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How to equip the home place for cats?

Create your cat - it does not mean just bring her home. You must learn the daily care of animals. This may seem too complicated, but do not worry. Caring for a Cat is based on common sense and does not take much time. Like you, the new family member should have its own "property" and "personal effects". On this and will be discussed in our future articles.

Where to put the basket?
Cats have an amazing ability to find the warmest place in the house, where you can curl up into a ball and take a nap. If you have central heating, then the cat is likely to choose a sleeping place near the boiler. If no place is occupied, is not on the aisle and there is no draft, the best cat's basket put it there.
In cold weather, you can put in the basket heater (electric, acting as a heating pad) to the cat was warmer. But do not place the heater in the center of the basket, but on one side. This will give the cat an opportunity to choose the temperature at its discretion.

cat while sleeping
The cat can be attributed to its place, but it does not am I supposed to sleep there all night. Most cats sleep in beds arranged in humans, and select family members close to him on the "social status". And even if you hang around home plate with the inscription "CATS !!!», live here anyway, once the time comes to sleep, the animal you have settled on the bed. If you do not want to share your bed with this furry hot-water bottle, to accustom the cat to sleep separately will not be difficult. Rules of conduct should be established and strongly supported, until the animal is young.
To start, before depart to bed, take the cat in its place, turn off the lights and close the door. Do not forget to leave a toilet and a bowl of water in an accessible place for the animal. At first, the kitten is likely to be protesting against this "eviction", perhaps even very loud, but after a week or two he will master the "rules of etiquette" and a night to sleep in his bed.

boxes and cages for cats
Although most of the time you allow the cat to walk around the house, in some cases you may want to lock her in the pen. Sales are cells made of metal or glass of different sizes. If you are going to keep a cat no more than an hour or two, you will approach a small wire cages, but if the period of "imprisonment" is long, it would take more spacious cell, where you can put a bed, bowls, cat litter and toys. A large cage is also valid in order to keep the kittens there, when the house is unoccupied.
Metal cages usually covered with plastic, so they just as easy to wash, as well as fiber products. After using the cage should be wiped with a rag soaked in a solution of non-toxic disinfectant. This is especially important if you kept it a sick cat.

Cell is usually used in the following cases:
- The period after surgery or during illness;
- When the cat left in the kennel for overexposure;
- To isolate the cat from other animals;
- To be able to leave unsupervised young kittens;
- To dry a cat after a bath with a hairdryer or heater.

Why aviary and how it should be
If you have intact male, then it would likely be difficult to keep in the house. He will begin "to tag" territory, and the apartment will be persistent unpleasant odor of urine. If you still want to keep the manufacturer, then it must provide a separate housing. You can build an aviary in his garden. Ideally, the cage should have as many dimensions, it should be a house where you can hide, a place where the cat could bask in the sun, a special of cat tree and a variety of shelves.
Most enclosures constructed of metal mesh on a wooden basis. Be sure to cover the mesh top enclosure, the cat could not get out. House should stand on a flat surface, it must be embedded heater in the event of cold weather, and should not be a draft. There also must be "bed" and bowls. Must play with a cat, when you offer him some food, otherwise he will feel abandoned.
The best way to cover a portion of a solid (concrete), and the rest - a grass lawn. Cote will be used for the toilet of the lawn.
If you live in an area with heavy traffic, the aviary, even a simplified and smaller, it is advisable to build for any cat.

Cat ventilator ( "cat door" or "cat hole»)
They are only needed if you decide to give the cat the freedom to come and go as she pleases. These doors are opening with a vent at the front door of your house, large enough so that the cat could pass freely back and forth. Plastic or rubber ventilator attached to a hole, neatly cut in the door. Once tasted, your cat can enter or leave through the window, when she pleases.
There are several types of cat doors. But whatever you choose, they must be placed no higher than two inches above the floor, so the cat could have taken place, and not jump through them.Window may open in both directions, either in one, allowing the cat to enter the house, but not allowed to leave. In the pane should also be constipated, to keep out unwanted visitors. If your cat has started in estrus, the males will perceive local cat door as an invitation.
The only drawback cat doors - they create a draft. But you can select the window with the magnetic stripes on the sides. They will keep the door tightly closed until they open the cat.

How to teach a cat to use the vent
Some savvy cats learn to open cat door completely independently, but others need some encouragement. First, open the window, and then fix it in this position and show the cat, encouraging the animal to explore it. If you put a little food on the other side, the cat will dare to pass through the hole, and you make sure that the ventilator does not suddenly fell down and scared the animal. Once the cat has passed, pull down the window and using treats to entice the animal back, helping him to open the window.
Good luck to you and your pets!

Source: ZOO-business

Preparation material: Dmitry Kolpakov

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