, they are especially noticeable at the Abyssinians, but these small dark arrows still clearly lose out in comparison with huge tassels of cats, such as Caracas lynx.

Ears defending cats take almost flat position. Cat tightly to their head, so as not to injure in a fight. Ripped and torn ears of cats involved in fights, indicate how important it is for the animal to hide away from prying claws are the vulnerable parts of his anatomy. Tightly to both sides of the head's ears are almost invisible when viewed from the front and give it a more rounded shape. For some breeds of cats, for example, Scottish Fold, characterized by flat against the position of ears, but it persists in the animal continually, regardless of emotional state. Due to this the representatives of this breed are always looking defender. It is hard to imagine how this feature affects the social life of these animals.

Cat in a state of aggression, but not afraid, keeps ears differently. In this situation, they also turned back, but pressed to the head is not as dense as in the previous case. The rear part of the ear becomes visible when viewed from the front, and this situation - the most formidable non-verbal signal, which can only lodge a cat. The nature of such ears is an intermediate position between the positions of anxiety and defense, in other words, it is - something between a reversal of forward and pressing the ears to the head. This situation could be described as «the position of readiness to problems». Cat seems to be saying: «I am ready to fight, but not scared, why did not intend to hide the ears». In this position, the back of the ear is visible because the full ear pressed to the head it must be pre-deployed back. Thus, if the opponent aggressive cat still dare to attack, then his ears will already be in position, ready for tight adjustment.

The position of the ears, typical of cats in a state of aggression, stresses a very striking elements of painting some wild animals. For example, the tigers have large white spots, bordered with black on the back of each ear. When the tiger is set aggressively, the last doubts in this uniquely dispel white spots on his ears to the object of his attention.

Good luck and health to you and your pet!

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Is the guinea pig pet?

guinea pig
Here are animals in which the name - it is just a name, it bears no meaning. One of the representatives of these animals and is the guinea pig. In fact, it's not the sea, and mumps, the name happened by accident. The name «pig» appeared, probably because of the structure of the head animals, whereas the former due to the fact that it «overseas»; subsequently particle «of» no longer and get something that is: the guinea pig.
At one time the author read in a magazine that guinea pigs - very good pets. But is this true?

Let's start with the simple and little-known fact: the guinea pigs are the best model for testing «human» vaccines. This suggests that the guinea pig can easily catch cold, and just as easily from the common cold to die. Not many people have the skills of a veterinarian, and in this regard it is important to the timely and prompt treatment. Also, it is subject to many other diseases, which imposes specific conditions for the content. Cell on the floor in this case is not an option, since some of the drafts do not contribute to improving the health of the animal.

By personal observation I can say that in the cell they are closely and comfortably, this despite the fact that the cell was highest at the time of purchase. The space more than a cell, sometimes impossible to distinguish in the apartment.

Guinea pig sufficiently fearful animal, and moves around the apartment, only along the walls. If you do dare to travel.

The problems of hygiene and are quite sharp. The author was unable to accustom the animal to go to the well-shaped toilet for many reasons, not least of which was «a small cage». Moreover, the animal could safely go, even if sitting on his lap. It also says not in his favor. And because the guinea pig and can walk under him at any place, pronounced the principle of no toilets, the cell should be removed once a day or two, otherwise the smell becomes pronounced.

In the guinea pig food is not that too whimsical, just need to look more closely relates to disinfection of food. If the human body is very forgiving, then the animal is more complicated.

Is the guinea pig pet? In that case, if you is not surprising that people keep spiders, tarantulas, lizards and other «not suitable» for communicating animals, then is. But if you want to get more from the animal and communication, as is the case with cats / hamsters, moreover, with a rather unpretentious content - this option is not for you.


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How to hunt for moray eels?

Being Moray very boring. She has secret life in the crevices of rocks, underwater caves or among the coral reefs. Asylum moray selects just such a size to fit there completely.

