Friday, October 30, 2009

How the animals were in the dock?

prisoned animal
As we know, many people advocate the protection of animals.

French actress Brigitte Bardot intervened for the Australian kangaroo, whose meat is sold as dog food, and for harp seals, which are slaughtered because of the durable fur.

She appealed to the government of different countries to ban the export of elephant tusks and ivory, because African elephants on the verge of extinction.

Brigitte Bardot is fighting against the extermination of animals in laboratories for research purposes. To successfully influence public opinion, she sold her dresses and jewels, and set up some money to fund the rescue of animals.

For some poets, artists, musicians, animals were muse. Italian poet, Nobel laureate in 1975 in literature Eugenio Montale titled his collection of poems "Pantsir cuttlefish. In his poetry of nature - this background and character. He admires the singing of the hoopoe and its beauty.

Deer, mountain goats, rabbits, cheetahs, sharks, crabs, corals, sea ruffs, eels and cod served as models of the XVI century Italian painter Arcimboldo. He depicted the human head, made up of dozens of animals, linked together.

Many saints have been friends with the animals. Seraphim of Sarov fed with his hands an enormous bear. St. Francis of Assisi not only listened to the singing nightingales, and talked with wolves and flowers, with stars and crickets.

For many people, farm animals - are symbols. Lion - the king of beasts, the horse - the holy son of the god Poseidon, the ruler of the seas. Indians in America worshiped bison and coyotes. For the Greeks the butterfly was the way the human soul.

Do you know that in the past, many animals were arrested and tried in the present? In 1386 in France to the death penalty for murder was sentenced pig.

There was a medieval custom to throw off the bell cats. It was felt that way exorcise, which moved into these gentle animals.

Even worse: once the swallows prosecuted for violation of silence in the church, a rooster - a fact that the egg hatched, and the family of mice - for the destruction of the crop of barley. However, in rodents was a good lawyer. He won the case, arguing that their action was caused by the vital necessity - hunger.

In 1985, one of the towns in the province of Abruzzo, which is located in Italy, a judge ordered the detention of a starling.

Bird was accused of violating the afternoon rest people. After several days' imprisonment he was released, but with the condition to leave the lane, where it caused a lot of noise.

I wonder why none of the offenders spat llama or camel has not filed a claim for recovery from these animals for moral damage?

Literature: André Bertino and Fred Val, "366 ... and even more stories about animals."

Olga Cereals


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