Monday, October 19, 2009

Is it easy to fly with the dog to Odessa and back?

sad dog
Premonition angry responses lovers travel back and forth that makes no sense to describe, once talk, all the same! Oh, no! I want you to tell the story about our trip for one week vacation to your favorite Odessa.

Preparing to fly started a month before the intended departure. We visited a veterinary clinic, where he learned that a vaccination against rabies should be made only in the public vet building, and since the age of three, it must be done annually. Successfully fully immunized, we began to pack suitcases ...

Not more than 3 days before departure must be in the same clinic obtain a certificate that the animal is completely cool. Since these problems have arisen.

When buying a ticket, we notified the airline that bring a dog. Some companies allow the passage of small dogs in the cabin, provided that the weight of the animal is not more than four kilograms, along with a cage. For transportation requires special carrying (sold in pet stores, check with the seller, as not all containers are suitable).

At the airport you arrive at least half or two hours, as this certificate must be exchanged for an international certificate, which entitles you to export your pet abroad. In Moscow, everything is done quickly and simply, without problems. Arriving in Odessa, I was sure that everything is done similarly. How deeply I was wrong ...

What kind of happiness that we love all the calculate in advance and design took up to 3 days. Only through this we have time. So, if you're going on vacation for a few days, better leave your pet at home, and then torment process documents.

Clinic is 3 minutes from our location in Odessa. But, alas! Achieve some kind of credible answer, we did not. We just sent ... and, without saying a word address, in another clinic. Look, dear, look! It turned out that the authorization to issue such certificates they have not, and who have, they do not know.

And so began our walking ... Traveled and call all the next establishment, we have not found an answer. As the village came, the feeling that no animals are not chauffeurs. Most desperation, we went to the pet store, and - lo and behold, they tell us where to go. Address, this time, was correct. However, it was too early to rejoice!

Arriving there, get the right help, we learned that we must go to the other end of town to approve this certificate to the regional vet clinic. Such a feeling that the crocodile was exported, with no shield ... It is good that we drove the locals, otherwise we would hardly have all been found.

Do you think this concludes our adventures ended? No such luck. We will send again ... In the center of the city, the city administration. Some civil servant must give us permission to take away OUR dog home! What side official refers to the removal of pets, with their own, brought a week ago from another country and dreamed to finally go home, we did not understand! An even greater shock awaited us when the clerk said that would take us until tomorrow, after the flight of the aircraft ... This is to put a signature. Really do not know what he told my husband, but the signature he still got it! All for the people, but ...

The question arises, what would we do, coming to an animal for a day or two, say? With horror, waiting for the next holiday, as you may have to repeat the whole procedure again! However, now easier, because we are already prepared for this. And while on vacation in your favorite city, spent the whole family, not be compared with anything! He did not darken any complexity.

If you have not ceased to exist a desire to visit with his favorite city of Odessa, a nice holiday!

Nina Grinchenko

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