Friday, October 2, 2009

How to choose a puppy?

Having determined to breed future pet, choosing the right day, you go for a puppy. Come to a specific place: a pet shop, kennel, a dog-breeder, a friend - but in general, anywhere, and you see how right on you are running about five, at first glance, the same lumps. Of these, you need to choose a single, which you take with you and make your favorite.

How to choose one of five, when they are so small and dear? What should pay attention to take his own-most of them?

Buy puppies need about the age of 1.5 months. If you take him over three months old, then by the time you take it to him, he may have formed bad habits, with whom you do not want to tolerate. Taking the 1.5-month, you will have the opportunity to raise it the way it is right for you.

If you buy a puppy, breeder, is a good idea to look at his mother, it can tell a lot about your future, four-pupil, because "like father like son". In addition to studying the appearance of the mother, you need to become acquainted with the state of her health. That is, ask the breeder about her ancestry, about which the disease had been her relatives, because these diseases can pass on an inheritance to your future puppy. Ideally you should get acquainted with the father of puppies.

Now you can navigate to and familiarity with the puppies. In this situation, is to forget about the rule "first impression most correct. Would be better if you choose not to order a puppy, on whom the first glance fell, and one that may take a few simple tests.

: First test appearance.
Exterior, of course, do not be a decisive factor, but when choosing a puppy, she plays an important role. "In a healthy body, healthy mind, so choose from all the biggest puppy, very well-fed, the one whose most brilliant coat. These are signs of a healthy organism.

II: a test of courage.
The strongest, most active, lively dog most likely is the healthiest of all litter. Slow and frightened puppy can have serious physical deficiencies and variations in health. I do not advise taking this out of pity, because, firstly, on its treatment, you spend a lot of money. And secondly, will still be better if it would foster no novice, and an experienced dog breeder. You may not notice right away the deviations in the health of the dog, and the specialist will understand it immediately.

There are some special techniques that help determine the most courageous and active of all litter. For example, throw something on the floor and see who is scared of puppies and run away on the subject, and who, though not immediately, but still come up to him and satisfy his curiosity. Reaching to the kids, you can also determine the bravest of them: Who will be the first from that and grow up a hero.

Third: The test of sycophancy.
Puppy, which from the very first minute dating starts to lick your hand, actively wagging his tail and generally have all sorts of signs of friendship, good only on one side. Tempted at all this, you risk to buy a puppy, which will be the same friendly and affectionate, not only in childhood, but when he grows up. Think about whether you need a dog who will welcome all and enjoy all the running - regardless, it will be your friend or foe.

Using all these tips still do not forget about your instincts. Listen to your gut feeling, because you to choose a puppy to live side by side for years.

Karina Knyazev

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