Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dogfights. What is stronger: greed or a feeling of pity?

fight dog
Dogfights - common type of "sport". For him, specially cultivated a special breed of dogs, so-called "of fighting": bull terrier, Staffordshire terrier, pit bull terriers. In Russia, dog fights are becoming increasingly popular, but held illegally. Exceptions are the cities of Kolomna, where fights are held every first Saturday in October, and Smolensk.

It all began in ancient times. This is evidenced by cave paintings in the form of two fighting dogs.

Fight dogs are kept in a black body and make the clock run down the sheet simulator, sometimes for a live cat, which in the end of the lesson give them to the wolves. Tailed gladiators sometimes sharpens the teeth to give them the forest of the severity or cut off ears, such that they could bite rival.

Before the fight the dog bathed first in milk, just in case, if the animal hair casting up poison or broken glass, and then in water. It hosts exchanged dogs during bathing, and if the dog growled at the stranger, or a judge - she is disqualified.

Before the bout shall be tested for the ability to fight. Members battle bred in different corners of the ring. The dog must run across the ring and attack the opponent. The one that refused to do so is considered a loser. In the case of the angles did not leave the two dogs, is declared a draw.

Fight ends with death or losing a dog, or its shameful capitulation. In the second case, it is unpromising and is normally discarded.

In the U.S. almost always banned dog fighting for several decades, but according to official data on them come to see about 40 thousand people. Revenue from these battles is almost half a billion dollars.

With such strict rules people completely forget about the human side of compassion. Do not think and those who lead their dogs for such activities, and those who come just to look at this bloody spectacle.

The life of such animals raised for fighting, is in constant pain and aggression. From its very birth of a play off against him, or him. And how many animals die for the sake of Fight dog grew worthy murderer? Are torn to pieces and cats, and dogs, and raccoons. All people know about it, but remain as indifferent as in the form of taunting over kitten boys.

I'll tell you the case of life.

This happened when I was still at school, in class 7-8. Week, we went with a friend on the train for basketball. After the next class with a friend, we went home together, and, as almost all the way, we went with our coach. In the middle of a lively conversation, we suddenly heard a plaintive squeak of a dog, coming from the ruined summer theater. We are alert, but not stopped because they thought, perhaps it is someone's dog or maybe someone kicked, but the cry has continued with even greater force.

Beside himself with rage, I pulled in the same theater with the intent to save the unfortunate animal. But I could not imagine I would see this. Was tied to a pole mongrel, and mothers Pit Bull tore it apart. This dog's owner and three of his friends eagerly and enthusiastically shouted: "Dobey it! Dobey! ". These flayer I learned of his neighbor. The owner of the dogs was a local "качок", famed for repeated rape of young girls.

But I have seen has an effect. I started to scream, to throw a dog that I'm going to complain to the police, if not released, and so on. Atmosphere grew tense. "Качок" all nearer to me with the words: "Yes you Th! Naff off ". A neighbor tried to persuade me to leave, lest anything. My friend pulled me by the hand. I still could not find the right words to make him let go of the dog. Fear mixed with husky aching pain in my heart for dying before my eyes the dog.

In the end, I did not manage to do something, ran out. At home I had a tantrum, then depression. Lay for several days with the temperature. A few days later learned that a dead mongrel tied by the feet to the pipe in the same theater.

By the way, at this moment the same "качок is a mentor Jehovah's Witnesses sect. Educate people. And believe. Forget about his own sins.

I was struck by the fact that the coach, knowing where we went, suspecting that we might have something happen, calmly walked by and left us alone. And then did not even ask about what happened there. That is it - the human indifference ...

Natalia Vasserman

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