Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ah, this wedding! What give tapered ... birds?

birds love
Spring-red disperse in anticipation of emergency meetings with the hot summer! From the heat all around already awakened, animated, clinging to each other. What chirp birds, how gladly share? An - they also married in the spring.
What a surprise to us may seem like rituals and ceremonies taken in the bird kingdom ...

For example, hand wedding offerings. Ah We terns, in particular, it is believed that the groom gave his coveted fish. Biologists differently describe this process. MN Sotskaya wrote that she eats it immediately. But R. Chauvin said that, on the contrary, in no case:

"Many ornithologists believe that is happening rite of mutual recognition of spouses: indeed, before they bring to the fish, the male looks to many females" in the face. Sometimes, some full of virtue females return gift, but the male is long and sad in a hurry to give the fish another. Sometimes the male and female fish are kept for two ends, but do not eat it ... "

Here it is: a fish in two beaks!
birds in love
But the said Maria Sotskaya draws attention to the fact that the ladies-tern had a clear preference to woo the bridegroom, who handed them to "fish a fixed size: not too little, but not too large."

But there is such a tradition, which includes asking for a gift for Mr Right. What kind of pettiness? No, just a woman's cunning, which (after Noble and Wurm) Richard Docking in the book "The Selfish Gene," explains:

"... female advantage is also that in the process raised a male courting her food. In birds, it is usually regarded as a kind of a return to the juvenile behavior on the part of females. Begging for food in the male, she accompanies this movement, typical for young birds. It was assumed that such behavior automatically attract a male, just as the man appears to be attractive when a woman babbles or pouts like a child. It was during this period, female birds need as much extra food, as it accumulates reserves of nutrients for the creation of a huge egg. It is possible that the food podnosimaya her male, is his direct contribution to the eggs. Thus, somewhat reduced the difference between the initial contribution to the chicks from one and the other parents. "

really all a matter of pragmatics?

To test this, a rigorous researcher (Mason) had a pretty hard, in my feminine look, experiment with landrails, putting that in a marriage between a stuffed female. Poor fellow, taking a bird "Galatea" for the real bride, intent on every-other-third become her de facto husband. Having suffered a fiasco in trying to realize the intimate relationship with unfeeling "pair", the groom flew ... but soon returned with a caterpillar in its beak, which is presented as a gift to this "shy". Experimenter's fate did not interest him, so that we can only believe that the unfortunate birds not lost faith in their manhood.

Wedding gift from the birds, nicknamed grebes
However, it happens differently. In the bird community found practical gentlemen who bring a wedding gift narrowing, but do not pay until she agrees to fulfill masculine desire. What, eh?

But not all the wedding gifts from birds associated with the gastronomic direction. Some are obviously symbolic. For example, the offering stone. At the white-footed Booby taken to the male brought in its beak a little stone and put it at the feet of the chosen one (and she takes it in his beak, and shift to another place, and then it again - at her feet: do you ... and then the ritual lasts until the establish full agreement on which could take up to an hour and two).

And the toadstools, like the other footed boobies, which are called the north, with the courtship brings each other scraps of seaweed (just like the Dolphins, who also have a canon!), The herons are - stick, but the American waxwings ... woos with berries. He will give, she will take, then return it to her again ... And, as in the famous gypsy: "Ah, once again, many, many times ..."

Wedding offerings - not just gifts. Even the birds know it. And you of the ceremony did not resemble?

Valentina Ponomareva

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