Saturday, October 3, 2009

What to do if you are bitten by a snake?

yellow snake
So came the long-awaited summer season. Summer residents hurry to heat their homes, tidy gardens, cook barbecues in the fresh air and enjoy life.

"In the silence of the soul of nature, and the sky at night is that I want to look at it, do not stop, all night: the bright stars in the dense black background, and the moon - as a silver sun - things are bleak, and in the diffuse white light cast mysterious shadows, - with these words about a friend of mine describes life in the countryside.

I, in turn, do not like cottage or village, or the infamous silence. However, all the train did have periodically been there. It is rare to sit through six hundred parts, and, whatever one may say, and pulls into the woods.

Well, of course, if you go for a long time in the same timber on your unexplored paths, but often, gathering mushrooms and berries, you can wander in a wilderness ... that the meeting with a wolf or a bear can not be avoided. Fortunately, in our forests, located close to the country houses, they are rare, but here's a snake can be found. Therefore, when visiting the forest to observe safety precautions.

The first step is to go into the forest in garments covering all parts of the body, on legs is recommended to wear rubber boots. We must be careful, watch his feet and not grasp at anything that came to stir up grass and leaves with a stick, the snake will disappear in time feel your approach.

If you are still greeted on the way a snake, stop, do not approach it and, most importantly, do not be afraid. The snake never attack first, but any wrong move for her - an alarming sign. If the snake feels the threat down the drain, the snake will release its poison instantly.

And if you still could not avoid the bite of a snake, you should not procrastinate. You must first provide first aid, and then at the first opportunity to see a doctor, who will inject antitoxic serum.

Remember, you can not clinch a place bite his hand. The fact that snake venom might leave on clothing or skin, in this case it is not dangerous. The danger is only a poison entered the blood and clutching the wound, you can add it there. To release the bitten place, and carefully look, snakebite looks like one or two points on the skin.

In the first place to suck the poison from the wound. This can be done only under the condition that you or your friend, who will assist with healthy teeth, no sores in the mouth. It is necessary to often spit out, and remember, the language may be somewhat dumb.

Some advised not to risk, and urgently incise the bite wound on points to lower the blood with poison, but if you do not do this very quickly, then it will be useless.

Then you need to treat the wound with iodine, alcohol, Zelenko, but if no - attach mashed plantain leaves, and wrap the wound so that it does not hit the dirt. The victim must be at rest, preferably in a cool place. You can give him water, but not alcohol.

Poisonous snakes bite causes severe and prolonged pain and swelling, bruising on the site of the bite. Victims complain of back pain, difficulty breathing and heartbeat. In severe cases - a violation of consciousness, vomiting, a decline of cardiac and respiratory activity. The poison can spread rapidly on a large body surface area, while there is a decline in blood pressure, agitation, convulsions, pinpoint hemorrhages. Many of these symptoms can occur simply from fear, so do not panic and seek medical attention.

If such a misfortune befell you on the site next to the house, before going to the doctor, you need (spending above manipulation) wash the wound 3% manganese solution, in place of the bite to make the ice (or anything cold) and then put a bandage .

Be careful and cautious, relax in nature, observing safety measures, and then you spend time on the glory and without harm to health

Alexander Simonov

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