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Talking parrot. What is needed?

talking parrot
First, of course, itself a bird. Select a parrot depends on many factors. First, with your wishes. In addition, the financial capabilities and the time limit, which you will be able to pay his living buying.

Ordinary wavy (of course, male) will be able to talk and learn to 100-150 words. You, of course, will have to make some effort to his training, but they are entirely justified, when you first hear a comprehensible speech pet. It is relatively easy and enjoyable choice. Budgerigar at home unpretentious, very widespread. The cost of such a bird will make a relatively minor amount. Much more will need time, effort and your trembling love, care and attention in order to warm the tiny miracle that is affectionate and friendly, said in his first brief phrase.

Larger Corell will speak intelligibly than the budgie, and the vocabulary he has considerably wider. If him seriously enough to engage in (spending almost as much power, how much and at its corrugated counterpart) is clearly possible to ensure that the bird will master the vocabulary of 200-250 words. Of course, the option is more costly in material terms. But at the same time, more acceptable to those who had once sit hours on end, talking to a small flier and convincing him of the obvious truth: "Kesha good".

And, finally, the third most common types of parrots, usually falling in the list of favorites of the population, Grays . The size of a pigeon, noisy, loud, restless and very respectful of the disorder. Alas, this breed is different cleanliness. So be ready for that garbage out of the cell will dissipate within a few meters or steal the home. These are its characteristics. And more ... Go is particularly noteworthy that Grays - the most expensive of all the above. When buying a parrot, you get both great joy and an equally huge headache. Jaco clever, easily teachable, long-lived. Understand and remember from 300 to 500 words. Record wealth of vocabulary for the Grays were recorded in the middle of XX century. It was 800 words.

In any case, the room would not stop your mind: budgerigars, Carell, Grays, or some more exotic varieties - you have taken the first step towards gaining a new friend, a little unusual and not always responsible "in the subject, but very sincere and fun.

So, if you have decided on the breed, then you can proceed to the next step - the acquisition and learning. Ideal for the beginning of training and, consequently, for the purchase is a 3-month age of the chicks. This is the period when he was completely rested and no longer needs care of loving relatives.

The first case, after you become the happy owner of a living miracle, of course - to give him a decent name . Here, as elsewhere, there are subtleties. The most common nicknames, which honors pets caring owners, can be divided into three categories. It is, of course, only those names that would be acceptable, if you want your bird began to speak.

1. Short, distinctly. With pronounced hissing. For example, Kesha, Gosh, Pasha. These nicknames are appropriate. They are well remembered and easily pronounced.

2. Short, clear. With a booming sound "p". According to many (well-founded, by the way), it is the best option names. For example, Garik, Patrick, Lavrik. Parrots with great passion and enthusiasm pick up all the "roaring".

3. The names of the combined and original. In the two previous categories listed traditional nickname. However, often the owners of parrots themselves invent names or use less common. For example, Kerry, Henry, etc. Until the most unusual and bizarre. But it's worth noting that it should be tailored to specific name, calculated on the bird. Of course, it is undesirable to call a parrot Quetzalcoatl or something of the sort.

In general, for the selection of the name above all to observe a few basic criteria: brevity, clarity, accessibility, easy pronunciation.

Education parrot human speech , in fact, the same process as the child's education. Therefore there needs a certain system.

First, we should not pick and blab about it, you want to teach a bird, a chaotic, haphazard. Set Limit of a certain set of five or six offers and vary them, saying in a different sequence. The selected proposals should be small, meaningful and well-spoken. It is strongly recommended that you (at least up until the parrot had not learned his first lesson) to avoid complex terms and long words.

Secondly, talking to a parrot and repeating his "control" it, try not to abuse the frequent change of intonation, with whom you spoke them. Insist on a rhythm and tone of speech, remember this combination and use every time you start to deal with a bird. Parrot - primarily mockingbird, an imitator. He remembers not only the words but the manner of their blab. Therefore, frequent and rapid change in intonation series can knock him.

Thirdly, all the birds of the family of parrots are susceptible to the sounds of the environment. Great parody them and invent new combinations. Including your pet in the world of sounds from the outside, of course, would benefit. However, this should not be too carried away. If you want to achieve from it is birds of speech, to communicate more with him and not let him "tweet about his" with sparrows on the street.

This also should be attributed, and a widespread belief that the parrot is useful to listen to television or radio. They say it will draw out for himself a new word base. Indeed, can gain. But not immediately. At the initial stage of training for such a method is better not to apply. And if there is no alternative, then use it as sparingly as possible.

And one more advice for last. Parrot, of course, not a dog ... And not even a cat. But do not be harmful, if the first time he would only deal with one person or a small group of people. Subsequently, from such severity and restrictions can and should be safely abandoned.

In short, being persistent, attentive, caring and patient, without requiring your pet too much at once, but not allowing to relax, you will very soon will achieve results and be able to proudly demonstrate to all the familiar smart, intelligent, kind, and hand - not enough - talking parrot!

Svetlana Medvedev

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