Moray eels are well adapted to such a life. Its elongated, slippery, muscular body, without such unnecessary protrusions, like pectoral fins and gill covers, can penetrate into the most narrow slit.

She - predator, hunting mostly from ambush. During the day she sits in the slot and waits, and not swim there by mining. Night she is more active, dares to seek and pursue prey near the nest.

A production of it - crustaceans, cephalopods and other things like sea urchins, sometimes - small fish. In captivity, eating almost any food, but prefers shrimp, squid, mussels. Man in her diet is not included.

Moray favorite treat - octopuses. She is ready to hunt them day and night. When he saw moray eels, octopuses skedaddle from her with all eight legs, and in horror hammered into the first slot. And Moray only that it should be. Her snake-like body easily infiltrates the prey. There's something catches octopus and death. Moray slowly eats him alive, tearing off the meat in pieces.

In response octopuses use artless tactic. They cling to morays tentacles closer to the head, to avoid it teeth. Unclear, however, on what they expect. So how to keep slippery Moray difficult. She uses an incredible reception: weaves a tail node, sticks his head into a knot and with force squeezes his body through itself. Octopus slipping toward the tail, where it is waiting gaping mouth bent morays.

This is not the only hunter trick morays. One of its smaller varieties - nosed moray - uses a unique method of hunting. Evolution made its nasal growths similar to sedentary receive worms. Tempted tasty prey on worms catch small fish, and themselves become equally tasty prey.

However, on a hunter is a continuous hunting. The main enemy of moray eels - man. Moray eels eat. Her fry, boil the soup out of it. Meat Mediterranean moray white, tender, moderately greasy.

Judging from the stories of fishermen, catch morays on the hook is not difficult. But remove it from the water is very difficult. Moray furiously resists. Therefore need a strong, steel hook type «eagle beak» № 1, steel leash connected to the main line so as to prevent twisting of the gear, fishing line and a minimum thickness of 0,4 mm.

Can serve as a bait fish-meat or small fish, pieces of octopus or squid. Catch better at night, near large rocks or jetties, where there will always be cracks, which can live morays. As soon as the float pulled, we must strictly nip and begin a long and tedious wait.

In an effort to free, moray furiously twisting, twisting around and bites all the gear, how can reach. Once in the network, moray equally fiercely resisted.

Hunting under the water, too, does not pose any difficulties. But has its peculiarities. The flesh is very tender with moray eels, so that it is often detached from the peaks. Therefore it is desirable to shoot so that the peak was held along the body. Best in the head behind the eyes. Immediately after the shot morays must nip and pull out quickly. And then you will be rested and get stuck in a hole for a long time.

Wounded Moray preferably immediately finish. Moray - being tenacious, and even planted on the peak, even excavated on dry land - still manages to snap a careless fisherman. Not only that moray can be sensitive to bite, it fades away after a bite, and hangs on the victim, as the bull terrier.

Therefore, to start substitute it for a bite knife and cut the mouth. Cut off the head, or at least hit a few times with a knife in the head. Bloodthirsty advice, but what to do? Either you are her, or she will suffer for a long time.

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Summer - time for the journey, but how about a pet?

summer pet
Before you go to your favorite on the road, prepare everything necessary, consider the entire route. Wherever you went, what you want traffic, you first need to get the cat portability (container).

Do not expect to do a simple bag or box - cat animal loving and can be free and escape. So do not regret the money, spend once and get a good, strong portability: preferably plastic with a metal door.

It was carrying, made specifically for transporting cats. Of special plastic, not flimsy, insecure creation of Turkish craftsmen (in fact, oval plastic box with two handles - a basket for breakfast). We would be advised to take carry it with metal doors, since plastic is not very reliable.

Now cats become popular carriers, made of a dense impermeable material with a zipper. They, of course, easier, comfortable, but convenient for the person rather than for cats: in the summer in their stuffy, zipper cats can open. We would recommend that such carriers kittens, but not for adult heavy animals.

