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What vitamin and mineral supplements to give Red-eared slider?

Red-eared slider
The problem of calcium in tortoises, and even more so in growing calves, is particularly acute because of the specific structure of their body. Therefore necessary to constantly give reptile calcium-containing drugs. This can be finely ground bone meal, which should be given in each feeding, every day. On a small scale individual enough pinch.

Aquaterrarium for freshwater turtles
Aquaterrarium for freshwater turtles
Youth calcium preparations recommended to give daily, adults - once a week. bone meal are usually sold in pet stores.Eggshell may well be a substitute for bone meal. You can use the usual, "human" sulfate, phosphate or calcium gluconate . bone meal, powdered compounds of calcium and vitamins injected into the cooked food, or crumble them into pieces of food. Foods containing vitamin supplements (except calcium supplementation) are not subject to long-term storage.

Powdered vitamins (to combat beriberi C and E) and minerals are given no more frequently than once a month in the form of mineral supplements by adding them to feed. Sales have special vitamin preparations for turtles. Vitamin preparations proved well designed specifically for reptiles imported "Reptavit.

Turtles - in his element
turtle in homeland
Once a day you can spray the skin and coat of spray reptiles «Nature's Reptile Vita-Spray», which is a positive effect on the skeletal system of reptiles, due to skin and bone absorption.
Once a week, you can add a few drops of food "Trivita" or "Tetravita.
As you can see, the choice of drugs and vitamin supplements is quite large, and we should just not be lazy and constantly apply them, varying in different combinations.
That's just not try to use the dog and cat vitamin and mineral supplements - they are absolutely not suitable turtles composition.

Not suitable as turtles and a dog, cat food , despite the fact that "Red-eared" they eat with pleasure.
These combined feed designed for warm-blooded animals with a completely different energy metabolism and the need for nutrients and other substances, and therefore unsuitable for our pets.

Comparatively good combined feed "BIOREPT" Polish production

For the same turtles, and specifically for water, developed and are selling quite different in their composition, ready to feed. They recently appeared in such abundance in specialized stores, which sometimes is difficult to orient in a variety of prices and names, in a wide range of both imported and domestic production.

Cheap home (for example, St. Petersburg) food prepared from one type of raw material - dried Gammarus, dried and pressed Tubifex or moth. And all is good, but their disadvantage is that they are unbalanced in nutrient, minerals and vitamins.
Comparatively good combined feed «BIOREPT» Polish production.
But the best and quality, and therefore are more expensive food companies TETRA and SERA.

Foods and goods from the firm SERA
Very good variety and high quality feed, the American firm WARDLEY, but unfortunately, they are too expensive and not everyone can afford. The best of them - "REPTAYL T.E.N» ( «REPTILE TEN»).
For the young, very young turtles, the company produces special food from a mixture of dried larvae of various aquatic insects. It is sold in cans labeled "Forage for turtles» ( «Turtle Food»), and is suitable only for young animals.

Huge diversity of artificial feed is produced in large quantities, is not always worth trusting and lump all of what you see in pet stores. Very often, their composition does not always correspond to the real needs of the species, and does not meet the tastes of the turtles, which simply refuse to eat them.

Although it is possible that your turtle is like something out of ready-made pellets . There are indications that there are turtles, no complications grown only in the pellets (eg, Nutra Fin firm Hagen).

Fodder for turtles Tetra ReptoMin
Tetra ReptoMin
Yet - advice: do not get carried away! Natural is always better And just as a dessert this rare and, therefore, a tasty delicacy - a sort of candy-granules, can be "spoiling" sometimes your pets.

Bon appetit to you and your aquatic beauties - "turtles"!

And in the next article will discuss how and where to feed the cats - in the water or on land.

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