Monday, October 5, 2009

Why were lost dogs found more often than cats?

cat and dog
Household pets - dogs and cats - in most cases have become almost the center of the world for their owners. Possessed "dog kennels" and "cat-lover" can be hours to discuss the best food for their pets, shampoos, some clothes and even jewelry. Care for them, love them, but there are three worst things that anyone with a fear cats or dogs: is the death of an animal that has become completely native, and his illness or disappearance without a trace.

With the first, none of us can not do anything, but with the second and third desperately struggling. And if the animal is ill, then the path is simple enough - called the veterinarian, who must make every effort to help the animal.

In the case of the disappearance of all much more complicated. And troubling. For the terrible uncertainty of what you're standing face to face. Desperate owners are thousands of ways to get out on the trail "losters" and, fortunately, in many cases their quest crowned with success. And, as it turned out, much more often returned home lost a dog, but the percentage of cats that returned home after it slipped through the slightly open door and jumped out the window, much lower.

American scientists are interested in why "dog kennels" are often happier "cat-lover" (average number of dogs returned to owners is around 70% of the total number of missing, but the cat is - just over 50%), and identified several factors that make search dogs more productive.

What they found, analyzing statistics and individual cases of missing pet and its detection, good luck in your search for escaped puppy partly predetermined by the fact that dog owners more responsible attitude to the identification of their pet.

The dogs wear collars, written their names and coordinates of the master of monikers medallions or subcutaneous chips with full information about the animal (such practice was already introduced in our country, and we should not ignore it). "Cat-lover" is the belief that their quadruped will never fall into the street, ignoring such things, moreover, the "dog kennels" energetic start to search for the animal, while many of the "cat-lover" rely on the known capacity of their own pets to find their way home .

However, the success of the search affects the objective factor. Purebred dogs, to run without supervision, in most cases, sooner or later attract the attention of one of the passers-by, and he or shelter, animal, or will deposit it in one of the nurseries. Females same as walking, as we know, by themselves, lose chance. To attract attention, they can only in case of misbehavior, which becomes evident that the animal is in an atypical environment for themselves.

The traditional way, resorted to by the owners "losters" in America is the same as ours - is ad pasting stickers on the area of loss, as well as published in the newspapers and the Internet. However, in a sense, the American owners of dogs and our cats are happier, in the U.S. there is a developed system of shelters for homeless animals, which gets most of idly wandering around the streets of animals. It is through these many shelters can not return the animal on the sofa in his native home.

We can do is hope for a good soul, who will pick up our animal, and that he will not eat stray dogs protecting their territory.

Source: Marina Sipyagin
Material Preparation: Julia Belich

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