Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What secrets sharks have ?

We are born weak and defenseless. We may be overcome as invisible microorganisms, and the giant animals. We never get into the lair of the bear and will not swim with the sharks. Even watching movies on large predators, we expect reprisals against them. But maybe worth a look at them differently? The movie "Jaws" long denounced the killers deep - sharks. However, these animals are just amazing. I'll try to tell them what they so special.

First, sharks are very graceful animals. form of their bodies are very vaguely. They exist on our planet in prehistoric times. They survived even the dinosaurs. All these long Millennium is a shark not lost in vain. Currently, the species diversity of sharks is simply amazing: tiger, prickly, whale, dog, freshwater, and even a shark-hammer. And that's not all, but many species simply have not yet been described.

Secondly, a shark for a single moment from birth to death does not stand still. The fact is that, unlike other fish, it has no swim bladder, which regulates the position of the body at different depths. Poor thing has to make a waving motion with his whole body. Otherwise, it "falls" at the bottom. Although known and shark-dodgers who gather in a special pocket of gastric air, and thus are like a bubble.

Third, the shark never sleeps. Try to sleep in the movement. If she goes to sleep at least not for long, it will not be able to overcome the force of gravity, and will be on the bottom. Depth may be so large that the fish can not already be up. However, the shark can not be switched off for long, resting on the rocks. Even in those rare moments of calm, it remains questionable on the check.

And spying, poor food. Because, fourthly, it must constantly eat to compensate for the loss of energy on the motion. shark eats almost everything, and with gusto. Perhaps that's why she got the glory of a monster. Not once fishermen were impressed by the stomach contents of their prey. There were cases when the stomach have found a couple of dolphins meter or 40-inch fish, with just 32 pieces. However, some sharks are able to pry his stomach inside out and, thus, get rid of unnecessary content.

There were times that found in the stomachs of sharks horse skull. This means that the mammal was eaten whole. The special structure of the shark's jaws, formed for many generations, can swallow it whole fairly large objects. Even 100 centimeters in your waist it is not a hindrance.

Fifth, senses sharks developed almost to perfection. It can feel a drop of blood for miles around. So she finds his victims. Yet it attracted different sounds and kind of helpless floundering of the body. Incidentally, only 39 species out of 250 seen in the attack on the people. And attack they have, basically, to separate swimmers swimmers.

Incidentally, shark teeth - is her pride. Imagine several rows of sharp as the blade teeth. And their number in one row may be over a thousand. Form of dental records can be different. The most common form - triangular. But again, there is a harmless shark, which was not lucky with my teeth: they simply do not.

Do not believe that sharks - giant monsters that will hunt you all my life. Maximum body length of the shark - 20 feet, but such an instance, you are unlikely to encounter. Often come across individuals 1,5 - 2 meters in length. Sharks live up to 30 years, but again - this is the maximum limit. Maybe now, fin-triangle, cleaving the waves, will cause you to not only terror, but also respect. At least, if you do not want to be eaten by the owners, basking in their "home", do not provoke them.

Tatiana East

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