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What is the most aged film actor entered the Guinness Book of Records?


April 9, 1932 in Tanzania was born one of the most famous movie stars 30-40-ies. Chimpanzee named Chita (Cheeta) was famous for having been famous Tarzan's companion, and when the first films about the jungle hero relegated to the history and legends - that became the oldest chimp in the world and hit the Guinness Book of Records. Legendary ape that has experienced many Hollywood stars with whom she starred in the "factory of dreams", turned 76 years. And usually chimpanzees live in the wild, not more than 40 years in captivity a little longer, but still rarely live to 60 years.

At the age of a few months old Chita came to America with her future producer and trainer Tony Gentry. When Hollywood began adaptation of the popular novel by Edgar Burroughs of Tarzan, infants who have brought up a monkey, he suggested Chita on the role of the main girlfriend Tarzan. Monkey, of course, not to be confused with the human, which then appears. Is said that during the filming of Chita easily made friends with their male partners, be it Johnny Veysmyuller or the next Tarzan - Ron Ely. On his friendship with Johnny all were legendary. And the same legends speak of, on the contrary, Chita dislike to the beauty of Maureen O'Sullivan, from which chimpanzees clashed on the set.
monkey main role
Main role

Chita long outlived his friend Tarzan. The legendary American actor and swimmer Johnny Veysmyuller died in 1984, however, also in very old age: he lived to 80 years. Life as Chita after "Tarzan" very long ago looked like a movie. Chita, a sort of Tarzan among monkeys - that is, the chimpanzees, who have raised the people living in a villa in the California town of Palm Springs, along with his nephew, Tony Gentry, an actor Dan Westphal, and another five cinematic monkeys who had gone to rest. However, as they say, a special friendship with kin does not support.

It is said that he read did not differ healthy way of life: for many years he smoked every day a couple of cigars and drank several cans of beer. However, this did not prevent him from becoming centenarians. But now he has diabetes and, like many elderly bon vivant, he is forced to limit themselves in food and beverages and diet. As witnesses, with the growth of 120 centimeters Chita weighs 64 kilograms. Sometimes one takes out his favorite in the "McDonald's" and allows you to feast on hamburgers, retreating from the diet.

However, Chita reminds people not only that. He is not nothing human is alien, including the popular weakness: he loves to flog a car and then lie down on the couch watching television, and happy reviewing old films with his participation. In addition, Chita confirms an old truth: "A talented person is talented in everything." It turns out, is applicable to primates. Why, I've become famous not only for his roles in movies (only series of Tarzan was 12, there were other films, the latest of which was the "Doctor Dolittle" in 1967). This chimpanzee is known also as an artist. Chita creates paintings in the style of abstract painting. Several of his paintings were exhibited at the National Museum in London, and many Hollywood celebrities have decorated their walls of their homes.

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