Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do I need to keep in the house more than one cat?

cats in the house
You know the situation where half-starved kitten begging in the house? And you let ... And again. Then he picked up, then you "tossed", and then ... Friends, neighbors, strangers everywhere already tell that you have a good heart. For the first foundlings followed thrown out, which have become obsolete, uneven adolescent kittens which have not been on time owner, and as long as you do not say "no", you have collected an army of cats.

Here's another situation. You have a pretty ordinary cat, but you wanted to have a pedigree. First you decide on one. Then another one, and you covered fever breeding cats. Buying a cat, and the temptation to raise the offspring of the elite, and you can not part with the beautiful young stock until then, until it becomes so much that you frantically start looking for new owners.

So, the question "How many cats in the house - not too much?", As a rule, impossible to give a clear, unequivocal answer. But there are points of departure, found "cats owners" and fanatical fans, with someone, often, alas, bitter experience should meet. Experienced veterinarians agree to these terms.

Do not take the cats more than you have hands to caress them. For cats, this procedure is very important. In England, where very kind to these animals, there is even a saying: "If a cat is not iron, it will dry the marrow. Of course, the British did not give the literal meaning of this proverb, but it speaks eloquently of the need for petting a cat.

Each of your comrades in housing may form around itself a zone of "taboo" - a mini-site, which will bypass the other cats.

For the normal physical and mental development of each cat requires no less than five square meters of "homeownership."

Under no circumstances do not allow ourselves to persuade to open an "animal shelter" if this does not allow your wallet.

If you intend to share life with not one, but with a couple or a "quartet" cats, it is better to take them all at once.

Sisters and brothers of one litter, who grew up together, as a rule, get along with each other throughout their lives.

Prove that neutered cats are more tolerant of the "brand new", but in relation to the kittens, they often assume the role of "mother" and acquaint young people with a home schedule. Well they are friends with a cat-ladies.

In contrast, cats jealously defend their right of primacy and graciously accept only the young animal, which subsequently will always play "second fiddle".

In order to teach each other the two whimsical opinionated females, requires experience and a subtle flair. And even if it succeeds, it may happen that for one of the two you have to find new owners. Because, if after three weeks of home world still is not adjusted, there is the threat of a long war, causing stress not only cats.

The same can be said about cats. If the month feud to an end, to try to separate the two bullies.

Hygiene of housing could not speak. It goes without saying. Each animal must have its own bathroom (a box, tray, and so on). In someone else's "pot" no representative of those self-centered animals will not go. And you'll toil with broken furniture and flooring.

Ideally, cats, especially long-haired, need daily brushing. Change the litter as pollution wool. So, you know, if you are unable to meet the listed essential requirements for cats, think: "And if you need general starts a pet?".

Tatiana Shuvaeva

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