Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to contain the hamster?

Many a child knows this furry animal. Hamsters - this amusement animals, bringing joy to children and adults. But what they eat and how to properly care for them? It turns out that it is not easy.

Must acquire young hamsters, but able to feed themselves. They are easier to tolerate climate change and faster tamed. It is important that the animal was healthy. Such a fast reaction of the animal, the wool is smooth, his eyes shining, living, breathing without wheezing.

Change of housing can be very intimidating animal, therefore, bringing the hamster home, give him a rest does not care.

These animals for food are unpretentious. All that you eat with joy and they will eat. Their favorite food - cereals (buckwheat, oats, pearl barley, wheat, rice, barley, etc.). Hamsters eat pastry, bread, vegetables, fruits and berries,seeds, nuts, crackers.

Besides hamsters happy to eat pasta and potatoes (boiled), the protein of cooked eggs, cottage cheese, cheese (low fat varieties), bread, soaked in milk.

But there are a number of products that give hamsters not desirable. This is all that is forbidden for people who are on a diet: fatty, salty, spicy, fried, smoked. Sweets also contraindicated. Harmful to them citrus and cabbage.

Drink water too, they should not. Moisture necessary for the body, they get from food. To the hamster did not suffer from thirst, let him beets, radishes, pumpkin, watermelon rinds, fresh leaves of plantain, dandelion, sedges, etc.

Hamster rodent, and its teeth must be in the form. To the front teeth did not grow long, to give an animal bite pieces of solid wood, treat them carrots and untreated peanuts.

A sharp change in the form of food can lead to digestive disturbances. During indigestion hamster can be given oatmeal or rice-water, as well as a weak solution of potassium permanganate (one crystal for half a liter of water) as long as he does not recover.

Hamsters are cleanly animals. Several times a day they are busy cleaning their fur. Not always manage to cope on their own. You can help them, combing brush gently on the hair (head not scratched).

Keeping hamsters suited to the special multi-level cages equipped with a wheel. Here he can run across from level to level, to spin the wheel, grind their teeth on the twigs. Cage is well ventilated, it is easy to clean - just nominate a pallet from the bottom.

A very important issue - litter. It can be made from sawdust, paper or hay. Sawdust well absorb odors, so the cage with them can be cleaned less frequently than when using paper-based litter.

Paper is good because it gives hamster exercise. He tore it to shreds and is building a nest, which will feel much more comfortable. It is important that the paper was soft - napkins or toilet paper.

But the most high-grade material for nest building - hay. First, the hamster can diversify their own diet, and secondly - to build this mansion with storages, transitions, word, because, as they do in the wild.

Hamster wheel just necessary in order to compensate the inactive life in a cage. After all, he was at liberty to find food in the average runs per night for up to 12 kilometers! And if not in the running wheel - fat, and he has trouble with his heart.

Hamsters like to sleep, but when awake they are very mobile. When animals frolic, would not think that they are great sleepers.

Monitoring them great pleasure, especially to children. People often can not afford to keep animals in the house. But this little creature, without taking up much space and does not require much care, the family brings a quiet joy.

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