Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to help pupils prepare a home for the winter?

winter puppy
On the eve of winter animal organism is reconstructed: adjusting to lower temperatures and reduced daylight. Immunity pets decreases, they become drowsy, their body needs more vitamins.

In this period should be especially attentive to the behavior of their pet and be able to predict what kind of help he needs. After the beast say it will not ...

Dog depression
Sometimes the fall affects dogs as well as people: they, too, begins depression! Pay more attention to pet, caress, play a little longer than usual, often take to the streets. Daily physical exercise and physical activity will improve the mood and the dog, and you. In November of daylight shortens, the temperature drops and the dogs begin active molt. It is particularly reinforced by the inclusion of radiator. Let's pet dog multivitamins containing vitamin A, biotin, and unsaturated fatty acids, and then the new coat is thick and silky. Autumn dog organism particularly susceptible to infections: do not forget to make vaccines against infectious diseases.

Cats sleep
Cats in anticipation of winter are more calm, long sleep and a warm embrace to the batteries. Like dogs, before cold weather they are actively shed. To fur grew thick and beautiful, supplement the diet with multivitamins cats taurine and biotin. The cat, which goes into the street, with the onset of winter lie in wait for such perils as salt reagent and various chemicals that are sprinkled on the track during slippery road conditions. Getting on a soft pad feet, reagent causes burns and leads to the formation of painful ulcers. Therefore, after your furry beauty returned from a walk, wash her feet with clean water.

hamster - in heat
If your hamster hides food in secret places - expect a quick cold snap! More often to check bins and do not let spoiled food, or pet might be poisoned. As the daylight decreases, pets are becoming restless. Chinchillas, guinea pigs insulated nests of any available material - thread, pieces of litter and wool, which animals plucked from each other! Then buried in insulation and for a long time there does not emerge. Vitamin deficiency and reduced immunity compensate, adding to the usual food germinated grains, herbs and vitamins.

Fish need light
Autumn - the best time to do the improvement of the aquarium. Audited underwater garden: remove damaged plants. If a lot of algae, they were trimmed, leaving the strongest. Check all equipment, clean the filters and valves of compressors. Lack of lighting has a bad effect on the feelings of fish, so with a lyuksometra measure if there is enough light in the aquarium. Take care of properly heating the aquarium: keep the temperature about 20 C. Inspect its inhabitants. Pay attention to color and condition of the fins of goldfish and the state of the eyes and scales - in cichlids. Weak and sick fish to remove. Small fishes transfer to another aquarium. Serious preparation for winter fish require high bandwidth, living in an aquarium: minnows, ruffs, perches. In the autumn they need a gradual decrease in water temperature. In winter it should not exceed 7 C.

Long Day's Birds
All the birds feel the approach of winter and prepare for it. In the autumn they begin abundant molt. If they are fed only grain, new feathers to grow long and will look dull and uneven. Bird takes seriously this time: sitting on a perch refuses to eat. During this period, it needs an additional source of amino acids and minerals. Add to food or water, multivitamins containing these substances. Birds, like other animals, suffer from lack of light in winter. Dark evenings include a table lamp in daylight. This will cause a bird feels like daylight lasted.

Cheerful reptiles
For the cold-blooded approach of winter due to the thorough reorganization of the organism. Almost all species of turtles, frogs, lizards and snakes fall into a long hibernation: the metabolism slows down, the animals stop eating, become lethargic. They fall into a state of suspended animation. To prepare for reptiles gentle wintering smoothly and evenly reduces the temperature of heating in the terrarium and contract in its coverage of up to 4 hours, but not stop completely. Turtles fed no more than once in 4-5 days, and snakes and do once a month.

If you follow all these tips, all your favorites will be better able to move the winter.

Maria Magomayev

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