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How to act when meeting an unfamiliar dog?

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Observing the behavior of the approaching dog, attentive, always able to discern whether he is afraid of the dog is obedience, or demonstrates aggressive intentions. The fact is that as a result of centuries of domestication and selection, the dog began to perceive the man as a let and a very exotic species, but the tribesmen. Therefore, not only shows him all the dog coenobite rituals, but the human reaction and response interprets and perceives mostly from this, purely canine point of view.

Here are the most important "messages":

dog certainly recognizes the man a higher hierarchical rank, never come to an unknown man in front, but always on the side. The tail is horizontal or down at half-mast. The muzzle is lowered below the shoulder blades and pulled ahead. Ears lowered and slightly pressed. Lips are stretched and their corners clearly lowered down. Some dogs can sided grin, this kind of smirk. Sight is directed toward the dog. The front legs are like in a half, and back straightened and brought closer to the hock. Most dogs often wag their tail in friendly greeting, but the tail at half-mast, and moves only its distal portion.

The dog approaches as if on tiptoe, his hind legs wide apart and slightly sideways. Tail Zadran and hard immobile or slowly, as if to commit extreme positions, rocking from side to side. The head is pulled forward at the shoulder blades, or slightly raised. Glance is aimed directly at the man in the eye or, for a few moments before the attack, in place of the alleged bite. Ears raised, deployed on a person or a highly pressed. His forehead wrinkled. Lips or compressed, or semicircular bared grin with strongly elevated and wrinkled nose. Dog produces a low threatening growl quietly passing, sometimes in breast gurgle.

what is correct

When meeting with an unfamiliar dog and, especially, with a flock, you must:
Move carefully and, if possible, smoothly. Sharp movement could cause the dog will perceive it as a threat or a signal to attack.
Hand, sharply raised in greeting, can be interpreted as the beginning of the attacker's movement.
Do not stare, as they say, eye to eye.
Direct view, the "language" carnivorous predators, which include a dog, means being willing, at least for the immediate attack.
And if you "staring" at the alpha male, or simply the highest ranking dog, it will mean that you object to any leadership in the pack, or question the rank of the individual dog.
What is behind this may be followed, to explain, I think is not necessary, since these notes are not written for the fans to "seek adventure in the ..." Hm ... well, let's say, on his head ...
Do not scream and do not try to talk to the dog so-called "command" voice, if you are not significantly determined that before you low rank dog prone to subjugate anyone. Otherwise, if in front of you was the highest ranking person, leader of the pack or just a dog, specially trained not to execute the commands of a stranger, and the result, as they say, it may be, at best, in your pants ... Or, and this also happens in pants ...
Do not run away.
Since the dog's natural instinct is to prosecute, the fleeing man is a goal that you want to catch up and immediately attack.
Standing in a natural position.
Dogs know that people are facing significant rise above them, having, with a dog's point of view, more impressive dimensions and, as a consequence, potentially higher rank. Fallen same person, this rank in the eyes of the dog that loses immediately becomes a convenient target for attack. This applies particularly to surround you with a pack: Here comes into play the so-called instinct finishing stands with its back extraction.

If you are on the way met a single dog is clearly not going to yield you the way, you always have a choice, or "measure up" to her degrees, or, holding between her and a some object, slightly hunched, ie Having known low rank posture, avoid a dog in an arc, trying not to overstep the critical 1,5m distance.

If you must cross the territory of which a flock of urban dogs is committed, or that it (the area adjacent to the markets, metro stations, concentrations of food stalls, especially in night-night time) thought it necessary to protect, this should be done by known djudo principle: " To succumb to defeat ":

Do not hesitate to wait for passengers: mending pants or visit, God forbid, emergency station, it will take you much longer.
Firmly in mind "The great principle Barmaleev" from "Aybolita 66": "Normal heroes - always go to bypass.

But if you're still unable to avoid the "Rendezvous", then:
Try to identify the leader in the pack-leader and determine his intentions
making no sudden movements, stops and turns, change your path so that would circumvent a flock of large smooth arc, not approaching, but not away from it until you'll be on the old "path"
If the pack blocked the way for you - turn half-turned to her (and in any case not back!) - Slowly return to the "original position"
If a flock began to surround you, blocking and cutting way back, gently move the right or left side to the nearest vertical surface (wall, tree, car). Repeat as necessary side-step ladders, remember the "Argentine Tango", the older ones - and the waltz, "Boston" ... And the only shielding his back, you can proceed to active defensive operations. For a start, as soon as loudly and shrilly to appeal for help. Call the police: PPS or PPG (in Moscow) drive up, in such cases, literally within 2-4 minutes.
Do not try unless you're sure that you can use it properly, to bend and lift from the ground, for the defense, some sort of object. Such movement can trigger an immediate pre-emptive attack.
To struggle, if the attack did not succeed to avoid the need to subject, which proved to be in your hands - a lady's handbag / bag / wallet, plastic bags, briefcase ... It is necessary to make a circular loop-shaped or 8 motion, trying not to get so much (and may catch / snatch gripping teeth), how to create a veil of potential impacts, threats.
If the pack has to surround you, then Freeze, portraying himself from "a pillar of salt", or try gently moving to the left side, if you are right handed, out of the ring. The fact that the victim's role in a pen of dogs is as follows:
driven and meet the potential victim dominant and subdominant individuals capable of independent decision-making about the attack, and on the sides -low rank individuals who attack - just not allowed.
If the attack yet begun, in any case does not cease to move sideways and to the side, while making a bag / package circular loop-shaped or 8 scaring movement, creating around himself a kind of veil. And start to scream, than piercing - the better!

Alex Semenov

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