Monday, October 12, 2009

Why cats have nine lives?

sleeping cat
Contents of pets is not only pleasant but also useful, as confirmed by science. Victims of sciatica and arthritis, helps fine "compression" of the beloved cat who found a sick place, and heart problems becomes easier if every day to walk the dog in the fresh air. Owners of dogs and cats related to each other almost as much as ourselves, dogs and cats, Having committed themselves to rhetorical arguments on the topic "Who is better". Not the last argument in this debate are the medicinal properties of pets.

Cats unofficially recognized as almost a panacea: schizophrenia, diseases of the joints, depression, nervous disorders, muscle tension, neuralgia and even diagnoses evaporate under the weight of their purring. But what a sound that, until now nobody really found out. Veterinarians, of course, tell you that purring occurs during the passage of air stream through the shrinking muscles of the larynx. But this lively motor manages to run smoothly for a long time - a riddle. And the more so no one knows the origin of the unique effect that purr can have on the audience and the musician himself.

Researchers tried to understand the nature of "murrr" studying the situation in which it is possible, but without result: cats are easy to keep his own song, and in a state of pacification, and pleasure, and hunger, and even pain. There have been cases where cats murrchat before death or during nursing kittens. Some believe that purr - signal applied to other animals and the mean total peacefulness. In short, the opinion of the masses, and the only thing that managed to reach the experts - to distinguish between types purring on behavioral characteristics. When the source rumbling relaxed flattened, closed his eyes and moves his tail, he purr to express pleasure. And if the animal's body is tense, his ears are perked up, and mustache bristle - hence, the cat purrs for your own reassurance.

It turns out, purring, not only helps owners of cats, but also a means of self-treatment. Physicists have found that the sound of "Mur Mur" is published in a frequency range from 25 to 150 Hz, and the medicine just those frequencies used for the healing of fractures and other injuries of bone tissue. It turns out that the purring cat helps to increase bone density and accelerates the healing process. This animal is very little consumption of energy for the emission of sound healing. Moreover, the sound vibrations are something of a trainer-masseur for the cat's body. The fact that the cat's way of life involves a dream for most of the day, but the muscles of animals did not weaken. Zoologists suggest that the fitness function for the fans to sleep is just "murrr".
The astronauts who at certain stages of flight is almost impossible to move, but do not have loads of weightlessness on bone, and because of the declining strength of the fabric, the mastery of technique murrr would open up great prospects. However, cats are not going to share secrets with the man of skill. They not only walk, but also purr themselves.


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