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Stray dogs: shoot or sterilized?

stray dogs
Figures do not lie. Calculate how many people you bark furiously, and how many dogs!
"Pshekruy" - Polish magazine.

The problem of stray animals acute in many cities of Russia. Hundreds of reports of attacks and the loci for the year, and their number is growing. The problem is exacerbated, but authorities do not solve it. Sterilization program has not brought the expected results. So where mutts are taken and who is actually bites people?

In the cities a growing number of abandoned animals. Home emit not only cats but dogs of various breeds (including "of fighting"). Coordinator of the Moscow city search service animals Svetlana Badunova confirms that the basis of a lot of purebred dogs and cats. In Moscow alone on the streets of the city inhabited by about 30 thousands of stray animals.

"To say that the bites are responsible for all the homeless, which like" all the dogs to hang, it would not be true. According to our estimation - about 2%, - said Konstantin Sabinin, project manager of the Center for Animal Rights Protection "Vita".
"... 78% have grabbed at home, owners' dogs. The leaders of the attacks American Staffordshire terrier, pit bull, Rottweilers, bull terriers "- says Nemsadze Vakhtang Pankratevich, chief pediatric surgeon in Moscow.

Aggressive dog breeds - a separate and serious issue. The man brought them up himself for the amusement: for fighting and harassment. Now the acquisition of such an animal - a tribute to fashion. However, these "gladiators" are not to blame, that they made a formidable fighter with a strong jaw and a stranglehold. They are just victims of human experimentation. Consequently, the responsibility for the conduct and consequences of the actions of these serious dog lies on the person on the host.

As mongrels, then the first stray dog appeared, when it threw the man on the street. Children of those most, once exposed to the door pets - now mixed collie, mixed taxes and other "MUTANTS", running through the streets of cities. Uncontrolled breeding of animals is a major factor in the emergence of "nobility." Factory shaft spawn a huge number of animals. Offer exceeds demand. Notorious prestige of doing his job, leaving the last chance of the usual "no breed" find the dog house. "The Forgotten" in the country, "dropped out" of the machines and just lost animals also joined the army of street quadrupeds.

Very often people provoked the aggression of animals - will kick one leg, the child is hit with a stick, taking the example of the mother, the other will strangle puppies. This and every home like a dog. It affects a large number of irresponsible owners of animals.
"Since the majority of owners in Russia produced their dogs for a walk without a muzzle, leash and, at times, generally without their support. Determine ownership of such a dog is difficult. Boss, walking near distance, fearing tragedy committed by his dog, without revealing his connection with it, hiding from the crime scene ", - says Konstantin Sabinin from the Center" Vita ".

The situation is tense in the society to the limit. People are ready to take up arms. The authorities have already announced nearly insolvency sterilization program. But officials do not want to really understand where they are going budget money. As explained by Ilya Bluvshtein, assistant deputy IY Nowicki: "... there is an imitation, registration. Sterilized one dog, and write that sterilized, five or seven. "

According to biologists and veterinarians that the program has earned for real, one-time fee to sterilize more than 80% of stray animals. ZooDefenders sure that the state should take control of breeding dogs and cats. Before long, day and night working factory machine (nurseries, Flats, markets), this whole factory shaft, which supplies more and more new animals - any action will have the character of Sisyphean labor.

"We need only examine the experience of Western countries, where the problem of stray animals has been solved in two steps. We must understand the root cause of the problem, because the fight with the investigation completely ineffective. The first step - the state should take control of breeding animals. The second step - to promote pristroystvo animals from shelters ", - says Irina Novozhilov, president of the Center" Vita ".

While officials will postpone the problem, former knackery inefficient practices continue to capture animals cruel methods (in the eyes of the children by arranging massacre) and receive budget money from the pockets bitten by the Russians. "Bad is not politics, terrible performance! For decades in this country practiced method of killing, which yielded no results. This method is inefficient, not to mention the fact that this blatant cruelty "- says Ilya Bluvshtein.

Maria Moscow

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