Thursday, October 15, 2009

What dog is useful and interesting to children?

dog riding
Dogs, like us, need exercise. Often the owners only have time for long jump with a dog for a walk. The village is a dog rarely descends from the chain. But even long walks are not always enough to load a dog, especially big.

I remember 40 years ago chasing his Alsatian Line from the hills on the bank of the river Kazanka, throwing down a tennis ball. Height was about fifty meters, and the length of the slope - about three hundred meters. The load was good, running, just balls, used, lost. And Lyne guiltily returned.

But not always in the playground there are differences in elevation. As a member of the club service dog breeding DOSAAF, I have always taught their dogs pulling a skier. There was this kind of training. He is now. But to train a dog that can and independently. Exercise it will be ensured. And in a shorter time than normal walking. Summer for this case can accommodate a small cart, as shown in the photographs in this article.

Especially we are actively engaged in this in the 90's. My sons and German Shepherd chip were about the same age. And they were great friends. And all three of them needed exercise.

What you need to tow? Only just a special harness, which is sold in pet stores. Better with two rings to attach the tug on the sides than the one above. So the dog can manage not only voice but also the reins. Reins is also possible to pick up, or buy a sturdy leash length of 4-5 meters, and the other end, too, to sew on the carbine. Variants with one or two reins are shown in the photographs.
dog tow

How to train a dog? Also simple. First taught to harness, putting it on for some time. Then, hooking up the reins and gently pulling them to file, click "Next". To teach the load gradually. If the dog is not trained teams can first someone to lead her by the leash or go ahead. The dog is usually quickly realizes that it is required. Many people simply like to pull, when no collar compresses the throat and chest harness handy. Then you need to train rotations. Words, but rather with twitching the reins in the right direction. And finally, the train stop. The word "stand". If the dog is bad to be heard - to scream "lie" or "me."

dog skis
Skis and sleds must also be stopped, so as not to collide with a dog, and it will be then be afraid of this. To make better use of carts in the summer of shafts, for example of the ski poles.

For little dogs, too, can come up with an imitation towing, pulling up to a leash, coming from the harness. Or teach haul truck with a doll. The children have come up with.

That's all. The dog will receive the necessary physical activity, and children - the sea of pleasure.

Valeriy Yakovlev

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