Tuesday, October 20, 2009

People and dogs - how to get along in the same city?

street dog
Television and the press are full of scenes as if from different poles: the cruelty and indifference of people to our younger brothers - and the "evil creatures" that have flooded the city and citizens how to do nothing. How can they survive in the same city? How to behave owners and breeders, to protect themselves and others? How to behave in the usual passers-by to protect their lives and health of stray (and much more - the master's) dogs?

Just make a reservation: I love dogs. Since childhood. Labrador - this is my pipe dream! But I do not know how to properly educate (tested), so looking for some cats, and everyone is happy. Especially cats. However, other people's dogs, I am indifferent, and they meet me in return.

In life, no dog will not bite me, and no hostile intentions do not exist, and moreover, the neighbor's dog (taller than my child) and labrador, seeing me, bursting skipping hello, horror of all its neighbors (their owners have become accustomed). So what animals really feel benevolent spirit. But her husband's bite even collie, even those on which the owners say "akin to a dog did not touch anybody." No. He is a good man. He just panicked them.

Hence the conclusion: the dog feels the fear and negative, the response of the dog is just fear and misbehavior. Frightened, the man identifies so-called "hormones of fear, the smell of which we do not feel, but feel good dog. And, because the dog is akin to the wolf, for her, as for these animals, it is important to the concept of "strong-weak". If a person is "weak", it means that the dog believes that the full right to exercise a dominant animal and to treat the weak, as it pleases.

Therefore Board № 1 : even if you are afraid, go quietly by and not to bother, do not cry, not threatened - and everything will be fine.

Tip number 2 : requires that children need to explain that the dog - an animal character, to hug and be too familiar with the unfamiliar dog is not worth it, because she may not like it. And because the dog can not talk, then the only way to convey to us their displeasure for her - it begin to growl and bite. The familiar - another matter, but first I want to make friends with the owner - say hello (better off without gestures) and wait until he tells the dog "all right".

Even in relation to own a dog the child should be remembered that its patience comes to an end much faster than the parent, and then in turn can go to the teeth. Even the most gentle dog can "communicate", and even more so - unbalanced.

Well, of course, if we do not want to have our child's injury remained for life, do not yell at a bad voice as a dog: "Get away from her now, she'll now hand / leg / head bite!" Most is such a reaction from children and adults become afraid of dogs. This is verified by much experience in psychiatry: Even the eight-nine months a child can cause a persistent negative response of a living creature, even the most innocuous (eg, rabbits), if it regularly intimidate and okrikivat the appearance of this most rabbit. Moreover, such children are afraid to do all white and fluffy, even similar toys ...

Tip number 3 - for those who are faced with the dogs "fighting" breeds. These dogs have a specific purpose - "to break" the enemy. Dogs are designed for fighting, for fighting, they are selected, selecting the most aggressive, vicious animals. Then the owners are surprised a tragic "accident", and yet all the guilt of these animals in that they are not grown in the nursery with a purpose, and in apartments and private homes, in the family for which they are categorically not intended. I sincerely do not understand people that their plant is not for fighting.

But even more I do not understand those who acquire and keep them "for its intended purpose, that is just for carnage. Because it is the same kind of perverted nature should be - to earn money for pain and blood (and sometimes death), animals that were it not for the fact of the human will, would never have grappled not even met. And even these rocks would not be ... Therefore, if you brought Boitsova dog breed - be doubly careful around let them blame only on themselves.

Actually, at first glance, it is surprising how things have changed fashion for dog breeds: after the "fighting" dogs are some 10-15 years ago and not heard. But, first, in the days of our childhood did not have such crazy prices for dogs. Now, when bred puppy is worth a thousand or two dead raccoons, attention - the question: who can afford to pay this amount for the dog? Correct - businessmen, more or less high income. And since we are not Europe, where wealthy families comprise several generations, and Mother Russia, where every little bit noticeable kapitalets gamy, it becomes clear what the mentality of people buy these dogs, and why it is so popular fighting breed.

And those who just loves dogs, choose a friend not on a "steep" and fashion on the breed, but "for love". But such people will always contain the dog in mind, and the neighbors to his claims did not happen, because they somehow less notice - catches the eye especially negative, so a human being is.

Tip number 4 - contact with stray animals should be conducted carefully: how without gratuitous cruelty, and no familiarity. Why focus on violence - yes, because animals often behave in a much more humane people, alas ... And those animals which are aggressive and do not fit into our urban life - this is food mistakes is people, not nature. Nature is not the dogs are selected on the basis of malice, not nature has created a city where all of each other sitting on the head and because mad themselves.

Tip number 5 - our legislators: I think that we should legalize the medical examination of all who want to find yourself a pet, should be required to be screened in the mental hospital, consult a psychologist and take courses in education and training. There will be fewer and ownerless dogs, and "stupid" dogs with their owners. And everyone will be happy. Clearly, for a lap dog institution will suffice, and courses to educate a dog, but in case of purchase of service dogs, and just big rocks - mandatory. Here, just as seriously as a weapon.

Council last: not bark to a dog, is appealing to its owner. Remember: no bad ill-bred dogs - there are bad rude hosts. Man, setting the stage for a certain breed of dog should, above all, to inquire about the nature of the breed and its characteristics. There is a "handsome men" who take the attack dogs - this is kind of cool "- and then wonder: why the dog bit her child? There are lazy owners who are too lazy to walk to the park or shrubs that bobik not gadil children in a sandbox - and then wonder: why the neighbors are psychos? There are pensioners, who are pampered to the perversion of their Bobik, not knowing basic dog taming, for them to speak dog "Whew!" - Top of sadism. A dog is not her fault that she got this here mountain-host or she was not at all. About this I want to say: "The more I see of people, the more I love animals."

Somehow we think that the man - the crown and the king of nature. But people - just one of the creatures on the planet, being, which divides the space habitat with other organisms inhabiting the Earth. And once divided, must be able to coexist. Not crushing each other, and protecting them.

Natalia Protsenko

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