Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why is a raven not like?

Not to be confused with the black one, which is "black" and who "weaves"! It is a bird "Raven Gray Common. One that is familiar inhabitant of urban landfills and territories located near the garbage containers. Also the ordinary. Must, by the way, make a reservation: You will probably find on planet Earth, a number of people who hoodie for one reason or another like it. Such people may be much - more land - but they are not the majority.

What is still not pleased, this incredibly intelligent bird vast majority of our population? It turns out that their way of life and a way to power: she eats everything he can eat that can not - it bites into holes, and always something or someone to steal. She has a chronic kleptomania. And if this very kleptomania multiplied by the uncommon intelligence and astonishing wit - it becomes clear why this bird, to say the least disliked.

You know what the criminal law robbery differs from theft? If you secretly and quietly - theft. If a brazen, force, threats - this is robbery. So. Hooded Crow robbery and even murder of great respect! But to return to her mental faculties ... It's a pity I can not remember how long the book I learned this information, but still divided. The author has argued in all seriousness that crows can count to five! And this, he said, the strength not every dog, not to mention the various birds.

As argued by this fact ... in the yard was a pile of garbage, which was chosen the local crow. Nearby stood a barn. If a man went into the barn, the crow would not sit down on a pile. The man went away - the bird was starting meal. If two people came and went one - the crow would not sit down. It came out and the second - a crow sat down. If three people ... In general, when the barn went six and five and then left, a crow perched on a pile. Thus, concluded the author, the crow can count, but only up to five. Sounds logical. I do not know, I personally crow this experiment did not run. But the fact that a crow, for example, easily distinguish a gun from the ordinary sticks for a good hundred meters - this will confirm any hunter!

Ordinary, if I may say so, the crows and ways of obtaining food. By the way, for those hunters and how disliked cordially gray Bandits. In "early times" for each dead crow gave hunting cartridge. Will government guy 15, 20, 30 feet in the dried hunting - get ammo! Because, among other things, and encouraged childish fun with slingshots and an overhead against the raven: bullets, then do not have to spend, and bring feet - will give new! And the youngsters as the future of hunting, practice is not a sin!

What is it harmful crow hunters? And she loves to strangers jacks dart! Where is the egg, where the bird drag, do not hesitate. With a large number of crows poultry stock in the region rapidly fizzles. All birds are destroyed. Populations survive only as long as the number of gray crows did not exceed the limit.

In the city of gray crow behavior is somewhat different, but in general - the same gang violence. A case when a crow landed in the water and dove there with him coolly massacred. Crows can eat kittens, chicks, attacking the little puppies ... The list is very discouraging and length, and content. Some authors compare the gray villain with another gray - a wolf. Maybe not in vain in the major cities of Russia, some enterprising young people remember the old games and run after the crows with an overhead. crowkillers call themselves! Bullets for his feet, so far do not give (and give unlikely), but they do not get upset, running for adrenaline.

Complete list of crimes crows gray pine can these words: it is also contrary to croak! And, especially likes to do it in the morning, when sleep is not as strong, but still very sweet sleep.

Hmm, yes, having read this and think - and crow about it? Predator, not a bird! And yet, almost all the bad things to say about the gray crow - the truth. And let our reader ever, anywhere, under any circumstances would be neither white, nor, moreover, gray black!

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