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How to behave when meeting with a snake?

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On the territory of the CIS live about 55 species of snakes. Dangerous to humans are only a viper, virtually all of their varieties, as well as EFA, cottonmouth, viper and cobra. Snakes, Coronella and snakes are not poisonous glands and therefore they are totally harmless.

Myths . It is only in Hollywood giant anaconda falsely persecuted indiscriminately all Americans. Snake never attack FIRST! This is a very peaceful and beautiful inhabitants of our planet. «Lightning throws» (cobra, for example). Remember Kipling. There mongoose quite successfully resisted the snake. By the way, our ferrets - too nimble "guys", and also not averse to hunt for snakes. And "rapid shot" a viper is not more than typically a quarter of its length that is equal to only 15-25 centimeters.

conflict between the snake and man , as a rule, there is the fault of man. Snake bite only in self-defense, if it stepped on or caught unawares. To this did not happen, you need to follow some very simple rules. If you see a snake, do not try to catch her, harass or kill (for what? "Only for what you are afraid of it?), And she quietly hiding. Try not to move silently - heard your steps, the snake go away, but you will not even know that she was nearby.

Who is more at risk of being bitten . Most of such "risk" are the people in the field and in the marshes, because arable and moss-covered ground near marshes muffle footsteps. Snake simply can not hear you. Collectors berries also have a certain percentage of risk because, unlike the mushroom pickers, moving slowly and quietly. There are cases when a serpent crept to the tourists in a tent or sleeping bag to warm up. If you were in this situation, you do not make sudden movements, you have a chance from close range to admire the reptile. A short time later the snake itself go away without causing you absolutely no harm.

If the collision could not be avoided , but it happens. For example, like a viper in sunny weather to bask in the old tree stumps. At this point they are vigilant - you can accidentally frighten her, and then the bite is almost guaranteed. No need to panic: the time and means you have plenty. First, try to understand who you are bitten, because it may be innocuous individual. Poisonous and non-poisonous snakes differ in that poisonous pupil of the eye is vertical and has an elongated shape. We snake on the head two yellow spots.

Symptoms snakebite . The appearance of redness in the area of the bite wound around the large tumor appeared sharply deteriorating health, headache, body temperature rises sharply. In most cases there is vomiting.

What? Most have to bite the extremities, usually the legs, so suck the poison from the wound to reduce intoxication, you can hardly. Moreover, this method is only effective if you use it for one or two seconds after the bite, but the resulting shock and stupor or panic, you take away these precious scraps of time. In such a situation are best tourniquet. Bitten limb should lie motionless, and besides, the victim should be lying down, quiet position, so that the blood circulating in the body as slowly as possible. Also useful to drink a diuretic, tea or tincture, so that part of the poison out of the body naturally. If no diuretic, just drink plenty of water.

Liquor . Not only is not recommended and is strictly forbidden in this situation, because any alcohol dilates vessels, and the poison will be absorbed into the body much more intense.

Generally speaking, if we talk about the viper, they bite, under these simple rules, is not dangerous to human life. In any case, you must contact the medical institution, that you have a shot antitoxic serum.

Output . Do not provoke the conflict, and he was not there!

Vladimir Mao

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