Monday, October 26, 2009

How to care for your dog?

beauty dog
"Beauty will save the world. We all know this is a great saying. Beauty will save you and our dogs from ill-will, and sometimes anger others, will help win favorable to them.

And how often at exhibitions and freeze, we delight: Here is a posture, gait, exterior, and shiny coat, and commands!

But we should not forget that beautiful dog - this is, above all, a healthy dog. And this dog needs daily care, attention, proper feeding, veterinary surgeon systematic consultation.

But what kind of dog can be considered beautiful? This question is not easy, and unambiguous answer to this question is no.Hounds, greyhounds, nark should be thin, lean body, as St. Bernard or newfoundler should look heavy and unwieldy. Beauty mastiff, boxer - in a short shiny coat, and the terrier must have a tight curly hair, wearing a beard and mustache. In short, the concept of beauty in general, and the dog in particular, is very difficult to admit a lot of interpretations, and relies solely on general and individual tastes. And for them, as you know, do not argue!


Wool in dogs varies, in different ways and have to take care of her. Probably the least hassle from the owners haired dogs.

Boxers, Great Danes, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and mongrels with short hair enough times in three days of brushing, not soft and not rigid, like a wardrobe. However, if the hair is very dirty, you can take and a hard brush, but its use must be carefully so as not to scratch the skin of the dog. Even if the dog seems to you very clean, not too lazy to take 10-15 minutes in the hands of a brush. This procedure is useful not only for wool, it provides an opportunity to massage the skin, increase blood flow to it.

By the way, now almost all have vacuum cleaners, and cleaning the apartment a good idea at the same time a little vacuumed the dog. However, her first reaction to such cleaning is not always positive, but this is only the beginning. Then, as a rule, the dog gets used to this procedure and even asked to be cleaned this way!

More trouble for owners of dogs with hair of medium length and long-haired: shepherds, huskies, collies, setters. Here, in addition to vacuuming, you need a thick ridge. Generally, the more you comb the hair, the better, but in the molting period is a must do every day. Incidentally, some amateur breeders do not emit a soft, combed wool, and gathered it, spun and then knitted warm mittens, hats, socks, sweaters. They say that things are out of this wool help with radiculitis and are the warmest.


Do I need to wash your dog? It is necessary, only very rarely. They washed the dog with warm water and soap or a neutral shampoo.

In winter, dogs love to roll about in the snow, and themselves this good clean their skin. And those dogs who do not like the snow bath, you can while walking to wipe clean the snow. Summer dog usually does not miss a chance to splash in a pond or river, he does well enough.

The sad fate of some light-fluffy dogs, especially lapdogs. The owners have even wash their pets almost every day, so even with soap and water. Hair from the immoderate bathing lose fat cover, become fragile and brittle. After washing the dog should be groomed.

Nose .

Over the nose of healthy dog care is not necessary. I awake dog, he is cold and slightly humid, and during sleep - a little warm. Some breeders believe that the tip of the nose can determine the temperature of the diseased animal. But better not to overestimate its sensitivity, put dog ordinary thermometer. If the temperature of the dogs are not above 39 degrees, do not worry.

Let your pets be healthy!

Dmitry Kolpakov

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