On a trip you will also need veterinary documents for your cat, regardless of whether you are going to an exhibition or just a visit. To move by rail should have: a veterinary passport with the necessary vaccinations, as well as a certificate number 1 for moving to another city (it is executed in public stations to combat animal diseases, three days before departure). It is advisable not to feed the cat before the journey, though, if the road is long (more than 10 hours), you can take with them products that do not spoil on the way: dry food here is irreplaceable. Water is better to take out of the house - boiled in a glass vessel. We will advise to grab a roll of toilet paper or paper towels - to avoid possible trouble.

Traveling in car

Do not take chances, do not let the cat in the lounge car - this is very dangerous: the cat can jump out the window, get into some trouble. (For example, one cat, travel freely in the saloon car, nearly caused an accident - from some noise ... she decided to hide under the brake pedal and not in what would not get out there: the accident escaped by a miracle!).

So, the cat goes only carry, a closed metal door. And one more advice: better to carry it to sew a few covers (for the summer, winter) of dark fabric. In carrying, in a darkened space, the cat feels more relaxed. Do not leave the cat alone in the saloon car, especially in summer - the animal can get heat stroke. In the road check carefully: do not blow a cat as a cat in a cage is fixed and can easily catch cold.

Moving train

Before you sit down with your favorite cat in the train, you need to take vetreference, as well as pay for transportation of cats by rail: the order of payment and amount of payment you can know in advance at the station, on hand baggage.

So, you take care of carry and signed veterinary documents, paid the passage of a cat. To buy or not to take the road going? What we have to take necessary, it toilet and napkins, boiled water. If the road rather short, slightly better than a cat starve. The main thing - in any case do not let the cat in the train, even if you drive a coupe alone or with your friends: a cat can escape to another compartment through the ventilation grating under the window and over the top of a luggage shelf, that happened more than once.

Get cat out of carrying it is necessary only in extreme cases and be very careful. Some cats are nervous to carry, meow, scratch the door. Error inexperienced travelers - pay attention to these «whims» - your cat just waiting for this: you open the carrier, and here it is - freedom! Then put the cat back in the cage will be very difficult. Soak in nature - do not pay any attention to the cat, do not open portability: as a rule, a few minutes, a cat, reconciled with fate, silent.

It is important to the road not miss a moment when the cat is required tray.

Airplane flight

For this trip you need to know when booking tickets importantly - the rules of carriers (ie airlines) on the transport of animals. Thus, «Transaero» is not allowed to transport cats and dogs in the cabin, but only - in the cargo hold; «Aeroflot» more loyal: When buying tickets you must specify that you are flying with a cat (indicating its approximate weight).

If you fly to another country, we should find out what documents you will need veterinary (usually the same form number 1). At the airport, you must exchange your vetreference to help in the international sample quarantine (in «Sheremetyevo-2» is located in the right wing of the departure lounge). For this you need time, so keep this in mind. For flights on domestic routes, as a rule, it suffices to show vetdocuments for registration.

Unfortunately, it is necessary to pay for transportation Cats plane as excess baggage, even if your Murka - your only luggage. From our point of view, this is unfair: after all, if the weight of your luggage along with your favorite kitty not exceed the established, why should we pay? Moreover, the amount will be quite large - about 1% of the ticket price for 1 kg of weight (along with moving the cats). Some airlines limit the number of animals transported by one aircraft.

In flight, there are uncomfortable moments for both people and cats: climb, air «pits», etc. As a rule, cats are nervous at such moments. The same advice as for other modes of transport: do not open the carrier, do not get the cat!

Some pet owners ask if you can give sedatives cats before the trip. This question will answer only to the veterinarian, but the use of tranquilizers, as a rule, leads to a decrease in blood pressure, which is dangerous for the flight. With regard to customs, the cat is not subject to customs declaration (otherwise it would be stated in the customs declaration). However, you can take with your club membership card, where you are registered as the owner of a cat, with a trip to the exhibition is good to have an official invitation to the club.

Enjoy your trip!

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